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Hey, welcome to my talk page, feel free to drop a line, Timmy Tim


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Welcome to Bulbapedia, Timmy Tim!

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 Thank you, and have a good time editing here!
  ForceFire 10:37, 26 July 2009 (UTC)  

Signature policy

Hi. I'm sorry, but signature templates are not allowed on Bulbapedia. I'm gonna have to delete it. Please move your signature to your preferences. Thank you. --electAbuzzzz 11:15, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

And please don't re-create the page after it's been deleted! You're new so I'll assume it was an honest mistake, but don't do stuff like this again. --electAbuzzzz 11:23, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

Hi, Tim.

What's up, Tim? I am currently looking for things to add to my userpage right now. I can't believe how much different this place is than SuperMario Wiki. I mean, I can't even figure out how to put my UserBoxTower on. But, I'll get the hang of it in time. Your friend from WAY up North, Galladium38

Thanks for the link, I'll use it in the future. I added a few new things to my page, and that was pretty difficult. I have a question for you: Does it ever snow where you live? It does where I live. Sometimes way too much. -Galladium38

That's interesting. I live up in the northern part of the U.S., and we have really cold winters and hot summers, it's summer here now, if you're wondering. I'm also wondering what time it is there, if you don't mind. :) -Galladium38

Heh, that means you're a day ahead of me. I live in Michigan, it's Saturday, August 1, 10:18 pm, and raining slightly. We do have the water thing in common, though. The beaches here are freezing because Lake Michigan never warms up all the way, not even halfway, actually. You'd get sick if you tried to swim in my lake any time of the year.

Thanks for the sig stuff. SMW isn't working right tonight, I've gotten kicked off five or six times due to an error, and I hope it'll be fixed tomorrow. Well, as it is almost 10:30 here and I fear that my dad is going to come in at any moment and kick me off (almost literally...) I guess I have to say goodnight here, or, to you, good morning... Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow. -Galladium38

Hi, Tim. I guess this is goodnight to you now.:) Anyways, I got my sig all figured out, and it looks pretty cool. This is probably all I'll get to talk to you because Marching Band camp starts tomorrow (yikes!), and I'll probably be too tired to get on after I get home. It's 8 in the morning to 8 at night. Can you believe that? Anyways, I'll talk to you later, when you're awake.:) --Galladium38 14:08, 2 August 2009 (UTC)


Grr damn sig policy... Oh well. Anyways, I'm from Sydney (you actually asked me that on the Super Mario Wiki, I'm Bella-Yoshi BTW) ! Silver Eevee talk? contribs! 06:55, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

Yep, that's me. Who's the other MW person? Silver Eevee talk? contribs! 10:26, 3 August 2009 (UTC)
I hate to be a pain, but I guess that's my job. Ladies and gentlemen: meet our friend the talk abuse policy. Bulbagarden has a forum where you can chat, so as to relieve any potential stress to our server. If you haven't got an account already, there should be a sign up page somewhere around here. —darklordtrom 10:34, 3 August 2009 (UTC)