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National Pokédex Number Name Picture Trainers Additional Trainers
494 Victini Victini M14.png N/A N/A
495 Snivy Juniper Snivy.png Trip's Snivy Ash's Snivy
496 Servine Trip Servine.png Trip's Servine N/A
497 Serperior Trip Serperior.png Trip's Serperior Mako's Serperior
498 Tepig Ash Tepig.png Ash's Tepig Nanette's Tepig
499 Pignite Ash Pignite.png Bianca's Pignite Ash's Pignite
500 Emboar Bianca Emboar.png Bianca's Emboar
Tatsuki's Emboar
Shamus's Emboar
501 Oshawott Ash Oshawott.png Ash's Oshawott Burgundy's Oshawott
502 Dewott Cadbury Caesar.png Burgundy's Dewott
Halsey's Dewott
Cadbury's Dewott
503 Samurott Cameron Samurott.png Leeku's Samurott Cameron's Samurott
504 Patrat Sean father Patrat.png Omega's Patrat Sean's father's Patrat
505 Watchog Lenora Watchog.png Lenora's Watchog
Kylan's Watchog
Mikael's Watchog
Halsey's Watchog
Jimmy Ray's Watchog
Cameron's Watchog
506 Lillipup Lenora Lillipup.png Lenora's Lillipup Luis's Lillipup
507 Herdier Lusamine Herdier.png Lenora's Herdier
Officer Jenny's Herdier
Cheren's Herdier
Lusamine's Herdier
Sima's Herdier
508 Stoutland Stoutland anime.png Donuke's Stoutland
Burgundy's Stoutland
Oscar's Stoutland
Ramone's Stoutland
Ash's Stoutland
Kiawe's Stoutland
Lillie's Stoutland
Lana's Stoutland
Sophocles's Stoutland
Mallow's Stoutland
509 Purrloin Ricard Nouveau Purrloin.png Misha's Purrloin
Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin
Mrs. Ripple's Purrloin
510 Liepard Stephan Liepard.png Stephan's Liepard
Aldith's Liepard
Team Plasma Grunt's Liepard
Shinobu's Liepard
Bryony's Liepard
511 Pansage Cilan Pansage.png Cilan's Pansage Lily's Pansage
512 Simisage Angus Simisage.png Angus's Simisage N/A
513 Pansear Chili Pansear.png Chili's Pansear Goh's Pansear
514 Simisear Simisear anime.png Getty's Simisear N/A
515 Panpour Cress Panpour.png Cress's Panpour Goh's Panpour
516 Simipour Betty Simipour.png Betty's Simipour N/A
517 Munna Fennel Munna.png Fennel's Munna N/A
518 Musharna Fennel Musharna.png Fennel's Musharna N/A
519 Pidove Pidove anime.png Ash's Pidove N/A
520 Tranquill Trip Tranquill.png Ash's Tranquill
Trip's Tranquill
Antonio's Tranquill
Dino's Tranquill
Ramone's Tranquill
521 Unfezant Alain Unfezant.png Ash's Unfezant
Skyla's Unfezant
Alain's Unfezant
522 Blitzle Stephan Blitzle.png Stephan's Blitzle Luisa's Blitzle
523 Zebstrika Elesa Zebstrika.png Stephan's Zebstrika
Elesa's Zebstrika
Simeon's Zebstrika
524 Roggenrola Viren henchman Roggenrola.png Ash's Roggenrola Viren's henchmen's Roggenrola
525 Boldore Goh Boldore.png Ash's Boldore
Viren's henchmen's Boldore
Goh's Boldore
526 Gigalith Gigalith anime.png Kenton's Gigalith N/A
527 Woobat Jessie Woobat.png Jessie's Woobat N/A
528 Swoobat Swoobat anime.png Robert's Swoobat Skyla's Swoobat
529 Drilbur Team Rocket Drilbur.png Iris's Drilbur
Ferris's Drilbur
Rocko's Drilbur
Team Rocket's Drilbur
530 Excadrill Iris Excadrill.png Iris's Excadrill
Clay's Excadrill
Macro Cosmos's Excadrill
531 Audino Nurse Joy Audino.png Nurse Joy's Audino Mimi's Audino
532 Timburr Linda Timburr.png Trip's Timburr
Linda's Timburr
Cedric Juniper's assistants's Timburr
533 Gurdurr Genba Gurdurr.png Trip's Gurdurr
Frank's Gurdurr
Genba's Gurdurr
534 Conkeldurr Conkeldurr anime.png Trip's Conkeldurr Cedric Juniper's assistants's Conkeldurr
535 Tympole Tympole anime.png N/A N/A
536 Palpitoad Ash Palpitoad.png Ash's Palpitoad
Clay's Palpitoad
Hunter D's crew members's Palpitoad
537 Seismitoad Edmund Seismitoad.png Sean's father's Seismitoad
Edmund's Seismitoad
Hunter D's Seismitoad
538 Throh Team Rocket Throh.png Montgomery's Throh Team Rocket's Throh
539 Sawk Team Rocket Sawk.png Stephan's Sawk Team Rocket's Sawk
540 Sewaddle Ash Sewaddle.png Ash's Sewaddle N/A
541 Swadloon Ash Swadloon.png Ash's Swadloon N/A
542 Leavanny Luke Leavanny.png Ash's Leavanny
Burgh's Leavanny
Luke's Leavanny
543 Venipede Venipede anime.png N/A N/A
544 Whirlipede Burgh Whirlipede.png Burgh's Whirlipede N/A
545 Scolipede Team Rocket Scolipede.png Sean's father's Scolipede
Roxie's Scolipede
Emmanuel's Scolipede
Team Rocket's Scolipede
546 Cottonee Cottonee anime.png Antonio's Cottonee N/A
547 Whimsicott Aether Paradise Whimsicott.png Layla's Whimsicott N/A
548 Petilil Aether Paradise Petilil.png Layla's Petilil N/A
549 Lilligant Lewis Lilligant.png Lewis's Lilligant
Mona's Lilligant
Kazalie's Lilligant
Lusamine's Lilligant
550 Basculin Ambrette Aquarium Basculin Blue-Striped.png Cilan's Basculin N/A
551 Sandile Aether Paradise Sandile.png Antonio's Sandile Goh's Sandile
552 Krokorok Clay Krokorok.png Ash's Krokorok Clay's Krokorok
553 Krookodile Ash Krookodile.png Ash's Krookodile
Jules's Krookodile
Mantle's Krookodile
Nanu's Krookodile
554 Darumaka Darumaka anime.png Dino's Darumaka Katharine's Darumaka
555 Darmanitan Goh Darmanitan.png Bianca's father's Darmanitan
Burgundy's Darmanitan
Davy's Darmanitan
Scooter's Darmanitan
Dino's Darmanitan
Goh's Darmanitan
556 Maractus Marra and Racca.png Toby's Maractus N/A
557 Dwebble Cilan Dwebble.png Cilan's Dwebble Burgh's Dwebble
558 Crustle Cilan Crustle.png Cilan's Crustle Ultimo's Crustle
559 Scraggy Ash Scraggy.png Ash's Scraggy
Concetta's Scraggy
Team Skull Grunt's Scraggy
560 Scrafty Scrafty anime.png N/A N/A
561 Sigilyph Damon Sigilyph.png Damon's Sigilyph Carrie's Sigilyph
562 Yamask Yamask anime.png James's Yamask N/A
563 Cofagrigus Cofagrigus anime.png N/A N/A
564 Tirtouga Turtle Master Tirtouga.png Ferris's Tirtouga Turtle Master's Tirtouga
565 Carracosta Carracosta anime.png Ferris's Carracosta Turtle Master's Carracosta
566 Archen Archen anime.png Professor Juniper's Archen N/A
567 Archeops Archeops anime.png Professor Juniper's Archeops N/A
568 Trubbish Pokémon hunter Trubbish.png Daniela's Trubbish Pokémon hunters's Trubbish
569 Garbodor Pokémon hunter Garbodor.png Roxie's Garbodor
Zipp's Garbodor
Subordinate's Garbodor
Pokémon hunters's Garbodor
570 Zorua Luke Zorua.png Luke's Zorua Nurse Joy's Zorua
571 Zoroark Mohn Zoroark.png Nurse Joy's Zoroark Gladion's Zoroark
572 Minccino Team Rocket Minccino.png Bianca's Minccino
Katharine's Minccino
Team Rocket's Minccino
573 Cinccino Moira Cinccino.png Moira's Cinccino Horatio's Cinccino
574 Gothita Nini Gothita.png Christie's Gothita
Katharine's Gothita
Nini's Gothita
Shauna's Gothita
575 Gothorita Lewis Gothorita.png Lewis's Gothorita Flora's Gothorita
576 Gothitelle Gothitelle PK25.png Sally's Gothitelle
Damon's Gothitelle
Caitlin's Gothitelle
Anthea's Gothitelle
Flora's Gothitelle
577 Solosis Doyle Solosis.png Doyle's Solosis N/A
578 Duosion Officer Jenny Duosion.png Officer Jenny's Duosion N/A
579 Reuniclus Geraldo Reuniclus.png Damon's Reuniclus Geraldo's Reuniclus
580 Ducklett Ducklett anime.png Officer Jenny's Ducklett N/A
581 Swanna Keanan Swanna.png Skyla's Swanna
Officer Jenny's Swanna
Cameron's Swanna
582 Vanillite Vanillite anime.png Trip's Vanillite
Dr. Ferrara's henchmen's Vanillite
Teaque's Vanillite
583 Vanillish Vanillish anime.png Dr. Ferrara's Vanillish Brycen's Vanillish
584 Vanilluxe Vanilluxe anime.png Georgia's Vanilluxe N/A
585 Deerling Daniela Deerling.png Daniela's Deerling
Katharine's Deerling
Dino's Deerling
586 Sawsbuck Spring Sawsbuck anime.png Burgundy's Sawsbuck Cassie's Sawsbuck
587 Emolga Iris Emolga.png Iris's Emolga
Elesa's Emolga
Sky Trainer's Emolga
588 Karrablast Juniper Karrablast.png Professor Juniper's Karrablast
Layla's Karrablast
Marris's Karrablast
589 Escavalier Dirk Escavalier.png Bianca's Escavalier
Dirk's Escavalier
Shulin's Escavalier
Wikstrom's Escavalier
590 Foongus Foongus anime.png Marigold's Foongus Flora's Foongus
591 Amoonguss James Amoonguss.png James's Amoonguss N/A
592 Frillish Trip Frillish.png Jessie's Frillish
Trip's Frillish
Halsey's Frillish
593 Jellicent Male Jellicent anime.png Rizzo's Jellicent
Marlon's Jellicent
Manning's Jellicent
594 Alomomola Totem Ally Alomomola.png N/A N/A
595 Joltik Joltik anime.png Sylvester's Joltik N/A
596 Galvantula Teaque Galvantula.png Teaque's Galvantula Shepherd's Galvantula
597 Ferroseed Ferroseed anime.png Macro Cosmos's Ferroseed N/A
598 Ferrothorn Cameron Ferrothorn.png Officer Jenny's Ferrothorn
Cameron's Ferrothorn
Rose's Ferrothorn
599 Klink Mannes Klink.png Mannes's Klink Virgil's Klink
600 Klang Mannes Klang.png Mannes's Klang Virgil's Klang
601 Klinklang Klinklang anime.png Mannes's Klinklang
Davy's Klinklang
Virgil's Klinklang
602 Tynamo Elesa Tynamo.png Elesa's Tynamo N/A
603 Eelektrik Eelektrik anime.png N/A N/A
604 Eelektross Kendrick Eelektross.png Emmet's Eelektross
Kendrick's Eelektross
Russet's Eelektross
605 Elgyem Icarus Elgyem.png Professor Icarus's Elgyem Ricky's Elgyem
606 Beheeyem Capacia Island Beheeyem.png Leon's Beheeyem N/A
607 Litwick Leader Litwick.png Leader's Litwick Wikstrom's Litwick
608 Lampent Leader Lampent.png Trip's Lampent Leader's Lampent
609 Chandelure Ingo Chandelure.png Ingo's Chandelure Ramone's Chandelure
610 Axew Drayden Axew.png Iris's Axew
Erina's Axew
Drayden's Axew
611 Fraxure Fraxure anime.png Iris's Fraxure N/A
612 Haxorus Iris Haxorus.png Drayden's Haxorus
Rhoder's Haxorus
Iris's Haxorus
613 Cubchoo Cubchoo anime.png Chris's Cubchoo N/A
614 Beartic Team Rocket Beartic.png Georgia's Beartic
Brycen's Beartic
Morgan's Beartic
Team Rocket's Beartic
615 Cryogonal Brycen Cryogonal.png Brycen's Cryogonal N/A
616 Shelmet Bianca Shelmet.png Bianca's Shelmet N/A
617 Accelgor Shulin Accelgor.png Charles's Accelgor
Professor Juniper's Accelgor
Shulin's Accelgor
618 Stunfisk Team Rocket Stunfisk.png Cilan's Stunfisk Team Rocket's Stunfisk
619 Mienfoo Korrina Mienfoo.png Cliff's Mienfoo Korrina's Mienfoo
620 Mienshao Korrina Mienshao.png Delbert's Mienshao
Kylan's Mienshao
Ikari's Mienshao
Korrina's Mienshao
621 Druddigon Aliana Druddigon.png Emmy's Druddigon
Gail's Druddigon
Drayden's Druddigon
Dino's Druddigon
Clair's Druddigon
Aliana's Druddigon
Ryuki's Druddigon
622 Golett Luke Golett.png Luke's Golett Kenton's Golett
623 Golurk Goh Golurk.png Juanita's Golurk
Ridley's Golurk
Cedric Juniper's assistants's Golurk
Rodney's Golurk
Hapu's Golurk
Goh's Golurk
624 Pawniard Georgia Pawniard.png Georgia's Pawniard N/A
625 Bisharp Pokémon Grand Eating Contest Bisharp.png Georgia's Bisharp
Davy's Bisharp
Bryony's Bisharp
Heidayu's Bisharp
Alain's Bisharp
Team Plasma Grunt's Bisharp
626 Bouffalant Alder Bouffalant.png Alder's Bouffalant N/A
627 Rufflet Rufflet anime.png Layla's Rufflet N/A
628 Braviary Kukui Braviary.png Soren's Braviary
Radley's Braviary
Baraz's Braviary
Professor Kukui's Braviary
Kira's Braviary
629 Vullaby Vullaby anime.png Layla's Vullaby N/A
630 Mandibuzz Mandibuzz anime.png Katharine's Mandibuzz N/A
631 Heatmor Pokémon Grand Eating Contest Heatmor.png Shamus's Heatmor Manning's Heatmor
632 Durant Subordinate Durant.png Subordinate's Durant N/A
633 Deino Bobby Deino.png Bobby's Deino N/A
634 Zweilous Ryuki Zweilous.png Shannon's Zweilous Ryuki's Zweilous
635 Hydreigon Sky Relay Hydreigon.png Carlita's Hydreigon
Shannon's Hydreigon
Cameron's Hydreigon
636 Larvesta Luke Larvesta.png Luke's Larvesta N/A
637 Volcarona Volcarona anime.png N/A N/A
638 Cobalion Cobalion M15.png N/A N/A
639 Terrakion Terrakion M15.png N/A N/A
640 Virizion Virizion M15.png N/A N/A
641 Tornadus Tornadus anime.png N/A N/A
642 Thundurus Thundurus anime.png N/A N/A
643 Reshiram Reshiram M14.png N/A N/A
644 Zekrom Zekrom M14.png N/A N/A
645 Landorus Landorus anime.png N/A N/A
646 Kyurem Kyurem anime.png N/A N/A
647 Keldeo Keldeo anime.png N/A N/A
648 Meloetta Meloetta Aria Forme anime.png N/A N/A
649 Genesect Genesect Army M16.png N/A N/A