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National Pokédex Number Name Picture Trainers #1 Trainers #2 Trainers #3
387 Turtwig Shell Sage Turtwig.png Ash's Turtwig
Paul's Turtwig
Gardenia's Turtwig Shell Sage's Turtwig
388 Grotle Ash Grotle.png Ash's Grotle Shell Sage's Grotle N/A
389 Torterra Ash Torterra.png Ash's Torterra
Paul's Torterra
Maury's Torterra Shell Sage's Torterra
390 Chimchar Ash Chimchar.png Ash's Chimchar Flint's Chimchar Alice's Chimchar
391 Monferno Ash Monferno.png Ash's Monferno Flint's Monferno Angie's Monferno
392 Infernape Ash Infernape.png Ash's Infernape Flint's Infernape Allegra's Infernape
393 Piplup Dawn Piplup.png Dawn's Piplup
Tyler's Piplup
Verity's Piplup Lauren's Piplup
394 Prinplup Kenny Prinplup.png Kenny's Prinplup N/A N/A
395 Empoleon Kukui Empoleon.png Barry's Empoleon
Kenny's Empoleon
Kai's Empoleon
Professor Kukui's Empoleon
Masaya's Empoleon
396 Starly Starly anime.png Ash's Starly Paul's Starly Orson's Starly
397 Staravia Orson Staravia.png Ash's Staravia Orson's Staravia N/A
398 Staraptor Orson Staraptor.png Ash's Staraptor
Reggie's Staraptor
Kellyn's Staraptor
Barry's Staraptor
Ben's Staraptor
Orson's Staraptor
399 Bidoof Bidoof anime.png Beatrice's Bidoof N/A N/A
400 Bibarel Reggie Bibarel.png Isis's Bibarel Reggie's Bibarel N/A
401 Kricketot Nando Kricketot.png Nando's Kricketot N/A N/A
402 Kricketune Nando Kricketune.png Nando's Kricketune N/A N/A
403 Shinx Clemont Shinx.png Landis's Shinx Angie's Shinx Billy's Shinx
404 Luxio Clemont Luxio.png Clemont's Luxio N/A N/A
405 Luxray Clemont Luxray.png Clemont's Luxray
Marble's Luxray
Damos's Luxray
Volkner's Luxray
Jeffrey's Luxray
406 Budew Budew anime.png Nando's Budew Forsythia's Budew N/A
407 Roserade Cynthia Roserade.png Drew's Roserade
Nando's Roserade
Forsythia's Roserade
Gardenia's Roserade
Barry's Roserade
Cher's Roserade
Elma's Roserade
Cynthia's Roserade
408 Cranidos Ben Cranidos.png Roark's Cranidos N/A Ben's Cranidos
409 Rampardos Roark Rampardos.png Roark's Rampardos N/A N/A
410 Shieldon Shieldon DP045.png Gary Oak's Shieldon Newton Graceland's Shieldon N/A
411 Bastiodon Byron Bastiodon.png Byron's Bastiodon N/A N/A
412 Burmy Burmy anime.png Cheryl's Burmy N/A N/A
413 Wormadam Cheryl Wormadam.png Cheryl's Wormadam Ursula's Wormadam N/A
414 Mothim Mothim anime.png Cheryl's Mothim N/A N/A
415 Combee Honey Island Combee.png N/A N/A N/A
416 Vespiquen Vespiquen anime.png Aaron's Vespiquen N/A N/A
417 Pachirisu Dawn Pachirisu.png Dawn's Pachirisu N/A N/A
418 Buizel Ash Buizel.png Dawn's/Ash's Buizel Soren's Buizel N/A
419 Floatzel Kenny Floatzel.png Kellyn's Floatzel
Crasher Wake's Floatzel
Kenny's Floatzel Conway's Floatzel
420 Cherubi Marilyn Cherubi.png Gardenia's Cherubi Marilyn's Cherubi N/A
421 Cherrim Verona Cherrim.png Lila's Cherrim Verona's Cherrim N/A
422 Shellos Shellos anime west.png Zoey's Shellos N/A N/A
423 Gastrodon Cynthia Gastrodon.png Zoey's Gastrodon Cynthia's Gastrodon Paul's Gastrodon
424 Ambipom Dawn Ambipom.png Dawn's Ambipom N/A N/A
425 Drifloon Drifloon anime.png Fantina's Drifloon Marnie and Paige's Drifloon Kylie's Drifloon
426 Drifblim Drifblim anime.png Fantina's Drifblim Tonio's Drifblim N/A
427 Buneary Alternate World Dawn Buneary.png Dawn's Buneary Lilia's Buneary Team Rocket's Buneary
428 Lopunny Nando Lopunny.png Paris's Lopunny Nando's Lopunny N/A
429 Mismagius Lusamine Mismagius.png Cocoa's Mismagius
Fantina's Mismagius
Zoey's Mismagius
Grings Kodai's Mismagius
Pirate's Mismagius
Lusamine's Mismagius
430 Honchkrow Paul Honchkrow.png Paul's Honchkrow Pirate's Honchkrow Allegra's Honchkrow
431 Glameow Zoey Glameow.png Johanna's Glameow
Zoey's Glameow
Mamie's Glameow Madame's Glameow
432 Purugly Mamie Purugly.png Mars's Purugly Mamie's Purugly Team Rocket Grunt's Purugly
433 Chingling Chingling anime.png Francesca's Chingling Marilyn's Chingling N/A
434 Stunky Officer Jenny Stunky.png Officer Jenny's Stunky N/A N/A
435 Skuntank Jupiter Skuntank.png Jupiter's Skuntank Jeremiah's Skuntank Team Rocket Grunt's Skuntank
436 Bronzor Team Galactic Bronzor.png Saturn's Bronzor
Mars's Bronzor
Byron's Bronzor Karl's Bronzor
437 Bronzong Lucian Bronzong.png Lucian's Bronzong Marcus's Bronzong N/A
438 Bonsly Bonsly anime.png Brock's Bonsly Director's Bonsly N/A
439 Mime Jr. Professor Amaranth Mime Jr.png James's Mime Jr.
Queen Ilene's Mime Jr.
Director's Mime Jr.
Santo's Mime Jr.
Professor Amaranth's Mime Jr.
440 Happiny Brock Happiny.png Brock's Happiny N/A N/A
441 Chatot Laki Chatot.png The Phantom's Chatot
Ada's Chatot
Officer Jenny's Chatot Laki's Chatot
442 Spiritomb Cynthia Spiritomb.png Cynthia's Spiritomb N/A N/A
443 Gible Ash Gible.png Ash's Gible
Iris's Gible
Khoury's Gible
Professor Sycamore's Gible
Cynthia's Gible
444 Gabite Ursula Gabite.png Ursula's Gabite Professor Sycamore's Gabite N/A
445 Garchomp Garchomp anime.png Cynthia's Garchomp
Professor Sycamore's Garchomp
Remo's Garchomp
Ash's Garchomp
Paul's Garchomp
446 Munchlax Burnet Munchlax.png May's Munchlax Kylie's Munchlax Professor Burnet's Munchlax
447 Riolu Ash Riolu.png Cameron's Riolu Korrina's Riolu Ash's Riolu
448 Lucario Ash Lucario.png Maylene's Lucario
Riley's Lucario
Cameron's Lucario
Korrina's Lucario
Gurkinn's Lucario
Sorrel's Lucario
Professor Kukui's Lucario
Ash's Lucario
449 Hippopotas Hoopa Bonnie Hippopotas.png N/A N/A N/A
450 Hippowdon Bertha Hippowdon.png Jessie's Hippowdon Bertha's Hippowdon N/A
451 Skorupi Team Flare Skorupi.png Aaron's Skorupi Team Flare Grunt's Skorupi N/A
452 Drapion Rocket Prize Master Drapion.png J's Drapion
Aaron's Drapion
Paul's Drapion
Celosia's Drapion
Reggie's Drapion
Team Rocket's Drapion
453 Croagunk Brock Croagunk.png Brock's Croagunk
Nurse Joy's Croagunk
Hamilton's Croagunk
Lauren's Croagunk
Bluto's Croagunk
454 Toxicroak Saturn Toxicroak.png Saturn's Toxicroak Team Rocket Grunt's Toxicroak N/A
455 Carnivine James Carnivine.png James's Carnivine N/A N/A
456 Finneon Finneon anime.png Zoey's Finneon N/A N/A
457 Lumineon Lumineon anime.png Zoey's Lumineon N/A N/A
458 Mantyke Goh Mantyke.png Jack Walker's Mantyke Goh's Mantyke N/A
459 Snover Snover anime.png Teacher's Snover Candice's Snover N/A
460 Abomasnow Wulfric Abomasnow.png Candice's Abomasnow Morana's Abomasnow Wulfric's Abomasnow
461 Weavile Alain Weavile.png Kidd Summers's Weavile
Paul's Weavile
Kagetomo's Weavile
Mable's Weavile
Alain's Weavile
Quillon's Weavile
462 Magnezone Rocket Prize Master Magnezone.png Zero's Magnezone
Barret's Magnezone
Belmondo's Magnezone
Anna's Magnezone
Team Rocket's Magnezone
463 Lickilicky Conway Lickilicky.png Baron Alberto's Lickilicky Angie's Lickilicky Conway's Lickilicky
464 Rhyperior Team Rocket Rhyperior.png Palmer's Rhyperior
Forrest's Rhyperior
Pokémon hunter's Rhyperior
Remo's Rhyperior
Brendan's Rhyperior
Team Rocket Grunt's Rhyperior
465 Tangrowth Verona Tangrowth.png Verona's Tangrowth Tammy's Tangrowth N/A
466 Electivire Paul Electivire.png Gary's Electivire
Paul's Electivire
Volkner's Electivire
Viren's Electivire
Mr. Electric's Electivire
467 Magmortar Paul Magmortar.png Paul's Magmortar Mad Magmar's Magmortar N/A
468 Togekiss Cynthia Togekiss.png Dawn's Togekiss Cynthia's Togekiss N/A
469 Yanmega Keanan Yanmega.png Jessie's Yanmega Merilyn's Yanmega N/A
470 Leafeon Leafeon anime.png Zoey's Leafeon
Virgil's Leafeon
Sara Lee's Leafeon Erika's Leafeon
471 Glaceon Regina Mirche.png May's Glaceon
Cynthia's Glaceon
Virgil's Glaceon
Sara Lee's Glaceon
Regina's Glaceon
472 Gliscor Ash Gliscor.png Ash's Gliscor
Paul's Gliscor
Bertha's Gliscor Theodore's Gliscor
473 Mamoswine Morana Mamoswine.png Dawn's Mamoswine Morana's Mamoswine N/A
474 Porygon-Z PorygonZ anime.png N/A N/A N/A
475 Gallade Rinto Gallade.png Zoey's Gallade
Carl's Gallade
Woodward's Gallade Rinto's Gallade
476 Probopass Olivia Probopass.png Alan's Probopass
Damos's Probopass
Olivia's Probopass Wikstrom's Probopass
477 Dusknoir Rocket Prize Master Dusknoir.png Conway's Dusknoir Farrell's Dusknoir Team Rocket's Dusknoir
478 Froslass Paul Froslass.png Paul's Froslass N/A N/A
479 Rotom Volkner Fan Rotom.png Professor Oak's Rotom Weston's Rotom Volkner's Rotom
480 Uxie Uxie anime.png N/A N/A N/A
481 Mesprit Mesprit anime.png N/A N/A N/A
482 Azelf Azelf anime.png N/A N/A N/A
483 Dialga Dialga anime movie 12.png N/A N/A N/A
484 Palkia Palkia anime.png N/A N/A N/A
485 Heatran Ben Heatran.png Marcus's Heatran Saturn's Heatran N/A
486 Regigigas Regigigas anime.png N/A N/A N/A
487 Giratina Giratina Origin Forme anime.png N/A N/A N/A
488 Cresselia Cresselia anime.png N/A N/A N/A
489 Phione Phione anime.png N/A N/A N/A
490 Manaphy Manaphy anime.png N/A N/A N/A
491 Darkrai Darkrai anime.png Tobias's Darkrai N/A N/A
492 Shaymin Mallow Shaymin.png N/A N/A N/A
493 Arceus Arceus M12.png N/A N/A N/A