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National Pokédex Number Name Picture Trainers Additional Trainers
722 Rowlet Ash Rowlet.png Ash's Rowlet N/A
723 Dartrix Hau Dartrix.png Hau's Dartrix N/A
724 Decidueye Battle Royal Trainer Decidueye.png Battle Royal Trainers's Decidueye Hau's Decidueye
725 Litten Ash Litten.png Ash's Litten N/A
726 Torracat Ash Torracat.png Ash's Torracat N/A
727 Incineroar Kukui Incineroar.png Professor Kukui's Incineroar
Ash's Incineroar
Cross's Incineroar
728 Popplio Lana Popplio.png Lana's Popplio N/A
729 Brionne Lana Brionne.png Ida's Brionne Lana's Brionne
730 Primarina Lana Primarina.png Lana's Primarina
Battle Royal Trainers's Primarina
Ida's Primarina
731 Pikipek Pikipek SM071.png Noah's Pikipek N/A
732 Trumbeak Trumbeak SM105.png N/A N/A
733 Toucannon Toucannon anime.png Kahili's Toucannon N/A
734 Yungoos Yungoos anime.png Zipp's Yungoos Team Skull Grunt's Yungoos
735 Gumshoos Officer Jenny Gumshoos.png Officer Jenny's Gumshoos N/A
736 Grubbin Bamboo Hill Grubbin.png N/A N/A
737 Charjabug Sophocles Charjabug.png Sophocles's Charjabug
Horacio's Charjabug
Team Electric Princess's Charjabug
Team Twin Starmie's Charjabug
Team Science Speed's Charjabug
738 Vikavolt Sophocles Vikavolt.png Sophocles's Vikavolt
Horacio's Vikavolt
Derossa's Vikavolt
Team Electric Princess's Vikavolt
739 Crabrawler Hala Crabrawler.png Hala's Crabrawler N/A
740 Crabominable Hala Crabominable.png Hala's Crabominable N/A
741 Oricorio Hobbes Oricorio.png Hobbes's Oricorio
Officer Jenny's Oricorio
Anela's Oricorio
742 Cutiefly Treasure Island Cutiefly.png N/A N/A
743 Ribombee Mina Ribombee.png Mina's Ribombee N/A
744 Rockruff Ash Rockruff.png Ash's Rockruff N/A
745 Lycanroc Lycanroc anime.png Ash's Lycanroc
Gladion's Lycanroc
Olivia's Lycanroc
Cross's Lycanroc
746 Wishiwashi Aether Paradise Wishiwashi.png N/A N/A
747 Mareanie James Mareanie.png James's Mareanie N/A
748 Toxapex Alternately Colored Toxapex.png N/A N/A
749 Mudbray Mudbray anime.png Sima's Mudbray Hiroki's Mudbray
750 Mudsdale Hapu Mudsdale.png Acerola's Mudsdale
Hapu's Mudsdale
Gasattsu's Mudsdale
751 Dewpider Dewpider anime.png N/A N/A
752 Araquanid Araquanid SM071.png N/A N/A
753 Fomantis Fomantis anime.png N/A N/A
754 Lurantis Totem Lurantis.png Toren's Lurantis N/A
755 Morelull Goh Morelull.png Goh's Morelull N/A
756 Shiinotic Shiinotic anime.png N/A N/A
757 Salandit Tupp Salandit.png Tupp's Salandit N/A
758 Salazzle Lusamine Salazzle.png Lusamine's Salazzle Plumeria's Salazzle
759 Stufful Stufful anime.png N/A N/A
760 Bewear Bewear anime.png N/A N/A
761 Bounsweet Mallow Bounsweet.png Mallow's Bounsweet N/A
762 Steenee Mallow Steenee.png Mallow's Steenee N/A
763 Tsareena Mallow Tsareena.png Mallow's Tsareena N/A
764 Comfey Nurse Joy Comfey.png Nurse Joy's Comfey Brock's Comfey
765 Oranguru Oranguru anime.png N/A N/A
766 Passimian Melemele Island Passimian.png Ultra Rangers' Passimian
Goh's Passimian
Zenryoku Brothers's Passimian
767 Wimpod Treasure Island Wimpod.png N/A N/A
768 Golisopod Guzma Golisopod.png Guzma's Golisopod N/A
769 Sandygast Sandygast anime.png N/A N/A
770 Palossand Palossand anime.png N/A N/A
771 Pyukumuku Goh Pyukumuku.png Goh's Pyukumuku N/A
772 Type: Null Gladion Type Null.png Gladion's Type: Null N/A
773 Silvally Gladion Silvally.png Gladion's Silvally N/A
774 Minior Core Form Minior.png N/A N/A
775 Komala Samson Komala.png Samson Oak's Komala N/A
776 Turtonator Kiawe Turtonator.png Kiawe's Turtonator Shell Sage's Turtonator
777 Togedemaru Sophocles Togedemaru.png Sophocles's Togedemaru N/A
778 Mimikyu Jessie Mimikyu.png Jessie's Mimikyu Acerola's Mimikyu
779 Bruxish Bruxish anime.png Goh's Bruxish Zenryoku Brothers's Bruxish
780 Drampa Grandpa Forest.png N/A N/A
781 Dhelmise Dhelmise anime.png N/A N/A
782 Jangmo-o Ally Jangmo-o.png N/A N/A
783 Hakamo-o Vast Poni Canyon Hakamo-o.png N/A N/A
784 Kommo-o Zen Kommo-o.png Zen's Kommo-o N/A
785 Tapu Koko Tapu Koko anime.png N/A N/A
786 Tapu Lele Tapu Lele anime.png N/A N/A
787 Tapu Bulu Tapu Bulu anime.png N/A N/A
788 Tapu Fini Tapu Fini anime.png N/A N/A
789 Cosmog Nebby anime.png N/A N/A
790 Cosmoem Nebby Cosmoem anime.png N/A N/A
791 Solgaleo Nebby Solgaleo anime.png N/A N/A
792 Lunala Lunala anime.png N/A N/A
793 Nihilego Nihilego anime.png N/A N/A
794 Buzzwole Buzzwole anime.png Ultra Guardians's Buzzwole N/A
795 Pheromosa Pheromosa anime.png Ultra Guardians's Pheromosa N/A
796 Xurkitree Xurkitree anime.png Ultra Guardians's Xurkitree N/A
797 Celesteela Celesteela anime.png Ultra Guardians's Celesteela N/A
799 Guzzlord Guzzlord anime.png N/A N/A
800 Necrozma Necrozma anime.png N/A N/A
801 Magearna Magearna M19.png N/A N/A
802 Marshadow Marshadow M20.png N/A N/A
803 Poipole Ash Poipole.png Ash's Poipole N/A
804 Naganadel Ash Naganadel.png Ash's Naganadel N/A
805 Stakataka Stakataka anime.png Ultra Guardians's Stakataka N/A
806 Blacephalon Blacephalon anime.png Ultra Guardians's Blacephalon N/A
807 Zeraora Dia Zeraora.png Dia's Zeraora N/A
808 Meltan Meltan anime.png Ash's Meltan N/A
809 Melmetal Ash Melmetal.png Ash's Melmetal N/A