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ハウ Hau
Hau anime.png
Hau in the anime
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Dark green
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Relatives Hala (grandfather)
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Game counterpart Hau
Anime debut No Stone Unturned!
English voice actor Neo Cihi
Japanese voice actor Jun Fukuyama

Hau (Japanese: ハウ Hau) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is Hala's grandson and one of Ash's rivals in the Sun & Moon series. He first appeared in SM097‎.


Hau debuted in No Stone Unturned!, where he and his father had just returned to Alola after a long time away. He was training with Dartrix, only for its attacks to hit Ash, Rotom, and Pikachu. Hau became excited upon seeing Ash's Z-Ring and asked if he had taken part in Hala's grand trial. Hau then had a battle against Ash, using Dartrix against Rowlet. Hau ended up winning when Ash dropped his Grassium Z. Ash suggested they have another battle, but Hau was about to have a meeting with his father, so he declined but promised to meet up the next day for a rematch. The next day, they conducted their rematch after Rowlet learned how to use Seed Bomb, but it was still not enough to defeat it. In a last-ditch effect, Ash and Rowlet performed the Z-Move Bloom Doom, which was able to defeat Dartrix.

Hau and Ash

In League Offenders and Defenders!, Hau caught up with Ash and met his classmates for the Manalo Conference. He later assisted in the battle against Team Skull, defeating Rapp and her Zubat.

In Battle Royal 151!, Hau competed in the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference with his Alolan Raichu and was able to progress to the Top 16. The match-ups revealed that he would be battling Samson Oak. In SM130, Hau went up against Samson in the first round of the Manalo Conference. He used his Raichu against Samson's Alolan Exeggutor and eventually won, advancing to the second round.

In The Battlefield of Truth and Love!, Hau approached Ash with his Decidueye upon learning that they would be battling each other in the next round of the Manalo Conference. In Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!, Hau went to search for Ash, who was late for their battle due to his training with Rowlet. After finding him and making it to the battlefield with him, Hau and Ash began their battle. During the battle, Decidueye was able to dodge Rowlet's Bloom Doom, before using its own Z-Move, Sinister Arrow Raid, which was barely avoided by Rowlet. The battle concluded in SM133 after Decidueye was defeated by Rowlet's Brave Bird, thus eliminating Hau from the tournament. Though he congratulated Ash for his victory, Hau was left dismayed by his loss, but he was comforted by Hala, who complimented him for the battle.

From SM135 to SM137, Hau watched the battles between Kiawe and Gladion, and Ash and Guzma. He then reappeared in a flashback in SM138.

In SM139, Hau attended the award ceremony for the Manalo Conference victor, only for it to be interrupted when a Guzzlord arrived at the stadium through an Ultra Wormhole. In SM140, Hau helped evacuate innocent civilians to safety, only for another, Shiny Guzzlord to emerge from another wormhole at the shopping area. By combining their Z-Moves, Hau, Gladion, Kiawe, Lana, Lillie, and Mallow managed to successfully knock the Shiny Guzzlord back into Ultra Space.

From SM141 to SM144, Hau watched the exhibition match between Ash and Professor Kukui.

In SM146, Hau was seen battling Nanu and his Alolan Persian with Decidueye, with the battle being refereed by Hala.


Hau is an energetic young Trainer keen to take on the Island challenge. His inexperience showed during his debut appearance in No Stone Unturned!, where he was confident though lacked direction in his battle style. Hau's focus and ability to foresee his opponent's strategy had improved by the eve of the Manalo Conference, which enabled him to advance to the Top 8 before he was defeated by Ash in their match in Battling on the Wing!. He is still learning to cope with defeat, though quickly calms himself down. He also values the experience of others as inspiration, especially Ash and his grandfather Hala.


This listing is of Hau's known Pokémon in the anime:

Hau's Dartrix

Hau's Decidueye
Dartrix → Decidueye
Decidueye first appeared as a Dartrix in No Stone Unturned!, where it battled Ash's Rowlet and was able to win. The next day, Dartrix went up against Rowlet in a rematch, where it was eventually knocked out by Bloom Doom.

When Ash met Hau again in League Offenders and Defenders!, Dartrix was revealed to have evolved into Decidueye. Hau later used Decidueye during the battle against Team Skull, where it went up against Rapp and her Zubat and won.

In Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!, Hau chose Decidueye as his Pokémon to face against Ash's Rowlet in the second round of the Manalo Conference. After a hard fought battle Decidueye was knocked out by Rowlet's Brave Bird, eliminating Hau from the tournament.

Decidueye reappeared in a flashback in SM138.

In SM140, Decidueye was used to battle a Shiny Guzzlord to prevent it from the destroying the Manalo Stadium. With a combination of Z-Moves, Decidueye, among others, managed to send the Shiny Guzzlord back into its Ultra Wormhole.

From SM141 to SM144, Decidueye watched the exhibition match between Ash and Professor Kukui alongside Hau.

In SM146, Decidueye was seen battling Nanu and his Alolan Persian.

Decidueye's known moves are Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade, Spirit Shackle, and Sky Attack.
Decidueye can also perform the Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid.

Debut No Stone Unturned!
Voice actors
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
Hau's Raichu
Alolan Raichu is Hau's second Pokémon, which first appeared in Battle Royal 151!, where it was used in the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference, being able to progress its Trainer to the actual tournament.

In SM130, Hau used Raichu in his match against Samson Oak and his Alolan Exeggutor. The battle ended in Hau's victory, advancing him to the second round.

Raichu's known moves are Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, and Focus Blast.

Debut Battle Royal 151!


Alola trials

This listing is of the trials Hau has cleared in the Alola region:

Pokémon competitions

Pokémon League

Hau has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 福山潤 Jun Fukuyama
English Neo Cihi
Brazilian Portuguese Gustavo Nader
European Spanish Ramón de Arana

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