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Pokémon School
Ultra Guardians base.png
Pokémon School
Region Alola
Debut A Mission of Ultra Urgency!

The Ultra Guardians Base (Japanese: Ultra Guardians Base) is an anime-exclusive location that first appeared in A Mission of Ultra Urgency!. It is the base of operation for Ash and his classmates when they set out on missions as members of the Ultra Guardians. The base is located underneath the Pokémon School.

Design and function

The base can reached by pressing a button hidden behind a blackboard which when pressed, moves a bookcase to reveal the entrance. The Ultra Guardians and their Pokémon take their places and start to descend towards the base, changing into their Ultra Guardian outfits along the way. Once they have been briefed by Lusamine on the current mission, the Ultra Guardians ascend to where their Ride Pokémon are waiting for them as they start their launch. The based is stocked with Beast Ball's for the Ultra Guardians and a medical kit.


Sometime between The Professors' New Adventure! and A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, the base was built by the Aether Foundation with the assistance of the Pokémon School. The Ultra Guardians arrived at the base where they were greeted by Lusamine's Clefable, who Lusamine had appointed to oversee the base. The Ultra Guardians were informed by Lusamine that a Buzzwole had emerged through an Ultra Wormhole and they were tasked with catching it so they could return it home.

The base reappeared in Love at First Twirl!, where the Ultra Guardians cured Rowlet of its poison. They were contacted by Lusamine about Poipole, which the Ultra Guardians had found. Ash was advised by Lusamine to catch it until they could determine the location of the Ultra Wormhole.

Pokémon seen at the Ultra Guardians Base

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