List of Pokémon by PokéPark Pad number

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This is a list of Pokémon in the order dictated by the PokéPark Pad's Friend List in the PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure.

List of Pokémon by PokéPark Pad number

P-001 - P-051 Chatot - Pidgeotto

# Pokémon
P-001 Chatot (Pokémon) Chatot
P-002 Chikorita (Pokémon) Chikorita
P-003 Turtwig (Pokémon) Turtwig
P-004 Torterra (Pokémon) Torterra
P-005 Buneary (Pokémon) Buneary
P-006 Munchlax (Pokémon) Munchlax
P-007 Treecko (Pokémon) Treecko
P-008 Mankey (Pokémon) Mankey
P-009 Bidoof (Pokémon) Bidoof
P-010 Bibarel (Pokémon) Bibarel
P-011 Oddish (Pokémon) Oddish
P-012 Aipom (Pokémon) Aipom
P-013 Ambipom (Pokémon) Ambipom
P-014 Leafeon (Pokémon) Leafeon
P-015 Spearow (Pokémon) Spearow
P-016 Croagunk (Pokémon) Croagunk
P-017 Starly (Pokémon) Starly
P-018 Bonsly (Pokémon) Bonsly
P-019 Sudowoodo (Pokémon) Sudowoodo
P-020 Pachirisu (Pokémon) Pachirisu
P-021 Lotad (Pokémon) Lotad
P-022 Shinx (Pokémon) Shinx
P-023 Scyther (Pokémon) Scyther
P-024 Magikarp (Pokémon) Magikarp
P-025 Caterpie (Pokémon) Caterpie
P-026 Butterfree (Pokémon) Butterfree
P-027 Weedle (Pokémon) Weedle
P-028 Shroomish (Pokémon) Shroomish
P-029 Tropius (Pokémon) Tropius
P-030 Bulbasaur (Pokémon) Bulbasaur
P-031 Venusaur (Pokémon) Venusaur
P-032 Piplup (Pokémon) Piplup
P-033 Slowpoke (Pokémon) Slowpoke
P-034 Azurill (Pokémon) Azurill
P-035 Corsola (Pokémon) Corsola
P-036 Wynaut (Pokémon) Wynaut
P-037 Carvanha (Pokémon) Carvanha
P-038 Sharpedo (Pokémon) Sharpedo
P-039 Wailord (Pokémon) Wailord
P-040 Totodile (Pokémon) Totodile
P-041 Feraligatr (Pokémon) Feraligatr
P-042 Lapras (Pokémon) Lapras
P-043 Psyduck (Pokémon) Psyduck
P-044 Golduck (Pokémon) Golduck
P-045 Buizel (Pokémon) Buizel
P-046 Floatzel (Pokémon) Floatzel
P-047 Vaporeon (Pokémon) Vaporeon
P-048 Mudkip (Pokémon) Mudkip
P-049 Taillow (Pokémon) Taillow
P-050 Staravia (Pokémon) Staravia
P-051 Pidgeotto (Pokémon) Pidgeotto

P-052 - P-099 Krabby - Hitmontop

# Pokémon
P-052 Krabby (Pokémon) Krabby
P-053 Corphish (Pokémon) Corphish
P-054 Blastoise (Pokémon) Blastoise
P-055 Wingull (Pokémon) Wingull
P-056 Pelipper (Pokémon) Pelipper
P-057 Gyarados (Pokémon) Gyarados
P-058 Glalie (Pokémon) Glalie
P-059 Froslass (Pokémon) Froslass
P-060 Piloswine (Pokémon) Piloswine
P-061 Mamoswine (Pokémon) Mamoswine
P-062 Teddiursa (Pokémon) Teddiursa
P-063 Ursaring (Pokémon) Ursaring
P-064 Kirlia (Pokémon) Kirlia
P-065 Spheal (Pokémon) Spheal
P-066 Quagsire (Pokémon) Quagsire
P-067 Glaceon (Pokémon) Glaceon
P-068 Octillery (Pokémon) Octillery
P-069 Delibird (Pokémon) Delibird
P-070 Primeape (Pokémon) Primeape
P-071 Squirtle (Pokémon) Squirtle
P-072 Smoochum (Pokémon) Smoochum
P-073 Sneasel (Pokémon) Sneasel
P-074 Prinplup (Pokémon) Prinplup
P-075 Empoleon (Pokémon) Empoleon
P-076 Mr. Mime (Pokémon) Mr. Mime
P-077 Mawile (Pokémon) Mawile
P-078 Aron (Pokémon) Aron
P-079 Gible (Pokémon) Gible
P-080 Marowak (Pokémon) Marowak
P-081 Zubat (Pokémon) Zubat
P-082 Golbat (Pokémon) Golbat
P-083 Diglett (Pokémon) Diglett
P-084 Dugtrio (Pokémon) Dugtrio
P-085 Snorlax (Pokémon) Snorlax
P-086 Geodude (Pokémon) Geodude
P-087 Machamp (Pokémon) Machamp
P-088 Meowth (Pokémon) Meowth
P-089 Scizor (Pokémon) Scizor
P-090 Cranidos (Pokémon) Cranidos
P-091 Phanpy (Pokémon) Phanpy
P-092 Raichu (Pokémon) Raichu
P-093 Magnemite (Pokémon) Magnemite
P-094 Magnezone (Pokémon) Magnezone
P-095 Hitmonlee (Pokémon) Hitmonlee
P-096 Electivire (Pokémon) Electivire
P-097 Bastiodon (Pokémon) Bastiodon
P-098 Charmander (Pokémon) Charmander
P-099 Hitmontop (Pokémon) Hitmontop

P-100 - P-150 Hitmonchan - Flygon

# Pokémon
P-100 Hitmonchan (Pokémon) Hitmonchan
P-101 Camerupt (Pokémon) Camerupt
P-102 Chimchar (Pokémon) Chimchar
P-103 Infernape (Pokémon) Infernape
P-104 Vulpix (Pokémon) Vulpix
P-105 Ninetales (Pokémon) Ninetales
P-106 Farfetch'd (Pokémon) Farfetch'd
P-107 Meditite (Pokémon) Meditite
P-108 Magby (Pokémon) Magby
P-109 Magmortar (Pokémon) Magmortar
P-110 Flareon (Pokémon) Flareon
P-111 Magcargo (Pokémon) Magcargo
P-112 Torkoal (Pokémon) Torkoal
P-113 Golem (Pokémon) Golem
P-114 Quilava (Pokémon) Quilava
P-115 Baltoy (Pokémon) Baltoy
P-116 Claydol (Pokémon) Claydol
P-117 Ponyta (Pokémon) Ponyta
P-118 Rhyperior (Pokémon) Rhyperior
P-119 Torchic (Pokémon) Torchic
P-120 Blaziken (Pokémon) Blaziken
P-121 Murkrow (Pokémon) Murkrow
P-122 Honchkrow (Pokémon) Honchkrow
P-123 Gliscor (Pokémon) Gliscor
P-124 Drifloon (Pokémon) Drifloon
P-125 Kakuna (Pokémon) Kakuna
P-126 Metapod (Pokémon) Metapod
P-127 Tangrowth (Pokémon) Tangrowth
P-128 Riolu (Pokémon) Riolu
P-129 Sableye (Pokémon) Sableye
P-130 Spinarak (Pokémon) Spinarak
P-131 Breloom (Pokémon) Breloom
P-132 Pichu (Pokémon) Pichu
P-133 Misdreavus (Pokémon) Misdreavus
P-134 Mismagius (Pokémon) Mismagius
P-135 Elekid (Pokémon) Elekid
P-136 Electabuzz (Pokémon) Electabuzz
P-137 Luxray (Pokémon) Luxray
P-138 Stunky (Pokémon) Stunky
P-139 Skuntank (Pokémon) Skuntank
P-140 Voltorb (Pokémon) Voltorb
P-141 Electrode (Pokémon) Electrode
P-142 Umbreon (Pokémon) Umbreon
P-143 Espeon (Pokémon) Espeon
P-144 Gastly (Pokémon) Gastly
P-145 Haunter (Pokémon) Haunter
P-146 Gengar (Pokémon) Gengar
P-147 Duskull (Pokémon) Duskull
P-148 Dusknoir (Pokémon) Dusknoir
P-149 Charizard (Pokémon) Charizard
P-150 Flygon (Pokémon) Flygon

P-151 - P-193 Porygon-Z - Deoxys

# Pokémon
P-151 Porygon-Z (Pokémon) Porygon-Z
P-152 Bronzor (Pokémon) Bronzor
P-153 Togekiss (Pokémon) Togekiss
P-154 Arcanine (Pokémon) Arcanine
P-155 Lopunny (Pokémon) Lopunny
P-156 Furret (Pokémon) Furret
P-157 Staraptor (Pokémon) Staraptor
P-158 Skorupi (Pokémon) Skorupi
P-159 Eevee (Pokémon) Eevee
P-160 Hoppip (Pokémon) Hoppip
P-161 Jumpluff (Pokémon) Jumpluff
P-162 Aerodactyl (Pokémon) Aerodactyl
P-163 Jolteon (Pokémon) Jolteon
P-164 Tyranitar (Pokémon) Tyranitar
P-165 Garchomp (Pokémon) Garchomp
P-166 Absol (Pokémon) Absol
P-167 Salamence (Pokémon) Salamence
P-168 Bellossom (Pokémon) Bellossom
P-169 Budew (Pokémon) Budew
P-170 Skiploom (Pokémon) Skiploom
P-171 Cyndaquil (Pokémon) Cyndaquil
P-172 Mareep (Pokémon) Mareep
P-173 Dragonite (Pokémon) Dragonite
P-174 Lucario (Pokémon) Lucario
P-175 Rayquaza (Pokémon) Rayquaza
P-176 Drifblim (Pokémon) Drifblim
P-177 Burmy (Pokémon) Burmy
P-178 Mime Jr. (Pokémon) Mime Jr.
P-179 Abra (Pokémon) Abra
P-180 Mew (Pokémon) Mew
P-181 Jirachi (Pokémon) Jirachi
P-182 Manaphy (Pokémon) Manaphy
P-183 Latias (Pokémon) Latias
P-184 Suicune (Pokémon) Suicune
P-185 Metagross (Pokémon) Metagross
P-186 Heatran (Pokémon) Heatran
P-187 Groudon (Pokémon) Groudon
P-188 Celebi (Pokémon) Celebi
P-189 Darkrai (Pokémon) Darkrai
P-190 Rotom (Pokémon) Rotom
P-191 Shaymin (Pokémon) Shaymin
P-192 Latios (Pokémon) Latios
P-193 Deoxys (Pokémon) Deoxys

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