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This is a list of unobtainable Shiny Pokémon in the Pokémon games.


In all generations since Shiny Pokémon debuted, there are a few species that cannot be legitimately obtained as Shiny. These Pokémon are commonly referred to as Shiny-locked. This can happen if the Pokémon is coded not to appear as Shiny in the wild, or via in-game gifts, in-game trades, breeding, or has never been distributed as Shiny via events.

However, with the exception of Pikachu in a cap, the Partner Pikachu and Eevee, and Magearna (Magearna's standard form is missing its Shiny form in Generation VII only), all of these Pokémon have Shiny variants in their respective games' code, regardless of their availability.


The following is a non-comprehensive list of notable species that have been subject to Shiny locks in a given game, or generation, with some having extremely limited conditions for being obtained as Shiny.

  • Shiny Pokémon denoted with a can be obtained in-game, either in a specific version, denoted by abbreviations for said game(s), or the generation as a whole.
  • Shiny Pokémon denoted with a ~ could not be obtained in-game directly, but could be acquired through event distributions or transfer from other games.
  • Shiny Pokémon denoted with a could not be obtained by any means, either in a specific version, denoted by abbreviations for said game(s), or the generation as a whole.
Pokémon Generation
Bulbasaur Female Pokémon with a gender ratio
of 1 Female to 7 Males [note 1] [note 2]
0025Pikachu-Cosplay.png Cosplay Pikachu
0025Pikachu-Original.png Pikachu in a cap
(excluding Partner Cap)
0025Pikachu-Partner.png Pikachu in a cap [note 3]
(Partner Cap)
~ ~
0025Pikachu-Starter.png Partner Pikachu
0133Eevee-Starter.png Partner Eevee
Articuno Articuno ~ ~ ~
Articuno Articuno
(Galarian form)
~ ~
Zapdos Zapdos ~ ~ ~
Zapdos Zapdos
(Galarian form)
~ ~
Moltres Moltres ~ ~ ~
Moltres Moltres
(Galarian form)
~ ~
Mewtwo Mewtwo ~ ~ ~
Mew Mew [note 4] ~
~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~
Spr 4h 172N s.png Spiky-eared Pichu
Unown Unown [note 5]
(excluding forms I and V)
Celebi Celebi [note 6]
~ ~
Kyogre Kyogre ~ ~
Groudon Groudon ~ ~
Rayquaza Rayquaza ~ ~
Jirachi Jirachi [note 7]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Deoxys [note 8]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Manaphy Manaphy [note 9]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Darkrai Darkrai [note 10]
~ ~ ~
ShayminShaymin Shaymin [note 11]
~ ~ ~
Arceus Arceus ~ ~
Victini Victini
Reshiram Reshiram
Zekrom Zekrom
KeldeoKeldeo Keldeo
MeloettaMeloetta Meloetta
Genesect Genesect ~ ~ ~ ~
GreninjaGreninja Greninja (with Battle Bond)
& Ash-Greninja
Vivillon Vivillon
(Fancy Pattern)
Vivillon Vivillon
(Poké Ball Pattern)
XerneasXerneas Xerneas ~
Yveltal Yveltal ~
Zygarde ~
Diancie Diancie ~ ~ ~ ~
HoopaHoopa Hoopa
Volcanion Volcanion
Type: Null Type: Null ~
Silvally Silvally ~
Tapu Koko Tapu Koko ~
Tapu Lele Tapu Lele ~
Tapu Bulu Tapu Bulu ~
Tapu Fini Tapu Fini ~
Cosmog Cosmog
Cosmoem Cosmoem
Solgaleo Solgaleo ~
Lunala Lunala ~
Nihilego Nihilego

Buzzwole Buzzwole

Pheromosa Pheromosa

Xurkitree Xurkitree

Celesteela Celesteela

Kartana Kartana

Guzzlord Guzzlord

Necrozma ~
MagearnaMagearna Magearna
Marshadow Marshadow
Poipole Poipole ~
Naganadel Naganadel ~
Zeraora Zeraora ~
Melmetal Melmetal [note 12]
(Gigantamax Factor Dynamax icon.png)
ZacianZacian Zacian ~ ~
ZamazentaZamazenta Zamazenta ~ ~
EternatusEternatus Eternatus [note 13] ~ ~
Kubfu Kubfu
UrshifuUrshifu Urshifu [note 14]
ZarudeZarude Zarude
Glastrier Glastrier
Spectrier Spectrier
Ursaluna Ursaluna
(Bloodmoon form)
EnamorusEnamorus Enamorus
Gimmighoul Gimmighoul [note 15]
(Chest Form)
Gimmighoul Gimmighoul
(Roaming Form)
Gholdengo Gholdengo ~
Wo-Chien Wo-Chien
Chien-Pao Chien-Pao
Ting-Lu Ting-Lu
Chi-Yu Chi-Yu
Koraidon Koraidon
Miraidon Miraidon
Walking Wake Walking Wake
Iron Leaves Iron Leaves
Okidogi Okidogi
Munkidori Munkidori
Fezandipiti Fezandipiti


  1. In Generation I and II, shininess and gender are both derived from the Pokémon's IVs. Due to this quirk, Pokémon that have a "1 ♀ : 7 ♂" gender ratio cannot simultaneously be both female and Shiny in Generation II.
  2. In v1.2 of Poké Transporter, when transfering Pokemon from Generation I, gender was determined randomly instead of being determined by the Attack IV. As a result, prior to v1.3, it was possible for Transporter to generate 1 ♀ : 7 ♂ gender ratio Pokémon as both female and Shiny.
  3. Partner Cap Pikachu is available in its Shiny form due to a programming error. If transferred from Generation VII to Pokémon HOME or later generations, it still lacks a Shiny model.
  4. Shiny Mew can be obtained legitimately as part of the Gotta catch 'em all! Station, the Japanese version of Pokémon Emerald via the Old Sea Map event item, or via Pokémon GO's Mew Masterwork Research quest. However, it cannot be obtained legitimately in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, nor transferred into Let's Go via GO Park or HOME.
  5. Due to the way IVs determine both Unown's letter and Shininess in Generation II, all forms except the letters I and V cannot be Shiny.
  6. Shiny Celebi can be obtained legitimately in the original Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, through Generation II event distributions, and via in-game encounter in the Virtual Console releases of Pokémon Crystal. Notably, Virtual Console Pokémon can only be moved forward into Generation VII or above (via Pokémon Bank), while those obtained in physical cartridge versions of the game cannot move forward to Generation III or above.
  7. Due to a set of bugs, Shiny Jirachi can be obtained legitimately in both Pokémon Channel and the North American version of the Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc, but they were largely blocked from online play until after the 2014 Tanabata Shiny Jirachi event was released in Generation VI.
  8. Shiny Deoxys can be obtained legitimately in both Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen and Pokémon Emerald via the Aurora Ticket event item, excluding the Japanese version of Emerald.
  9. While the Ranger Manaphy Egg cannot hatch as Shiny for the savefile that receives it, it can be Shiny if traded and hatched by another player with a different Trainer ID and Secret ID from the original recipient. Shiny Manaphy can only be obtained this way in Generation IV.
  10. Requires the Member Card event item.
  11. Requires the Oak's Letter event item.
  12. The Pokémon HOME Melmetal (gifted to the player the first time they transfer a Pokémon via GO Transporter), cannot be Shiny. Shiny Melmetal (obtained by evolving Shiny Meltan from the Mystery Box in Pokémon GO), if transferred to Sword or Shield, cannot be given Max Soup to gain the Gigantamax Factor.
  13. Eternamax Form is not obtainable by the player in Generation VIII. The Eternatus encountered during Sword and Shield's main story cannot be Shiny, and the event Shiny Eternatus distributed to players cannot be changed to Eternamax Form.
  14. Due to an oversight, from June 17th, 2022 to approximately 2:00-11:00 UTC on the 18th, the Gigantamax Urshifu that appeared during a Max Raid event could appear as Shiny, but it was coded to be impossible to catch.
  15. Only Chest Form is available as Shiny via 5★ Tera raids, at standard 1/4103.5 odds, during the June 21 to July 2, 2023 Poké Portal News event. All Chest Form Gimmighoul encountered as static encounters in Scarlet and Violet, and Roaming Form Gimmighoul encountered in Pokémon GO are coded never to appear as Shiny.

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