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The five different areas in Pal Park

This is the list of Pokémon by Pal Park location.

Pal Park is divided into five separate areas. Each species of Pokémon will only appear in one of these areas. With a few exceptions, Pokémon in the same evolutionary family will appear in the same area.

Grassland Habitat.png Field

The field is directly in front of the entrance to the catching area. 123 Pokémon appear in this area, the most of all areas.

Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Ivysaur Ivysaur Venusaur Venusaur Charmander Charmander Charmeleon Charmeleon Charizard Charizard
Pidgey Pidgey Pidgeotto Pidgeotto Pidgeot Pidgeot Rattata Rattata Raticate Raticate Spearow Spearow
Fearow Fearow Nidoran♀ Nidoran♀ Nidorina Nidorina Nidoqueen Nidoqueen Nidoran♂ Nidoran♂ Nidorino Nidorino
Nidoking Nidoking Vulpix Vulpix Ninetales Ninetales Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Wigglytuff Wigglytuff Meowth Meowth
Persian Persian Growlithe Growlithe Arcanine Arcanine Abra Abra Kadabra Kadabra Alakazam Alakazam
Ponyta Ponyta Rapidash Rapidash Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Doduo Doduo Dodrio Dodrio Grimer Grimer
Muk Muk Voltorb Voltorb Electrode Electrode Lickitung Lickitung Chansey Chansey Kangaskhan Kangaskhan
Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Scyther Scyther Jynx Jynx Tauros Tauros Ditto Ditto Eevee Eevee
Vaporeon Vaporeon Jolteon Jolteon Flareon Flareon Porygon Porygon Snorlax Snorlax Mewtwo Mewtwo
Chikorita Chikorita Bayleef Bayleef Meganium Meganium Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Quilava Quilava Typhlosion Typhlosion
Sentret Sentret Furret Furret Ledyba Ledyba Ledian Ledian Spinarak Spinarak Ariados Ariados
Pichu Pichu Cleffa Cleffa Igglybuff Igglybuff Togepi Togepi Togetic Togetic Mareep Mareep
Flaaffy Flaaffy Ampharos Ampharos Hoppip Hoppip Skiploom Skiploom Jumpluff Jumpluff Sunkern Sunkern
Sunflora Sunflora Yanma Yanma Espeon Espeon Umbreon Umbreon Wobbuffet Wobbuffet Girafarig Girafarig
Snubbull Snubbull Granbull Granbull Scizor Scizor Porygon2 Porygon2 Stantler Stantler Smeargle Smeargle
Smoochum Smoochum Miltank Miltank Blissey Blissey Torchic Torchic Combusken Combusken Blaziken Blaziken
Poochyena Poochyena Mightyena Mightyena Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Linoone Linoone Taillow Taillow Swellow Swellow
Ralts Ralts Kirlia Kirlia Gardevoir Gardevoir Skitty Skitty Delcatty Delcatty Electrike Electrike
Manectric Manectric Plusle Plusle Minun Minun Roselia Roselia Spoink Spoink Grumpig Grumpig
Spinda Spinda Swablu Swablu Altaria Altaria Zangoose Zangoose Castform Castform Wynaut Wynaut
Latias Latias Latios Latios Rayquaza Rayquaza

Forest Habitat.png Forest

The forest is a path along the northwest corner of the catching area that leads to the field in the south and mountain in the east. 74 Pokémon appear in this area.

Caterpie Caterpie Metapod Metapod Butterfree Butterfree Weedle Weedle Kakuna Kakuna Beedrill Beedrill
Ekans Ekans Arbok Arbok Pikachu Pikachu Raichu Raichu Oddish Oddish Gloom Gloom
Vileplume Vileplume Paras Paras Parasect Parasect Venonat Venonat Venomoth Venomoth Bellsprout Bellsprout
Weepinbell Weepinbell Victreebel Victreebel Gastly Gastly Haunter Haunter Gengar Gengar Drowzee Drowzee
Hypno Hypno Exeggcute Exeggcute Exeggutor Exeggutor Tangela Tangela Pinsir Pinsir Mew Mew
Hoothoot Hoothoot Noctowl Noctowl Natu Natu Xatu Xatu Bellossom Bellossom Aipom Aipom
Murkrow Murkrow Misdreavus Misdreavus Unown Unown Pineco Pineco Forretress Forretress Dunsparce Dunsparce
Heracross Heracross Teddiursa Teddiursa Ursaring Ursaring Celebi Celebi Treecko Treecko Grovyle Grovyle
Sceptile Sceptile Wurmple Wurmple Silcoon Silcoon Beautifly Beautifly Cascoon Cascoon Dustox Dustox
Seedot Seedot Nuzleaf Nuzleaf Shiftry Shiftry Shroomish Shroomish Breloom Breloom Slakoth Slakoth
Vigoroth Vigoroth Slaking Slaking Nincada Nincada Ninjask Ninjask Shedinja Shedinja Gulpin Gulpin
Swalot Swalot Seviper Seviper Kecleon Kecleon Shuppet Shuppet Banette Banette Duskull Duskull
Dusclops Dusclops Tropius Tropius

Mountain Habitat.png Mountain

The mountain is located in the north of the catching area. 105 Pokémon appear in this area.

Sandshrew Sandshrew Sandslash Sandslash Clefairy Clefairy Clefable Clefable Zubat Zubat Golbat Golbat
Diglett Diglett Dugtrio Dugtrio Mankey Mankey Primeape Primeape Machop Machop Machoke Machoke
Machamp Machamp Geodude Geodude Graveler Graveler Golem Golem Magnemite Magnemite Magneton Magneton
Onix Onix Cubone Cubone Marowak Marowak Hitmonlee Hitmonlee Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Koffing Koffing
Weezing Weezing Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Rhydon Rhydon Electabuzz Electabuzz Magmar Magmar Aerodactyl Aerodactyl
Articuno Articuno Zapdos Zapdos Moltres Moltres Dragonite Dragonite Feraligatr Feraligatr Crobat Crobat
Sudowoodo Sudowoodo Gligar Gligar Steelix Steelix Sneasel Sneasel Slugma Slugma Magcargo Magcargo
Swinub Swinub Piloswine Piloswine Delibird Delibird Skarmory Skarmory Houndour Houndour Houndoom Houndoom
Phanpy Phanpy Donphan Donphan Tyrogue Tyrogue Hitmontop Hitmontop Elekid Elekid Magby Magby
Raikou Raikou Entei Entei Suicune Suicune Larvitar Larvitar Pupitar Pupitar Tyranitar Tyranitar
Lugia Lugia Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Whismur Whismur Loudred Loudred Exploud Exploud Makuhita Makuhita
Hariyama Hariyama Nosepass Nosepass Sableye Sableye Mawile Mawile Aron Aron Lairon Lairon
Aggron Aggron Meditite Meditite Medicham Medicham Volbeat Volbeat Illumise Illumise Numel Numel
Camerupt Camerupt Torkoal Torkoal Trapinch Trapinch Vibrava Vibrava Flygon Flygon Cacnea Cacnea
Cacturne Cacturne Lunatone Lunatone Solrock Solrock Baltoy Baltoy Claydol Claydol Chimecho Chimecho
Absol Absol Snorunt Snorunt Glalie Glalie Bagon Bagon Shelgon Shelgon Salamence Salamence
Beldum Beldum Metang Metang Metagross Metagross Regirock Regirock Regice Regice Registeel Registeel
Groudon Groudon Jirachi Jirachi Deoxys Deoxys

Waters-edge Habitat.png Pond

The pond is located in the northeast corner of the catching area. Surf is required to obtain the Pokémon within it. 37 Pokémon appear in this area, the fewest of all areas.

Squirtle Squirtle Wartortle Wartortle Blastoise Blastoise Psyduck Psyduck Golduck Golduck Poliwag Poliwag
Poliwhirl Poliwhirl Poliwrath Poliwrath Slowpoke Slowpoke Slowbro Slowbro Goldeen Goldeen Seaking Seaking
Magikarp Magikarp Gyarados Gyarados Dratini Dratini Dragonair Dragonair Totodile Totodile Croconaw Croconaw
Marill Marill Azumarill Azumarill Politoed Politoed Wooper Wooper Quagsire Quagsire Slowking Slowking
Mudkip Mudkip Marshtomp Marshtomp Swampert Swampert Lotad Lotad Lombre Lombre Ludicolo Ludicolo
Surskit Surskit Masquerain Masquerain Azurill Azurill Barboach Barboach Whiscash Whiscash Corphish Corphish
Crawdaunt Crawdaunt

Sea Habitat.png Sea

The sea is located in the southeast corner of the catching area. Surf is required to obtain the Pokémon within it. 47 Pokémon appear in this area.

Tentacool Tentacool Tentacruel Tentacruel Seel Seel Dewgong Dewgong Shellder Shellder Cloyster Cloyster
Krabby Krabby Kingler Kingler Horsea Horsea Seadra Seadra Staryu Staryu Starmie Starmie
Lapras Lapras Omanyte Omanyte Omastar Omastar Kabuto Kabuto Kabutops Kabutops Chinchou Chinchou
Lanturn Lanturn Qwilfish Qwilfish Shuckle Shuckle Corsola Corsola Remoraid Remoraid Octillery Octillery
Mantine Mantine Kingdra Kingdra Wingull Wingull Pelipper Pelipper Carvanha Carvanha Sharpedo Sharpedo
Wailmer Wailmer Wailord Wailord Lileep Lileep Cradily Cradily Anorith Anorith Armaldo Armaldo
Feebas Feebas Milotic Milotic Spheal Spheal Sealeo Sealeo Walrein Walrein Clamperl Clamperl
Huntail Huntail Gorebyss Gorebyss Relicanth Relicanth Luvdisc Luvdisc Kyogre Kyogre


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