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In the Pokémon Ranger series, the Ranger Rank (Japanese: レンジャークラス Ranger Class) is a numerical rank that all Rangers have that shows their progression in their career. They begin at Rank 1 and are promoted through good work.

In practice, this is awarded after completing each numbered mission. By gaining higher ranks, features of the Capture Styler are unlocked.

Pokémon Ranger

At the start of Pokémon Ranger, only Grass, Fire, Water and Electric Poké Assists can be used, only four friend Pokémon can be obtained at a time and the Partner Gauge for Plusle and Minun's Discharge is at 1. Increasing rank allows for different Poké Assists, more friend Pokémon to be on standby at a time and the Partner Gauge to be extended.

Rank New abilities
1 Unlocked at the start
2 Fighting Poké Assist
3 Poison and Psychic Poké Assists, Partner Gauge 2
4 Bug and Ground Poké Assists, five friend Pokémon
5 Rock Poké Assist, Partner Gauge 3
6 Flying Poké Assist
7 Dark and Ghost Poké Assists, Partner Gauge 4, six friend Pokémon
8 Ice Poké Assist
9 Partner Gauge 5
10 Seven friend Pokémon

The ability to use the Dragonite Bus is awarded separate of rank but occurs after reaching rank 7 in the game sequence. After gaining much experience, Rangers that show particularly strong abilities can earn the right to take friend Pokémon away from their natural habitats, which happens after the credits in the game.

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Rank New abilities
1 Bug Poké Assist
2 Fire and Fighting Poké Assists
3 Ground and Steel Poké Assists, four friend Pokémon
4 Poison, Ghost, Psychic, and Dark Poké Assists, availability of Doduo
5 Ice and Dragon Poké Assists, five friend Pokémon
6 Power Charge can be readied in a shorter time
7 Six friend Pokémon
8 Power Charge is boosted with another level
9 Seven friend Pokémon

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Grade Ranger
Germany Flag.png German Ranger-Rang
Italy Flag.png Italian Grado del Ranger
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rango Ranger

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