Krokka Tunnel

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Krokka Tunnel クロッカトンネル
Krokka Tunnel
Krokka Tunnel
Connecting locations
North None
South None
West Lyra Forest
East East Road
Location of Krokka Tunnel in Fiore

Krokka Tunnel (Japanese: クロッカトンネル Krokka Tunnel) is a cave in Fiore that links Ringtown and Fall City. It is the location of the first and fifth numbered missions in Pokémon Ranger. The western exit emerges in Lyra Forest while the eastern exit emerges in East Road. Krokka Tunnel is linked to Panula Cave.

A memorial to Dugtrio, said to be a loyal companion and coworker in the long and difficult tunnel project, can be found near the Lyra Forest entrance. The Hariyama Dojo can be found deep in the cave, containing strong Fighting-type Pokémon.

The Krokka Tunnel is first entered in the first numbered mission of the game, where the player must escort Professor Hastings to Fall City. However, the Go-Rock Squad attack and create rockfalls that prevent residents of Ringtown from visiting Fall City. In the fifth mission, these rockfalls are removed by searching further in the cave for some Hariyama. The Go-Rock Squad are also there, searching for a legendary Pokémon, with the mission ending against Tiffany and her Camerupt.

In the first Ranger Net mission, Lunick and Solana enter the tunnel to capture a Deoxys.


Registeel can be found within the Tunnel's depths, however a bit of work must be done to get to it. Its chamber is guarded by numerous boulders, at least four of which must be crushed for access, along with two places where players must use the Field Move Cross.

Wild Pokémon

This is a listing of the Pokémon found in Krokka Tunnel after the credits:

Pokémon Assist Field Loops
041 Zubat Poison None 2
046 Paras Grass Cut 4
047 Parasect Grass None 8
050 Diglett Ground None 2
051 Dugtrio Ground None 9
060 Poliwag Water Soak 4
061 Poliwhirl Water Soak Soak 5
066 Machop Fighting Crush 6
068 Machamp Fighting Crush Crush Crush 10
069 Bellsprout Grass None 4
074 Geodude Rock Crush 8
075 Graveler Rock Crush Crush 11
081 Magnemite Electric Recharge Recharge 2
082 Magneton Electric Recharge Recharge 3
114 Tangela Grass Cross 2
281 Kirlia Psychic None 5
297 Hariyama Fighting Crush Crush Crush 12
324 Torkoal Fire Burn Burn 9
379 Registeel Steel Crush Crush Crush 20


Entrance Inner Deep
Krokka Tunnel Ranger1 entrance.png Krokka Tunnel Ranger1 inner.png Krokka Tunnel Ranger1 deep.png

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Tunnel Rokka
Germany Flag.png German Krokka-Tunnel
Italy Flag.png Italian Tunnel Borgunnia
Spain Flag.png Spanish Túnel Rocoso

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