Dusk Factory

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Dusk Factory ヨナベこうじょう
Yonabe Factory
Dusk Factory
Connecting locations
North None
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West Fall City
East None
Location of Dusk Factory in Fiore

The Dusk Factory (Japanese: ヨナベこうじょう Yonabe Factory) is an old, abandoned factory in Fall City. It is the location of the seventh numbered mission of Pokémon Ranger. It only operates from dusk until dawn.

The Dusk Factory is in use by the Go-Rock Squad, and the Go-Rock Quads use it for their band practices. Professor Hastings intends to shut down the factory.

Wild Pokémon

This is a listing of the Pokémon found in the Dusk Factory after the credits:

Pokémon Assist Field Loops
052 Meowth Normal Cut 5
058 Growlithe Fire None 4
067 Machoke Fighting Crush Crush 8
081 Magnemite Electric Recharge 2
082 Magneton Electric Recharge Recharge 3
092 Gastly Ghost None 5
093 Haunter Ghost None 6
097 Hypno Psychic None 9
100 Voltorb Electric Recharge 5
122 Mr. Mime Psychic None 8
127 Pinsir Bug Cut Cut 6
137 Porygon Normal None 3
278 Wingull Water None 3
296 Makuhita Fighting Tackle Tackle 5

Go-Rock Squad
Go-Rock Quads
Dusk FactoryGo-Rock Squad Base
Fiore Temple

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