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Fall City フォルシティ
Fall City
Fall City
Connecting locations
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West East Road
East Dusk Factory
Location of Fall City in Fiore

Fall City (Japanese: フォルシティ Fall City) is a large city in Fiore. It is the location of the second numbered mission in Pokémon Ranger. It is the home of the Fall City Ranger Base run by Joel.

Fall City is a port town on the coast that is known for many symbols, such as the lighthouse, Joy Clock Tower, and a fountain named after the player. Amity Square can be found beyond the wooden fence near the Dusk Factory, where an invisible Kecleon runs around. The Go-Rock Quads do one last performance in front of the clock tower before leaving for far-off lands.

When news of the Go-Rock Squad first reaches Fall City, all of the local Rangers are sent to investigate. The player briefly takes their place patrolling the city and helping residents. One lady needs help moving into her new apartment while another has lost her five Skitty. Professor Hastings' research lab needs to be lit by a Staryu and, finally, the Joy Clock Tower must be saved from a Machoke controlled by the Go-Rock Squad.

After the credits roll, the Capture Arena opens within the city. This challenge takes place in front of an audience and is hosted by MC Arena. Unlike the capture challenges of the Kisara Plains and Safra Sea, the Ranger is always in the capture screen into which Pokémon are randomly dropped. The time limit starts at two minutes but is slightly extended each time a capture is made, depending on the points earned by it. Catching a Pichu, Pikachu or Raichu here automatically recharges the Capture Styler, with the level again dependent on the point value of the capture. The initial high score is set by Spenser at 50,000 points.

In a mission after the credits, a disturbance at the docks must be investigated. This leads to the necessity to capture a Kyogre.

Fall City Rangers

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Assist Field Loops
009 Blastoise Water Soak Soak Soak 17
039 Jigglypuff Normal None 7
052 Meowth Normal Cut 5
098 Krabby Water Soak 6
172 Pichu Electric Recharge 1
209 Snubbull Normal Tackle 4
272 Ludicolo Water None 8
278 Wingull Water None 3
296 Makuhita Fighting Tackle Tackle 5
300 Skitty Normal None 3
318 Carvanha * Water None 4
120 Staryu * Water Flash 5


  • Hanging from the lampposts, players may see what seems to be the city flag: rectangular shape, sky-blue field with a white bordure.
    • The colours could relate to the clear sky mentioned by Spenser after the first capture, to Fall City being a portual settlement, or possibly to the crystal-clear water running through the underneath system.
    • In the US versions of the game, the flag is defaced by a letter F in italics following the same colour scheme. The letter F is also seen embossed onto benches.
    • In the European version, the flag has no defacing elements, this possibly due to said version supporting multiple languages as well as game and time limitations.
  • According to an NPC living in the north-eastern area, the Joy Clock tower was built long ago to commemorate the growth of Fall City from a village into a bustling city. A Go-Rock Squad member's loud thinking after the player successfully captures the raging Machoke also suggests the landmark is fairly dated.
  • Prior to the post-game, a boy standing by the fountain claims that a competition to name it is being held, hinting its recent edification.
    • After the events of atop the Fiore Temple, he suggests to name the fountain after the player, and the suggestion is accepted.
  • Inside several houses and apartments, framed pictures of the Eon duo in the dusk and a Mew casting a protective bubble hang on the walls.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 秋露市 Qiūlù Shì
France Flag.png French Automnelle
Germany Flag.png German Herbstenau
Italy Flag.png Italian Autunnia
Spain Flag.png Spanish Otonia

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