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Summoning Entei

Ranger Signs (Japanese: レンジャーサイン Ranger Sign), also known as Involiths (Japanese: コルフォーマ Callforma) or Emblems (Japanese: もんしょう Crest) are only featured in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. They allow players to draw symbols on the ground with their Capture Styler to summon Pokémon, such as the Legendary beasts and the Eon duo.

In the games

Ranger Signs can be obtained by capturing Legendary Pokémon, completing quests, or manually entering special signs into the Styler via the Sign List. The player can only start to use them when Nema 'illegally' modifies the player's Capture Styler.


These Ranger Signs are obtained as players continue through the story. They are needed in order to complete the game. Only the Legendary beasts and the Eon duo can be ridden. They also have additional capabilities only shown when the Capture Styler is charged when summoning them. Latias is only obtained if the player has chosen to play as the female character. Latios is present if the male character is chosen. The Involiths of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are stolen by the Pokémon Pinchers to gain access to Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. The hero regains the stolen part of the Involiths later in a side quest for Weber, and reattaches the stolen parts to the Involiths.

Ranger Sign Pokémon Summoned Location Obtained When Charged
Raikou Ranger Sign.png
Raikou Ranger Sign summon.png
Wireless Tower Raikou Ranger Sign summon charge.png
Scare Pokémon, causing them to stop moving on the field
  • Jump over large gaps
  • Force Pokémon to come out of hiding
Entei Ranger Sign.png
Entei Ranger Sign summon.png
Daybreak Ruins Entei Ranger Sign summon charge.png
Scare Pokémon, causing them to stop moving on the field
  • Break boulders blocking paths
  • Force Pokémon to come out of hiding
Suicune Ranger Sign.png
Suicune Ranger Sign summon.png
Canal Ruins Suicune Ranger Sign summon charge.png
Scare Pokémon, causing them to stop moving on the field
  • Run on water
  • Force Pokémon to come out of hiding
Latias Ranger Sign.png
Latias Ranger Sign summon.png
Tilikule Island
(when the player is female)
Latias Ranger Sign summon charge.png
Faster flight
Latios Ranger Sign.png
Latios Ranger Sign summon.png
Tilikule Island
(when the player is male)
Latios Ranger Sign summon charge.png
Faster flight
Ho-Oh Ranger Sign.png
Ho-Oh Ranger Sign summon.png
Rainbow Dais Ho-Oh Ranger Sign summon.png
  • Complete storyline
  • Battle Ho-Oh again on Rainbow Dais
Articuno Ranger Sign.png

Mt. Sorbet
Zapdos Ranger Sign.png

Mt. Layuda
Moltres Ranger Sign.png

Faldera Volcano
Lugia Ranger Sign.png

Eastern Sea
Celebi Ranger Sign.png

Cocona Village (past)
Causes the Pokémon's Assist to be more powerful.
  • Summon the player's Partner Pokémon from the past.


When summoning these
Summoning when charged

These Ranger Signs are obtained only after finishing certain quests. Once summoned, they will join the player's party. Only one friend Pokémon can join the player at any one time. While the Field Moves of the summoned Pokémon are the lowest possible, their Poké Assists are more powerful than those of the Pokémon found in the wild.

Ranger Sign Pokémon Summoned Quest Completed
Graveler Ranger Sign.png Graveler Rolling Graveler
Jumpluff Ranger Sign.png Jumpluff Cute, Cute Jumpluff
Hitmontop Ranger Sign.png Hitmontop Spin, Hitmontop, Spin!
Bidoof Ranger Sign.png Bidoof Save Bidoof!
Buneary Ranger Sign.png Buneary A Hot Meal for Buneary
Vulpix Ranger Sign.png Vulpix Vulpix's Ruins Exploration
Mankey Ranger Sign.png Mankey The Mild Mankey


These Ranger Signs are not available in-game, with the exception of Mewtwo, whose Ranger Sign can be seen in the game intro. To unlock them, they need to be input into the Styler's sign list manually by selecting the question mark icon at the end of the list and drawing the sign when prompted. However, the player must have recorded the Pokémon's data on their browser before the sign can be registered. They are revealed through various means, such as by official sites and magazines. The Pokémon summoned are similar to those summoned from Ranger Signs obtained from quests. All Pokémon called by these signs have their Field Abilities reduced to level 1.

In the anime

A Ranger Sign in the anime
A Ranger Sign being used in the anime

The Ranger Sign is a way to summon Pokémon the user captured in the past. The Ranger Sign first made a brief appearance in the anime in the second Guardian Signs anime special, where it was sought after and acquired by the Pokémon Pinchers.

In Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!, Ben used a Ranger Sign to summon a Feraligatr twice.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 保育家符號 Bǎoyùjiā Fúhào
France Flag.png French Glyphe Ranger
Germany Flag.png German Ranger-Symbol
Italy Flag.png Italian Grafema del Ranger
Poland Flag.png Polish Znak Rangera
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Símbolo de Ranger
Spain Flag.png Spanish Glifo Ranger

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