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A Mission (Japanese: ミッション Mission) is an official job that a Pokémon Ranger is assigned. Missions vary widely, and often include rescuing a Pokémon or person, helping someone, or defeating/outsmarting an enemy like the Go-Rock Squad.

Rangers rank up when they return to their leader upon completion of these missions, which are assigned to one or more Rangers by a leader. Top Rangers have the ability to assign a job as a mission without permission from a leader when the circumstances require. Ranger Rank 10 is the highest possible rank.

Pokémon Ranger Missions

Rookie Mission: Don't Fear Failure

  • Client: Larry
  • Description: Capture Larry's Taillow, which has fled into the Lyra Forest. Even though this is a novice-rank mission, it is your first job. Don't be afraid of failure. Just go for it.
  • Boss: N/A
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Chikorita, Zigzagoon
After certain conditions are met
Taillow, Mudkip

Mission 1: Escort the Professor

  • Client: Spenser
  • Description: Your mission is to safely escort Prof. Hastings to Fall City. You are expected to overcome any challenges you encounter with intellect and courage.
  • Boss: Rhydon
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Bellsprout, Zigzagoon, Mudkip, Chikorita, Torchic, Pichu, Magnemite, Poliwag, Paras
After certain conditions are met

Mission 2: Fall City Case Log

  • Client: Joel
  • Description: Take the place of Fall City's rangers and help the citizens solve their problems. What might seem trivial to you may be a huge crises for the people involved.
  • Boss: Machoke
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Meowth, Snubbull, Makuhita, Pichu, Ludicolo, Wingull, Krabby, Staryu
After certain conditions are met
After completing Story Mode
Jigglypuff, Skitty, Kecleon, Blastoise

Mission 3: Grimer Outbreak

  • Client: Civil Engineer
  • Description: There is a massive outbreak of Grimer in the underground waterworks. The Grimer cannot be allowed to roam free. Capture them all!
  • Boss: Muk
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Magnemite, Drowzee, Totodile, Croconaw, Corphish, Tangela, Meditite, Raticate, Crawdaunt, Magneton, Squirtle, Koffing
After certain conditions are met
Rattata, Oddish, Grimer, Muk
After completing Mission 5

Mission 4: Where's Politoed?!

  • Client: Percy
  • Description: Rescue Percy's Politoed, which has been abducted by a mystery gang. The gang is in a sinister, forbidding, and overgrown jungle - but gather your courage and do this for Percy!
  • Boss: Politoed
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Treecko, Silcoon, Slakoth, Electrike, Phanpy, Spinarak, Lotad, Grovyle, Heracross, Ludicolo, Mankey, Primeape, Lombre, Gligar
After completing the mission
Wurmple, Ekans
After completing Story Mode
Oddish, Vigoroth, Gloom, Slaking

Mission 5: Clear The Rockfalls

  • Client: Spenser
  • Description: The Go-Rock Squad has blocked the Krokka Tunnel by causing rockfalls inside. It must be reopened immediately because it is one of Fiore's major traffic arteries.
  • Boss: Camerupt
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Magnemite, Bellsprout, Diglett, Poliwag, Paras, Geodude, Magneton, Machop, Spinarak, Zubat, Poliwhirl, Kirlia, Graveler, Hariyama
After completing Story Mode
Taillow, Blaziken, Torkoal, Parasect, Machamp, Dugtrio

Mission 6: The Wayward Wanderer

  • Client: Old Man
  • Description: A senior citizen has wandered into the deepest part of the Lyra Forest where humans rarely set foot. The citizen needs to be rescued as soon as possible. Take care not to get lost yourself!
  • Boss: Murkrow
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Torchic, Mudkip, Pichu, Bellsprout, Chikorita, Zigzagoon, Marshtomp, Cyndaquil, Jigglypuff, Beedrill, Phanpy, Ivysaur, Wartortle, Ninjask, Spinarak, Taillow, Pikachu, Weepinbell, Swellow, Quilava, Meowth, Venusaur, Hoppip, Beautifly, Nincada
After completing Story Mode
Linoone, Bulbasaur, Combusken, Scyther, Swampert, Typhlosion, Scizor, Victreebel, Shedinja, Murkrow

Sub-Mission 1: Three Challenges? And...

Sub-Mission 2: Save the Jungle Relic

Mission 7: Investigate The Factory

  • Client: Prof. Hastings
  • Description: The Dusk Factory was discovered being run by the Go-Rock Squad to produce wicked Stylers for their misdeeds. Accompany Prof. Hastings and shut it down!
  • Boss: Scizor
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Meowth, Voltorb, Makuhita, Magneton, Growlithe, Magnemite, Pinsir, Wingull, Machoke, Scyther, Ludicolo, Mr. Mime, Houndoom, Pichu
Disappears during blackout
Appears during blackout
After completing Story Mode
Kecleon, Haunter, Porygon

Sub-Mission 3: Find the Aquamole's Parts

  • Description: The creaky, submersible Aquamole can be made seaworthy again, but only if the missing parts are found. Join a mechanic and search for the missing parts in the jungle!
  • Boss: Gyarados
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Treecko, Silcoon, Wurmple, Slakoth, Electrike, Beautifly, Ariados, Venonat, Manectric, Bayleef
After completing Story Mode
Oddish, Meganium, Phanpy

Mission 8: Aquamole To The North

From beginning of mission
Snorunt, Jynx, Golbat, Whismur, Pikachu, Raichu, Medicham, Solrock, Wobbuffet, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Dusclops, Piloswine, Glalie, Swinub, Loudred, Sneasel, Golem
After completing Story Mode
Absol, Exploud, Crobat

Mission 9: Hideout Infiltration

  • Client: Elita
  • Description: Pinpoint as soon as possible the entrance to the Go-Rock Squad Base, which is somewhere in the Sekra Range. Support Spenser in his bid to recover the Super Styler!
  • Boss: 1.Charizard 2.Camerupt 3.Slaking 4.Scizor 5.Tyranitar
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Nuzleaf, Quilava, Poliwhirl, Pikachu, Piloswine, Arbok, Kangaskhan, Sneasel, Shiftry, Raichu, Swablu, Golem, Tangela, Magikarp, Gligar, Swampert, Ralts, Magneton, Mankey, Wurmple, Electabuzz, Blaziken, Graveler, Croconaw, Taillow, Metang, Machamp
After completing the mission
Seedot, Larvitar, Pupitar
After completing Story Mode
Altaria, Gardevoir, Snorlax, Vileplume, Beldum, Metagross, Tyranitar, Gastly

Mission 10: Fiore Temple

Special Mission: Search the Safra Sea

  • Client: Joel
  • Description: At Fall City harbor, there's been some strange whirlpools spotted! Investigate to see what's the cause.
  • Boss: Kyogre
  • Available Pokémon: No Pokémon can be caught for assistance in this mission.

Special Mission: Summerland Rescue Duo

  • Client: Cameron
  • Description: Solana/Lunick has been assigned to investigate what is going on at the Ancient Ruins, but hasn't returned! Find her/him and discover why this is happening!
  • Boss: Groudon
  • Available Pokémon:
From beginning of mission
Numel, Magmar, Manectric, Rhydon, Electrike, Graveler, Houndoom, Poliwrath, Beldum, Slugma, Magcargo, Charmander, Charmeleon, Tangela, Sceptile
After completing mission
After completing Story Mode

Special Mission: The Temple's Sinister Shadows?

Ranger Net Mission 1: Gain Deoxys's Trust?!

Ranger Net Mission 2: Rescue Celebi!

Ranger Net Mission 3: Find Mew, The Mirage!

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Rookie mission: Soothe Pokémon on the beach!

  • Client: Beach boy
  • Description: Calm down the wild Pokémon which are surrounding his girlfriend.
  • Boss: N/A

Mission 1: Deliver Vien Tribune!

  • Client: Barlow
  • Description: Join Crawford and deliver the Vien Tribune to all people in Vientown and Chicole village.
  • Boss: N/A

Mission 2: Investigate the Marine Cave!

  • Client: Barlow
  • Description: Join Crawford and look for the source of the strange noises in the Marine Cave.
  • Boss: N/A

Mission 3: Fight the Vien Forest fire!

  • Client: Barlow
  • Description: Join Luana to put out the fire in Vien Forest.
  • Boss: N/A

Mission 4: Destroy the Strange Machines!

  • Client: Barlow
  • Description: Join Luana and destroy the Strange Machines in Pueltown.
  • Boss: Toxicroak

Mission 5: Recover a Key from Sharpedo!

  • Client: Brook
  • Description: Brook needs company out to the open seas and you need to help retrieve his keys underwater when a Sharpedo took the keys.
  • Boss: N/A

Mission 6: Seek the Origin of the Quake!

  • Client: Barlow
  • Description: After meeting with old friend Isaac, he shows Altru Inc. building and 3rd president of the company, Blake Hall. En route to Vien Town after visiting the Ranger Union with Barlow, you hear loud tremors. Find out what could it possibly be.
  • Boss: Rampardos

Mission 7: Teach at Ranger School!

  • Client: Barlow
  • Description: New students at the Ranger School got a chance to meet a Pokémon Ranger and it is up to you to be the teacher since Barlow went off to a mission.
  • Boss: N/A

Mission 8: Look for Missing Barlow!

  • Client: Barlow
  • Description: Barlow has suddenly gone missing in Boyleland and it is up to you to find him in the volcanic caves.
  • Boss: Drapion

Mission 9: Support Sven at the Ruins!

  • Client: Sven
  • Description: You have been promoted as a Top Ranger as well as Keith and Rhythmi is a Top Operator. Top Ranger Sven calls and you have to help him in Chroma Ruins.
  • Boss: Spiritomb

Mission 10: Get the Blue Gem!

  • Client: Ranger Union
  • Description: It's time to go to Hia Valley as the Almia Castle holds the Blue Gem that can weaken the dark shard.
  • Boss: 1.Froslass 2.Lucario

Mission 11: Get the Red Gem!

  • Client: Ranger Union
  • Description: The dark shard is still not weakened and you got sent to find the Red Gem in Boyleland. Keith has gone to Haruba Desert to find the Yellow Gem.
  • Boss: 1.Infernape 2.Heatran

Mission 12: Rescue Wailord!

  • Client: Boat driver
  • Description: En route to the Haruba Desert to help Keith find the Yellow Gem, geysers were shooting out and you need to find out what is going on underwater as a Wailord is being harnessed. Help Wailord out.
  • Boss: Kingdra

Mission 13: Reveal the Hideout's Secrets!

  • Client: Boat driver
  • Description: With Wailord free and as a friend, they give chase to the Dim Sun grunts who Pokénapped Wailmer after a failure of capturing Wailord. Find and free the Wailmer.
  • Boss: Gliscor

Mission 14: Get the Yellow Gem!

  • Client: Ranger Union
  • Description: Finally arriving at the Haruba Desert, you enter the Hippowdon Temple to find the Yellow Gem and Keith, who you lost contact with. Suddenly you got a voicemail from Keith with an odd voice. Go and find Keith as well as the Yellow Gem.
  • Boss: 1.Cresselia 2.Magnezone

Mission 15: Protect the Ranger Union HQ!

  • Client: Ranger Union
  • Description: Sven has brought information about Team Dim Sun's hideout at the oil rig and Altru Inc. dark secret until Team Dim Sun raids the Ranger Union. It's up to the Rangers and you to protect the Ranger Union.
  • Boss: 1.Electivire 2.Garchomp

Mission 16: Execute Operation Brighton!

  • Client: Pokémon Rangers
  • Description: The final mission of the game, you and the Rangers are to invade the Altru Tower and get the 3 Gems near the Shadow Crystal and put a stop to Team Dim Sun's plan. With only 1 Gem in hand, it's up to you and Keith to invade from the inside while the other Rangers from the outside. If not, all Pokémon of the Almia region will be under control of Altru President Blake Hall, the boss of Team Dim Sun.
  • Boss: 1.Rhyperior 2.Magmortar 3.Gallade 4. Rhyperior, Magmortar and Gallade 5.Dusknoir 6.Darkrai

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Mission 1: Drive the Pinchers out of the woods!

Mission 2:Salvage the Sunken UFO!

  • Client: Nema
  • Description: The player must travel on Lapras to the ocean and find the Pincher's UFO that sunk to the sea floor and prevent the oil leak.
  • Boss: N/A

Mission 3: Liberate the Wireless Tower!

Mission 4: Investigate the Old Mansion!

Mission 5: Rescue Summer/Ben!

Mission 6: Foil Blue Eyes' Plan!

Mission 7: Protect Moltres!

Mission 8: Appease Suicune's Wrath!

Mission 9: Chase Red Eyes!

Mission 10: Rescue Nema and Leanne!

Mission 11: Solve the Mysteries of Tilikule Island!

  • Client: Leanne
  • Description: The player must go all around the Oblivia region and light the small monuments that are actually parts of Amun's poem.
  • Boss: Latios/Latias

Mission 12: Protect Zapdos!

Mission 13: Destroy the Fortress Barrier!

Mission 14: Protect the Peace of Oblivia!

Post Story

Mission 15: Calm the Sky's Rage!

Mission 16: Rescue Blue Eyes!

  • Client: Pinchers
  • Description: The player must go to the Eastern Sea to rescue Blue Eyes.
  • Boss: Lugia

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