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A Ranger Base in Almia

A Ranger Base (Japanese: レンジャーベース Ranger Base) is where a team of Pokémon Rangers meets to discuss Ranger Missions. Every Ranger Base has a Save Machine inside and an Operator who will recharge a Ranger's Capture Styler. Pokémon Rangers often use a Ranger Base as their home. Area Rangers meet at Ranger Bases before embarking on Missions, while Top Rangers congregate at the Ranger Union to the northwest of Pueltown.

In the Fiore region, there are four Ranger Bases: Ringtown, Fall City, Summerland, and Wintown. The Rangers working in each of these cities report to these bases after patrolling to receive their Missions and to converse with their Leader or the other Rangers.

In the Almia region, there is only one Ranger Base, which is located in Vientown. This is where the player is initially stationed upon graduation from the Ranger School, working alongside Barlow, Crawford, Luana, Elaine, and an unnamed Operator. There are many other Area Rangers throughout Almia and four Ranger Depots in different locations.

The Oblivia region does not have any Ranger Bases. Instead of reporting to a Base, Rangers take orders directly from the Ranger Union or others.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 保育家基地 Bǎoyùjiā Jīdì
France Flag.png French Base Ranger
Germany Flag.png German Ranger-Basis
Italy Flag.png Italian Centro Ranger
Spain Flag.png Spanish Base Ranger

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