Safra Sea

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Safra Sea サフラのうみ
Safra Sea
Map description
Due to the quirky ebbs and flows of the tide, Pokémon on the seafloor can be seen.*
This area, known as a place of secrets, remains largely unexplored.*
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Fall City
Safra Sea

Fiore Safra Sea Map.png
Location of Safra Sea in Fiore.
Pokémon world routes

Safra Sea (Japanese: サフラのうみ Safra Sea) is the sea to the south of Fiore in Pokémon Ranger. Once Lapras is befriended, it will allow Rangers to ride across the sea, allowing for travel between Fall City and Summerland.

During Mission 8, the player briefly visits the Safra Seafloor in the Aquamole, which eventually emerges at the southern entrance of Panula Cave. This area is unrevisitable due to the Aquamole only containing fuel for one trip.

MC Fisher runs the Marine Capture Challenge on an area of the sea near Summerland. The aim of the capture challenge is to capture as many Pokémon as possible in under three minutes. Points are earned depending on the rarity of each captured Pokémon. Poké Assists can not be used. Cameron is a frequent challenger and holds the initial high score of 3,500.


This is a listing of the Pokémon found in the Marine Challenge, with their point values, and, if applicable, conditions that must be met for the Pokémon to appear.

  • BulbasaurPsyduck - 1600 points (for Psyduck to appear, player must first capture 2 Starmie)
  • BulbasaurMagikarp - 100 points
  • BulbasaurGyarados - 2300 points (for Gyarados to appear, player must first capture 5 Magikarp in the post-game)
  • BulbasaurHorsea - 400 points (for Horsea to appear, player must first see the game credits roll)
  • BulbasaurSeadra - 800 points (for Seadra to appear, player must first see the game credits roll)
  • BulbasaurGoldeen - 300 points
  • BulbasaurSeaking - 700 points (for Seaking to appear, player must first capture 2 Goldeen)
  • BulbasaurStaryu - 200 points
  • BulbasaurStarmie - 600 points (for Starmie to appear, player must first capture 2 Staryu)
  • BulbasaurRemoraid - 200 points
  • BulbasaurOctillery - 500 points
  • BulbasaurMantine - 1500 points (for Mantine to appear, player must first capture 4 Remoraid)
  • BulbasaurKingdra - 2300 points (for Kingdra to appear, player must first capture 2 Horsea)
  • BulbasaurPelipper - 2301 points (for Pelipper to appear, player must first beat the high score)
  • BulbasaurCarvanha - 200 points
  • BulbasaurSharpedo - 400 points
  • BulbasaurWailmer - 2200 points (for Wailmer to appear, player must first capture 2 Seaking)
  • BulbasaurLuvdisc - 700 points (for Luvdisc to appear, player must be at least 1 minute into the challenge)

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