Olive Jungle

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Olive Jungle オリブジャングル
Olive Jungle
Olive Jungle
Connecting locations
North Jungle Relic
South Summerland
West None
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Location of Olive Jungle in Fiore

Olive Jungle (Japanese: オリブジャングル Olive Jungle) is a jungle in the Summerland island in the south of Fiore. It is the location of the fourth numbered mission in Pokémon Ranger, as well as a few minor missions. The Jungle Relic can be found within the jungle.

The Summerland Tourism Bureau has put up signs throughout the jungle.

The aim of the first visit to the Olive Jungle is to rescue Percy's Politoed, which has been captured by a Go-Rock Squad grunt. After the grunt causes various trouble, Politoed is recaptured for Percy at the entrance to the Jungle Relic. Later in the game, a man with a phobia of bugs must be escorted through an area of Bug Pokémon to retrieve the parts for a machine to gain access to Panula Cave. This mission is ended by calming a rampaging Gyarados. In the third Ranger Net mission, a Mew must be captured in the jungle to prove that Percy is not a liar.

Wild Pokémon

This is a listing of the Pokémon found in Olive Jungle after the credits:

Pokémon Assist Field Loops
023 Ekans Poison None 5
043 Oddish Grass Cut 5
044 Gloom Grass None 8
048 Venonat Poison None 3
056 Mankey Fighting Crush 5
057 Primeape Fighting Crush Crush 10
130 Gyarados * Water None 11
151 Mew * Psychic None 18
153 Bayleef Grass Cut Cut 11
154 Meganium Grass Crush Crush Crush 25
167 Spinarak Bug None 3
168 Ariados Bug None 6
186 Politoed * Water Soak Soak Soak 7
207 Gligar Ground Cut 5
214 Heracross Fighting Tackle Tackle Tackle 8
231 Phanpy Ground Tackle 5
252 Treecko Grass Cut 4
253 Grovyle Grass Cut Cut 5
265 Wurmple Bug None 3
266 Silcoon Bug None 8
267 Beautifly Flying None 7
270 Lotad Water Soak 3
271 Lombre Water Soak Soak 6
272 Ludicolo Water None 8
287 Slakoth Normal Cut 6
288 Vigoroth Normal Cut Cut 12
289 Slaking Normal Crush Crush Crush 17
309 Electrike Electric Recharge 3
310 Manectric Electric Recharge Recharge 7

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