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Ringtown リングタウン
Ring Town
Connecting locations
North Lyra Forest
South None
West None
East Kisara Plains
Location of Ringtown in Fiore

Ringtown (Japanese: リングタウン Ring Town) is a small town in Fiore. It is the home of the Ringtown Ranger Base run by Spenser. This town's Ranger Base is where the player is stationed for duty. There are a total of nine Rangers currently working here.

This town in the video games is located in western Fiore, connected to Lyra Forest to the north, and the Kisara Plains grassland capture challenge to the east.

One resident, Larry, owns a Taillow, and this Taillow is what starts the player's first mission, The Rookie mission.

Missions 1, 5, and 6 also begin here.

Ringtown Rangers


Ringtown's total population is 19. Ringtown's Ranger Base is staffed by nine full-time members, including the player. The citizens of Ringtown number at 10.

In the manga

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Ringtown in Mobilize!! Pokémon Ranger

In the Mobilize!! Pokémon Ranger manga

Ringtown appeared in Mobilize!! Pokémon Ranger.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 春臨鎮 Chūnlín Zhèn
France Flag.png French Printiville
Germany Flag.png German Ringstadt
Italy Flag.png Italian Borgovera
Spain Flag.png Spanish Villavera

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