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This is a list of glitches in the Generation III Pokémon games.

Some glitches are found on separate pages:

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen

Evolution move-learning script bug

If the player presses both A and B buttons during the same frame on the "Delete a move to make room for {move}?" message screen after their Pokémon evolves, the "Stop learning {move}?" message screen is loaded as a full black screen, making it invisible. The game behaves normally otherwise but the graphics are only properly reloaded after the player presses the A button.

In the Western localizations of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the red focus rectangle can be seen on the black screen. This does not occur in the Japanese versions or in any release of Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald since a black focus arrow is used instead.

This behavior is not seen in non-evolution scenarios because the games use other procedures for the move-learning sequence.[1]

By ChickasaurusGL

Held item loss glitch

If Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, or Haunter is traded while holding any item, that Pokémon will evolve as expected, but its held item will be permanently lost.

This glitch also applies to Everstones. If any of these Pokémon is holding an Everstone when traded, it will still evolve, and the Everstone will be lost.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

256× item selling price bug

When selling at least 256 of an item, even though the Poké Mart states the correct price, for every 256, because the number sold only takes the lower byte, the total price is actually counted as $0, and the player loses $2560 for every multiple of 256 (just like tossing them). For example, selling 999 Berries gives $2310 (0 for 768, +2310 for 231). This is normally only possible with Berries because they are the only items that the player can hold more than 99 of in one Bag slot, although through cheating the bug can be performed with other items as well.

By ChickasaurusGL

Berry glitch

Main article: Berry glitch

This bug is exclusive to earlier copies of the games as it was fixed in Japanese and European versions 1.1 and in English versions 1.2.

Diploma bug

While checking for National Pokédex, the game doesn't properly check for ownership of Chikorita and Treecko; while Treecko is properly checked for the Hoenn Pokédex, Chikorita is not needed for the diploma.[2]

By ChickasaurusGL

Strain 0 Pokérus

Main article: Pokérus → Generation_III

In Ruby and Sapphire only,[3] X values of 0 and 8 do occur naturally, whereas in Pokémon Emerald onward, the RNG does not allow them to occur at all.

Strain 0 does not behave normally, as it only sets the value for "days until cured" to 1, it has no visual indication that a Pokémon is infected, does not boost the amount of EV the infected Pokémon receives, and leaves no trace of having been infected when cured, even permitting the previously infected Pokémon to be re-infected by Strain 0, or other non-glitched strains of Pokérus (X values 1 through 15). It cannot infect Pokémon already infected with Pokérus, or cured from a non-0 strain of Pokérus.

Strain 0 also persists through trade and transfer to other games, as long as the "days until cured" value does not fall from from 1 to 0 as a result of being in the player's party when the date changes or the internal clock passes midnight.

Yellow Scarf bug

In Japanese Ruby and Sapphire, a Pokémon with at least 200 points in the Smartness condition will be able to receive both the Green Scarf and Yellow Scarf (normally for having at least 200 points in Toughness) even if the Pokémon's Tough condition isn't high enough. For a Pokémon with only 200 points in Smartness, speaking to the Slateport City Pokémon Fan Club Chairman once would give out the Green Scarf and speaking to him again would give out the Yellow Scarf.

By ChickasaurusGL

Pokémon Emerald

Battle Tower cloning glitch

Main article: List of cloning glitches#Generation III

Pomeg glitch

Main article: Pomeg glitch

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

All languages

Celadon City meeting location glitch

If the player is currently in the Celadon Department Store, any Pokémon met in Celadon City will have its meeting location displayed in the summary as the Celadon Department Store. The meeting location will appear as Celadon City if the player is not in that store. For instance, this glitch affects the gift Eevee, the Pokémon obtained as prizes from the Rocket Game Corner, and any Pokémon hatched in Celadon City.

Similarly, if a Pokémon was originally met in the Celadon Department Store (which is possible if an Egg hatches there), this meeting location will be correctly displayed as Celadon Department Store when the player is in the store, or it will be shown as Celadon City when the player is elsewhere.

English language

Opening sequence oversight

In English versions 1.0, the word "PRESENTS" is not shown in the Game Freak logo part of the opening sequence despite the graphics data being present in the ROM. This was fixed in English versions 1.1.

Pokédex category oversight

In the English version 1.0 release, if a Pokémon category has two words, the Pokédex will mistakenly only display the first word. For example, while Beedrill's category is "Poison Bee Pokémon", it is listed in-game as "Poison Pokémon". Internal data lists categories as in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, so the game likely reads the space in the category name as a terminator. This was corrected in version 1.1 of the English versions, which is the one distributed in the Player's Choice release.


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