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Adventure Guide
Expedition Rules
Bag Adventure Guide Sprite.pngBag Adventure Rules Sprite.png
Adventure Guide
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet
Introduced in Generation VI
Generation VI Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items (XY)
Generation VII Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VIII Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items (SwSh)
Generation IX Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items

The Adventure Guide (Japanese: たんけんこころえ Expedition Rules), known as the Adventure Rules prior to Generation VIII, is a Key Item introduced in Generation VI. It gives the player information about the basics of the game and other available features.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


When used, the player will read the Adventure Rules.

In Pokémon X and Y, it is a set of ten beginner Trainer tips written by the player's rival, Calem (if the player is female) or Serena (if the player is male).

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, it gives the player information about how to save the game and how to access the Town Map.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, it allows the player to review tutorial screens previously shown to the player.


Pokémon X and Y
Adventure Rule No. 1
Open the menu with the X Button!
Adventure Rule No. 2
Record your progress with SAVE!
Adventure Rule No. 3
Throw Poké Balls to catch Pokémon!
Adventure Rule No. 4
Weaken Pokémon you want to catch!
Adventure Rule No. 5
Use battles to help your Pokémon grow!
Adventure Rule No. 6
Heal your Pokémon at Pokémon Centers!
Adventure Rule No. 7
Buy more items than you think you need!
Adventure Rule No. 8
Talk to everyone you meet for information!
Adventure Rule No. 9
When you get lost, check your Town Map!
Adventure Rule No. 10
Enjoy your journey with your Pokémon!
Pokémon Sword and Shield
Tip Description
Adventure Guide Open the X menu by pressing the X Button!
You can save your progress by selecting Save from the X menu!
You can also check your location and your next destination by selecting the Town Map.
And you can check this Adventure Guide anytime you want in the Key Items section of your Bag.
Y-Comm Y-Comm offers many ways to connect with other players! You'll be welcome to swap Pokémon, take part in Pokémon battles, and more! There's never a shortage of things to do!
When stamps arrive in Y-Comm while you're out on your adventure, it means that other Trainers are around and looking for someone to connect with. Press the Y Button to see who's around!
Normally, you can use Y-Comm to connect with people close-by. But if you press the + Button and connect to the internet, you'll be able to connect with people around the world!
Select a stamp that shows the silhouette of a Pokémon on it, and you'll be able to team up with your fellow Trainers to battle Pokémon!
Cooking at Camp Cook up a fine curry while out camping by selecting ingredients and Berries of your liking! Your curries will get more delicious if you choose to do things like using rare ingredients or adding lots of Berries, too.
Once you start cooking, fan the flames with your fan to keep things hot enough, and stir things up with your ladle to keep 'em moving. Only don't go overboard—you don't want to spill! The last step will be to add a bit of soul into it at just the right timing, and you'll have made a masterpiece for your Pokémon to enjoy!
After you finish cooking, it'll be time for everyone to dig in together. Eating a tasty curry can have a number of effects on the Pokémon that are at your camp, including restoring their HP and making them feel more friendly toward you!
Pokémon Camp In your Pokémon Camp, you and your Pokémon can play together and even eat together, growing closer through the experience! If your Pokémon grow very close to you, they may even try extra hard for you during battle!
You can play using your Joy-Con, too! If you slide your Joy-Con off your system, you can wave one about to throw a ball for your Pokémon to retrieve or wave a Poké Toy for their delight. If you waggle that Poké Toy, you might even entice Pokémon hanging out farther back in your camp to come play!
When you set up camp in the Wild Area, you'll be able to play with up to three other Trainers at a time. All kinds of people and Pokémon might stumble upon your camp, even those you've never met before, so get to know them as you play together!
Pokémon Dens The pillars of red light you'll see in the Wild Area mark Pokémon Dens. Dynamax Pokémon dwell in these dens, and you'll be able to battle them by investigating the den. You can start the battle on your own or get up to three other players to help you out!
The Dynamax Phenomenon In the Galar region, Pokémon can become far larger than usual in certain places. This transformation is called "Dynamaxing." Press the Dynamax button when your Dynamax Band lights up to Dynamax your Pokémon.
Your Pokémon can only Dynamax for three turns! During that time, your Dynamax Pokémon can use extremely powerful moves known as Max Moves. These Max Moves not only deal tremendous damage—they can also trigger special effects! The exact effect changes depending on the type of the move used. Choose carefully when to Dynamax your Pokémon, and smash your way to victory!
Max Raid Battles Defeat a Dynamax Pokémon, and you'll get a chance at catching it! Additionally, there are some rare items that you can only obtain by battling Dynamax Pokémon!
When wild Pokémon Dynamax, they become incredibly powerful. They may unleash multiple moves in a row and take other actions you won't see in a regular battle. Working together with other Trainers will be key as you take on these Dynamax Pokémon together as a team of four.
The Flying Taxis If you use the Flying Taxi service, one of their well-trained Corviknight will have you zipping across the Galar region to your desired destination in no time at all! Just open up the X menu, and use the Town Map to choose where you want to go!
Pokémon Boxes You can keep extra Pokémon in your Pokémon Boxes. You've got your own Boxes in the Pokémon storage system, which you can access at the Rotom Information terminals (Rotomi) found in Pokémon Centers everywhere. You can retrieve Pokémon from your Boxes at any Rotomi you visit, too!
The Pokémon Box Link You can use the Pokémon Box Link to access your Pokémon Boxes while you're on the road. You'll be able to add Pokémon to your party or transfer Pokémon from your party to a Box.
You can access your Boxes by selecting Pokémon from the X menu and then pressing the R button.
Poké Jobs Pokémon are in high demand as helpers in the Galar region, and you're able to send your own Pokémon out to help out on jobs! The Pokémon you send out will grow stronger from the experience they gain!
The job postings will be updated every day. Good things will begin to happen if you send lots of Pokémon to many jobs, so keep an eye out for new postings and help out as much as you can!
Pokémon League Cards Show off your achievements by making a League Card! You can customize your card using the Card Maker found at every Pokémon Center. Doing so will also update your card with all your latest information!
Trainers all have their own League Cards, and you can swap cards with other Trainers that you connect with using communication features. You can view all the League Cards you've collected by checking out your album, which you can find in the League Card option of the X menu.
The Gym Challenge The Gym Challenge is an event in which aspiring Trainers travel around the Galar region to try to collect Gym Badges from eight of its Gyms. To earn a Gym Badge, you have to complete that Gym's mission and also defeat its Gym Leader.
Fishing If you see shadows in the water, you'll likely find Pokémon lurking beneath them. Face such a shadow and press the A button to cast your line and try to fish up a catch! If your Fishing Rod shakes, press the A button once more to reel in a Pokémon. Try fishing wherever you spot these shadows!
The Isle of ArmorVersion 1.2.0+ You have an Armor Pass! Show it to the rail staff at Wedgehurst Station if you want to visit the Isle of Armor. You'll be able to set out on a new adventure where you can catch rare Pokémon and grow with your team!
The Crown TundraVersion 1.3.0+ You have a Crown Pass! Show it to the rail staff at Wedgehurst Station if you want to visit the Crown Tundra, a land where many mysteries lurk within. New adventures await there, and the blanketing snow hides Legendary Pokémon of yore!
Dynamax AdventureVersion 1.3.0+ Form a team of four Trainers, and set off to explore the mysterious Max Lair. See if you can find the Legendary Pokémon said to await you in the deepest part of this unusual den!
To take part in a Dynamax Adventure, you must borrow a single Pokémon to accompany you. Get things started by having each Trainer select the Pokémon they will take with them on their adventure.
As you explore this den, you'll come to branches in your path. Decide as a team which way to go. When you come across a Dynamax Pokémon, it'll be time for a Max Raid Battle! Catch the Pokémon, and you can swap it with the one you have if you think it'll help you press on into the depths of the den.
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Tip Description
Your Adventure Guide You can press the X Button to open the main menu.
Select the Save option from this menu to save all the progress you've made on your adventure so far.
When you open up your Bag, you'll find some Key Items inside, including your Adventure Guide.
Check it out whenever you want to review handy tips like these that you receive along your adventure!
Your Rotom Phone The handy Rotom Phone is a popular item used throughout the Paldea region! Adding apps to it gives a Trainer access to a variety of useful functions.
Using the map app, you can find useful information about the Paldea region. If you move the map cursor over your own icon and then move the Right Stick from side to side, you'll rotate your own view along with the map. Handy for getting yourself oriented!
You can use the Left Stick to move the magnifying glass around the map and find locations. Select a location by pressing the A Button, and you can set it as your next destination.
The Flying Taxi service can take you to some places you've visited before. Places that you can fly to are indicated with a feather mark. Try taking a flight!
New Rotom Phone FeaturesVersion 2.0.1+ Press the L Button or R Button while the map app is open to switch between different maps.
Flying Taxis will take you to any location with a feather mark—even if your destination is in another region!
Match Your Phone CaseVersion 3.0.0+ The upper and lower frames of compatible apps can be set to match the design of the phone case you have on your Rotom Phone. Give it a whirl with different Rotom Phone cases to try a new look!
Opening your Pokédex Press the – Button to open the Pokédex app on your Rotom Phone in a flash!
You can also navigate to your Pokédex by pressing the X Button from the map app.
The Pokédex App Battle or catch Pokémon to compile volumes in your Pokédex app—with fancier covers for Pokémon you've caught. Open up your Pokédex to view all the volumes you've collected on a digital shelf and check out what rewards you can earn by pressing the X Button!
Press the + Button when looking at a Pokémon you've registered in your Pokédex, and you can check that Pokémon's habitat to learn more about where they can be found and when they're active. Explore different areas as you adventure, and meet tons of Pokémon!
Your Pokémon Boxes You can keep six Pokémon in your party at once. Any other Pokémon can be sent to your Pokémon Boxes for safekeeping.
From the main menu, you can select your Boxes to open them up. From there, choose Pokémon to swap in and out of your current team.
Crouching You can use the B Button to crouch. When you're crouched down low in tall grass, it will become harder for wild Pokémon to notice you.
If you can get close to a Pokémon without it noticing you and then throw a Poké Ball using the ZR Button, you can catch it off guard. You'll be able to act first in the battle, giving you a nice advantage!
Catching Pokémon You can try to catch a wild Pokémon you are battling by pressing the X Button and throwing a Poké Ball.
When you're having a hard time catching a Pokémon, try to deal damage to it before throwing another Poké Ball. That should give you a better chance of success!
Battling against Wild Pokémon The Pokémon you see wandering around in tall grass, caves, and elsewhere are wild Pokémon. When you run into a wild Pokémon, a Pokémon battle will begin!
You can also start a battle by looking toward a wild Pokémon and throwing one of your Poké Balls at it by using the ZR Button! Try this tactic out to battle Pokémon that are up in trees or flying in the sky!
Auto Heal The Auto Heal feature will automatically select items from your Bag and use them to heal your Pokémon. To use Auto Heal, highlight the Pokémon you want to heal from the main menu and press the – Button.
Auto Heal will use up items in the following order:
1. Potions
2. Fresh Waters
3. Soda Pops
4. Super Potions
5. Lemonades
6. Moomoo Milks
7. Hyper Potions
Let's Go! Pressing the R Button is a quick and easy way to tell your lead Pokémon, "All right, buddy—Let's Go!" Once you give the go-ahead, your Pokémon will set out on its own to battle nearby Pokémon or pick up items it finds in the area.
When your Pokémon is low on energy—which happens when its HP is low—it won't be able to go exploring on its own. So if your Pokémon gets weak, try to heal it up with a Potion or some other item!
When your Pokémon starts a battle while exploring on its own, you won't need to give any orders. It can battle on its own with Auto Battles, meaning that you can keep searching the area for new discoveries while watching over it from nearby.
Auto Battles will be decided by the strength and the types of the Pokémon taking part in the battle, so keep that in mind when you're choosing which of your Pokémon to send out on its own!
Photo-Taking TipsVersion 3.0.0+ If you press the Left Stick, any of the Pokémon you've let out of their Poké Balls will stay put and wait for your signal. This is a handy trick for setting up the perfect Pokémon photo op.
Locking On If you press the ZL Button, you can lock on to a nearby Pokémon—meaning you'll keep your sights set on it. Once you're locked on, throwing a Poké Ball with the ZR Button will let you start a battle with the Pokémon you were aiming for.
New Lock-On FunctionalityVersion 3.0.0+ If you lock on to a Pokémon using the ZL Button, you can now see information about the Pokémon's gender, its size, and whether it has a mark—but only if it's a species you've caught before!
Mass Outbreaks You may sometimes see Pokémon icons on your map. When you do, it means you may be able to find those Pokémon in that area, so try to search them out!
Remembering Moves If Pokémon skip learning moves or forget old moves, they can learn them again! Open the main menu, select a Pokémon, then select Check summary. On the status screen, go to the Moves and Stats tab to check your Pokémon's moves and help it remember some!
The TM Machine To make TMs, you'll need to gather up materials from Pokémon and earn League Points, or LP. The range of TMs you can make will expand as you pick up new TMs or receive them from others during your adventure.
New TM Machine FeaturesVersion 3.0.0+ While viewing TMs on the TM Machine, you can press the X Button to select a Pokémon currently in your party and filter only for moves that Pokémon can learn.
Terastallizing Here in the Paldea region, Pokémon can crystallize through a strange phenomenon. The people call this Terastallizing. You can Terastallize your Pokémon by selecting the TERASTALLIZE! button in battle.
When a Pokémon Terastallizes, its type changes to its Tera Type. Moves of the same type as this Tera Type will become much more powerful than usual.
After Terastallizing a Pokémon once, you won't be able to Terastallize a Pokémon again until you heal up at a Pokémon Center, so use this strategy wisely to seize victory in battles!
The Stellar Tera TypeVersion 3.0.0+ Stellar-type Terastallization grants a boost to moves—but only once per move type. After you use a move, no other moves of that same type will get the boost. In Tera Raid Battles, all moves will be boosted without limit.
Wild Tera Pokémon You cannot catch a Pokémon while it's Terastallized.
You'll need to reduce its HP to break through its transformation first—only then can you try to catch it.
Crystals All around Paldea, you may spot gleaming crystals emitting brilliant beams of light. If you investigate one, you'll be able to take on a Tera Raid Battle and try to defeat a powerful Tera Pokémon.
Tera Raid Battles In Tera Raid Battles, you'll work together with other Trainers to battle powerful Tera Pokémon. You can battle alongside faraway friends while you're in Online Mode or nearby friends while you're in Offline Mode.
These battles will pit you against Tera Pokémon with rare Tera Types. If you and your allies can work together to defeat the Tera Pokémon, you'll have a chance to catch it and also get special items.
The Rules of Tera Raid Battles In a Tera Raid Battle, you'll try to defeat a Tera Pokémon within a time limit. If your Pokémon is knocked out, it will be revived after a while—but you'll also take a time penalty, so try to avoid letting your Pokémon faint, if you can!
You can also perform a special action in Tera Raid Battles: cheering! By cheering for your side, you can do things like boosting the stats of the Pokémon on your side of helping them recover their health. You can perform cheers three times per battle.
Star Barrage Send your Pokémon out with the R Button to try to defeat a set number of Team Star's Pokémon before time runs out! When you're taking on the challenge of a Star Barrage, you can have three Pokémon out at the same time.
You lose in a Star Barrage if all your Pokémon get too worn out to battle or if time runs out.
If one of your Pokémon can no longer battle, you can help it recover HP by using a vending machine. If you decide you want to give up before time runs out, press the Y Button.
The Camera App You can start up the camera app by pressing the Down Button. Move the camera about freely to snap shots of all kinds of places and Pokémon you see!
When you have the camera app open, press the Y Button to flip the camera around and take photos of yourself. Press it again to return the camera to normal.
When you want to take fancy or funny photos, try pressing the Left Button or the Right Button to change filters!
New Camera App FeaturesVersion 2.0.1+ Press the Down Button while taking a selfie to change your expression. Press the Down Button after using an emote to change your expression without changing your pose. Combine emotes and expressions to set up shots that are uniquely yours!
You can play music while taking photos with the camera app by pressing the ZL Button or ZR Button. Give it a try—you may find that the Pokémon you let out of their Poké Balls react to the music too!
Photographs taken using the camera app are saved to your Nintendo Switch system. You can view your photos in the Album within the HOME Menu.
Photo EffectsVersion 3.0.0+ You can select effects to use on your photos by pressing the + Button while using the camera app.
You'll be able to see a preview of the effect while you line up your shot.
The Touch-Up FeatureVersion 3.0.0+ Using the touch-up feature, you can change the look of a photo you've taken using the camera app. Press the - Button when you have the camera app open to choose whether you want to use the touch-up feature or not.
The Roto-StickVersion 2.0.1+ Press the X Button while in selfie mode to use your Roto-Stick. The Roto-Stick adds some extra distance between you and the camera, making it easier to take photos with your friends and Pokémon.
Picnics You can enjoy picnics together with the Pokémon in your party. If you're playing in a group with friends through the Union Circle, you can also have picnics with friends.
You won't be able to set up a picnic table in the middle of a town or where there isn't enough space to get everything out—or on inclines, where things might go sliding off your table! Look for wide-open, level spots outside of towns when you want to have a picnic!
Making Sandwiches Try whipping up a delicious sandwich by piling you favorite ingredients up on sliced bread. If you're picnicking with friends, you can take part in sandwich prep together as well!
The sandwich ingredients and sandwich picks you need to put together a great sandwich can be bought at various shops found in towns and cities. Stock up on your favorite ingredients and picks, and see what you can create.
In Recipe Mode, ingredients are selected for you. All you have to do it skillfully arrange them on the bread to make the sandwich in the recipe. But if you drop and ingredient and don't get everything the recipe calls for, you may end up making something different.
Dig in to a nice meal at a restaurant or picnic, and you and your Pokémon can gain Meal Powers. Many Meal Powers have an associated type, meaning they'll only affect Pokémon of that type. The effects of a Meal Power will be impacted by what's in a given dish.
• Egg Power: More likely to find Pokémon Eggs
• Catching Power: More likely catches will succeed
Exp. Point Power: More Exp. Points gained
• Item Drop Power: More materials found after battle
• Raid Power: More rewards from Tera Raid Battles
Title Power: More likely to find Pokémon with titles
• Sparkling Power: More likely to find Shiny Pokémon
• Humungo Power: More likely to find large Pokémon
• Teensy Power: More likely to find small Pokémon
• Encounter Power: More likely to find certain types
Washing Your Pokémon When your Pokémon get dirty, you can give them a nice wash to have them looking fresh and clean. Doing so can have all kinds of nice benefits, including restoring their HP or making them feel more friendly toward you.
The Profile App If you select your Profile from the map app, you'll find various records from your adventure. You can also check your profile picture and Trainer icon.
Both your profile picture and your Trainer icon can be updated freely by taking photos with the camera app. Enjoy crafting a profile that's all your own!
Handy Functions to Remember There are all kinds of handy functions registered to your directional buttons. Check them out!
↑ Use emotes / ↓ Open camera app / ← Change outfit or look / → Check notices
Riding on KoraidonS/MiraidonV Press the + Button to jump onto KoraidonS/MiraidonV—you'll find you can get around more quickly.
When you're on Koraidon'sS/Miraidon'sV back, you can press the B Button to have it jump, allowing you to leap over obstacles in your path. Press the + Button again to get off of KoraidonS/MiraidonV and walk.
Dashing on KoraidonS/MiraidonV Now you can have KoraidonS/MiraidonV dash ahead by pressing the Left Stick. But watch out for trees when dashing at high speeds! If you strike a tree while dashing, Pokémon lurking up among the branches will fall down—allowing you to battle them.
Jumping High with KoraidonS/MiraidonV If you press and hold the B Button, KoraidonS/MiraidonV will now be able to jump higher than before.
If you give the B Button a quick press, it will perform a smaller jump instead.
Climbing with KoraidonS/MiraidonV If you press the B Button to jump while facing a wall, KoraidonS/MiraidonV will grab on to it, allowing you to climb up vertical surfaces. You can move in any direction you like while climbing by using the Left Stick. To let go of a wall, just press the B Button once more.
Gliding with KoraidonS/MiraidonV Press the B Button when you're in the air, and KoraidonS/MiraidonV will now glide for you. If you press the B Button once more, you'll stop gliding and immediately start falling!
Crossing Water with KoraidonS/MiraidonV KoraidonS/MiraidonV can now move across bodies of water, opening up new ways to get around.
If you press the B Button while you're on the water, KoraidonS/MiraidonV can even jump.
Flying with KoraidonS/MiraidonVVersion 3.0.0+ KoraidonS/MiraidonV can now freely fly through the air if you press the Left Stick while gliding. KoraidonS/MiraidonV will keep moving forward automatically while it's flying. If you press the Left Stick again, it will go back to gliding.
Changing Koraidon'sS/Miraidon'sV Form If you select KoraidonS/MiraidonV while the main menu is open, you can now have it change between its battle form and its ride form.
The Treasure Hunt The Treasure Hunt has finally begun! This special event is held by the academy to encourage students to set out on their own and learn for themselves. You're free to decide where you want to go as you search for a treasure all your own!
When You're Feeling Lost When you don't know where to go next, you can ask for help at any Pokémon Center. The staff there can give you tips about where you might want to try. Plus, they'll register their suggested destinations on your Rotom Phone for you.
The Union Circle Using the Union Circle, you can play together with friends as you adventure around Paldea!
If you want to play with nearby friends, you should leave your internet connection in Offline Mode. If you want to play with faraway friends, change to Online Mode. You can connect to or disconnect from the internet from within the Poké Portal.
When you want to invite friends to play together with you, form a group and then tell your friends the Link Code you set. When you want to join a friend's group, you'll need to enter the Link Code they share with you.
Just remember that you won't be able to take part in Link Battles, Link Trades, or Tera Raid Battles with anyone but your fellow group members while you're playing together as a group.
Link Trades You can trade Pokémon with your friends through Link Trades. Get started by agreeing on a Link Code with a friend. If you both enter the same Link Code, you should be able to find each other!
When your internet connection is set to Offline Mode, you can only trade with nearby friends. When it's set to Online Mode, you can trade with faraway friends.
Once you connect, you may see some Pokémon start to glow in your Boxes. Try trading them to your friend!
Surprise Trades With a Surprise Trade, you don't choose who you'll trade with or what you'll get. Just choose a Pokémon you're willing to part with from your Boxes, and your trade will be carried out automatically. You'll need an internet connection to use this feature.
The Judge Function While in your Boxes, you can press the + Button twice to navigate to and check the individual strengths inherent to your Pokémon.
Ogre Oustin'Version 2.0.1+ Ogre Oustin' is a traditional game that has been played in Mossui Town since long ago. Gather up lots of Berries and bring them to the Berry Tables to try to earn yourself a high score.
The playing field is dotted with Ogre Balloons in four different colors. Pop these balloons to collect the Berries inside them.
There are also four different colors of Berry Tables at your home base. Place one of your Berries on a matching table by getting close to it and pressing the A Button. Once you've managed to place the target number of Berries on these tables, you win!
From time to time, greedy Pokémon may gather around the Berry Tables, hoping to gobble up all your hard-earned Berries. If you let them, they'll eat until all your Berries are gone. Use the R Button to scare them off!
The Flying Time TrialVersion 3.0.0+ Try to reach the goal within the time limit by flying on Koraidon'sS/Miraidon'sV back! Passing through Magnemite rings will grant you extra time.
You can fly freely in any direction using the Left Stick:
• Move the Left Stick up to fly up
• Move the Left Stick down to fly down
• Move the Left Stick left or right to change direction
Blueberry Points (BP)Version 3.0.0+ Blueberry Points (commonly known as BP) are points that can be used to cash at Blueberry Academy. Use them to make purchases at the school store or the student cafeteria. You can also donate BP in the League Club room to support other clubs.
Blueberry Quests (BBQs)Version 3.0.0+ BBQs are special quests set up to support students' extracurricular pursuits within Blueberry Academy. If you can complete the quests sent to your Rotom Phone, you will receive BP (Blueberry Points).
You can check out which quests are currently available by pressing the Right Button when you are out and about.
A max of three quests will be displayed by default. Each time you complete a quest, a new one will be added to take its place—and every time you clear 10 quests, a special bonus quest will be unlocked!
You can also help your friends with their quests if you're all playing together in the Union Circle. Once a quest is completed, everyone who took part will receive the BP reward for that quest, so work together to clear as many as you can!
The Support BoardVersion 3.0.0+ Using the PC in the League Club room, you can help support the efforts of other clubs by donating BP to them. In return, you'll reap all kinds of rewards, such as new functions for your camera app or new ways to redecorate the clubroom.
Inviting Special CoachesVersion 3.0.0+ Using the PC in the League Club room, you can invite your friends and acquaintances from the Paldea region to visit Blueberry Academy as special coaches who you can talk to and battle with. You can have a max of two visitors over at a time.
The Item PrinterVersion 3.0.0+ The Item Printer is a device that allows you to turn materials that Pokémon drop into items you can use. You get one kind of item per print job, so think about how many print jobs to carry out each time you load the printer up!
The Synchro MachineVersion 3.0.0+ You can work in sync with the Pokémon that you have walking around with you! Hold down the L Button and then press the R Button to begin synchronizing. Just remember that the Synchro Machine only works in the Terarium.
Field Camera SettingsVersion 3.0.0+ You can now adjust how the camera moves while you are exploring the open world. These settings can be viewed under Options in the main menu.


Games Description
This book contains all the points a new Trainer needs to know on a journey. It was handmade by a kind friend.
SwSh A compact device that automatically collects and records advice when a Trainer is out on an adventure.
SV A mysterious and convenient notebook that contains all the advice a Trainer receives out on an adventure.


Games Method
XY Route 3 (from Calem/Serena upon arrival)
SwSh Postwick (in the Bag when obtained)
SV Cabo Poco (in the Bag when obtained)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 探險心得 Taamhím Sāmdāk
Mandarin 探險心得 / 探险心得 Tànxiǎn Xīndé
France Flag.png French ABC Aventure
Germany Flag.png German Abenteuerfibel
Italy Flag.png Italian Guida Avventura
South Korea Flag.png Korean 탐험수칙 Tamheom Suchig
Spain Flag.png Spanish Guía de Aventura*
Guía de Máximas*

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