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The Rotom Information service (Japanese: ロトムインフォメーション Rotom Information), or Rotomi (Japanese: ロトミ Rotomi), is a Rotom inhabiting an electronic device found in Galar. It replaces the PCs found in other regions and terminals can be found in every Pokémon Center.

Honey will order a Rotomi to be placed inside the Master Dojo after spending enough Watts to upgrade the dojo. However, it will not be operational until the player spends more Watts.



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Poké Jobs

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Card Maker

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In the anime

Rotomi in the anime

Rotomi debuted in Toughing It Out!, where it was seen at the Wyndon Pokémon Center.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 洛托米 Loktokmáih
洛托姆資訊站 Loktokmóuh Jīseunjaahm
Mandarin 洛托米 Luòtuōmǐ
洛托姆資訊站 Luòtuōmǔ Zīxùnzhàn *
洛托姆信息的机器 Luòtuōmǔ Xìnxī-de Jīqì *
France Flag.png French Infotisma
Germany Flag.png German Rotomina
Italy Flag.png Italian Rotomina
Punto Informazioni Rotom
South Korea Flag.png Korean 로토미 Rotomi
로토무 인포메이션 Rotomu Information
Russia Flag.png Russian Ротома-Инфо Rotoma-Info
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rotomi

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