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Example of titles displaying in battle

A title or special title is a phrase that can display after a Pokémon's name when it is sent out in battle. Titles were introduced in Generation VIII.

If a Pokémon has any mark or Ribbon, the title corresponding to it can be freely toggled on and off. Only one title can be active at a time. In Link Battles, any titles on the opposing team's Pokémon will display as well.


  • Nincada that evolve in Pokémon Sword and Shield only pass their ribbons and marks onto the Ninjask, leaving the Shedinja with no Ribbons or marks. However, a bug allows an equipped Ribbon or mark's Title to remain on the Shedinja despite not having the Ribbon/mark that grants it. This persists through trades, and even in Pokémon HOME, until the Title is unequipped or a different Ribbon/mark is selected.[1]
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