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PS521 : Triple Threat
Black & White arc
PS523 : The Power of Dreams
ゼクロムVSレシラム III
Zekrom VS Reshiram III
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 64 in Vol. 20
Kurokawa mini-volume Ch. 64 in Vol. 9
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 522 in Vol. 51
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 62 in Vol. 9
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location N's Castle

Homecoming (Japanese: ゼクロムVSレシラム III Zekrom VS Reshiram III or 理想 Ideals) is the 522nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Watching Black successfully command Reshiram, Black's allies share a proud moment before continuing their assault on the Seven Sages, who express surprise at the Trainers putting up such a fierce fight. Baker Chris affirms that their group resists Team Plasma because they love Pokémon, and Hiker Andy recalls how Black motivated him to start chasing his dream of competing in the Pokémon League again, justifying the need for Gym Leaders to set an example for him. The others likewise denounce Team Plasma's philosophy of Pokémon liberation, citing Black as the reason for reigniting their dreams.

With her Patrat and their usage of After You, Shoko gives The Riches Trish and her Heatmor an opening, using Flame Burst to blast through the Seven Sages. The Patrat rush up to the Gym Leaders and free them from their bindings, shocking the Seven Sages. Freed from captivity, the Gym Leaders join in the battle as Zekrom gets its second wind and attempts to fly away. Black gives pursuit, only to crash into the Elite Four as they take on the Forces of Nature. Caitlin reveals that she sighted Musha hovering around the stadium before the League began, and explains it was searching for a power source to evolve and it hadn't abandoned Black due to his dreams changing; she encouraged it to find Black and gave it a Moon Stone to evolve. She adds that N and Zekrom have disappeared into the top floor of the castle.

Waking up in N's room, White is greeted by Anthea and Concordia, who reveal Hood Man had brought her there and explain that the room is where N spent most of his childhood. They add that N released all his Pokémon save for Reshiram, but Gigi returned to the room instead. The two begin to recount N's history: as a boy, N was ostracized for his ability to hear the voices of Pokémon. Ghetsis adopted N and in the years that followed, forced N to listen to the voices of abused Pokémon to shape his convictions. Once N was convinced that Pokémon needed to be liberated, Ghetsis allowed N to go out into the world to spread Team Plasma's message, but N hadn't accounted for one thing: the "unsolvable puzzle" he encountered when he met Black and heard the voice of his Tepig, which said that he wanted to stay with Black. Eventually, N advised his Pokémon before releasing them: If they ever come across a Trainer they like, it's fine to stay with them. He also encouraged Gigi to make her own choice to pursue battles or performing.

As Black and N tussle in the castle's throne room, Andy's group discovers that the Seven Sages have slipped away in the chaos. Grimsley continues to pursue Hood Man, who remarks on Grimsley's reputation of caring only for himself, noting that the dealer appears to show concern for others. Grimsley insists that he's only operating out of self-interest, expressing his annoyance at Team Plasma's underground operations disrupting his card and roulette games. Before his Bisharp can unmask Hood Man, the villain speeds away on a shadow that Grimsley is unable to identify. In N's room, Gigi puts on a performance for White, Anthea and Concordia, affirming her decision to pursue show business again. White agrees to sign Gigi up as N's Pokémon before rushing off to find Black.

Despite dealing heavy blows to each other, neither Reshiram nor Zekrom are willing to surrender. Black tries to look for an opening before a second Zekrom makes its appearance. N is likewise surprised as Zekrom growls at its impostor, and the delay proves fatal as Black orders a Dragon Pulse that sends the real Zekrom and N flying back. Shocked at its subterfuge revealed, the fake Zekrom raises its Illusion, and N is shocked to see his Zorua. Black informs N that Zorua returned and tried to support N because it cares deeply for N. N finally comes to an understanding that both Zorua and Gigi willingly came back to him, but gently chides Zorua for disguising itself as Zekrom as the two share a hug.

Major events

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  • In the VIZ Media mini-volume release, this chapter's title was The Battle.

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PS521 : Triple Threat
Black & White arc
PS523 : The Power of Dreams
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