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PS461 : Fussing and Fighting
Black & White arc
PS463 : A Nickname for Tepig
VS Kurumiru
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 2 in Vol. 1
Kurokawa mini-volume Chapter 2 in Vol. 1
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 462 in Vol. 43
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 2 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Nuvema Town

Choices (Japanese: VS クルミル VS Sewaddle), titled VS Sewaddle in the Shogakukan Asia translation, is the 462nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the second chapter of the Black & White arc.

It is subtitled Journey (Japanese: 旅立 Journey) in the Shogakukan Asia translation.


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In Nuvema Town a mailman and his Herdier pick up a package from Professor Juniper's lab. As he prepares to deliver the package, a figure suddenly approaches him asking for the package. Surprised, the mailman knocks the figure to the ground, only to realize it is a young man named Black. Black receives the package from the mailman and opens it to reveal three Pokémon and Pokédexes inside of it.

Due to the cold he had gotten from sitting in the rain last night, Black sneezes and drops the package and its contents onto the ground. The Pokémon are released from their Poké Balls and Tepig and Snivy begin fighting again. Oshawott becomes angry again and it attacks the other two Pokémon. While Oshawott attacks Snivy, Tepig runs off with Black following it.

A shocked Professor Juniper arrives to find her lab's front door damaged and the two first partner Pokémon injured and two Pokédexes soaking wet. After asking what is going on, Professor Juniper is approached by Black's childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca, who ask her what happened. Bianca then gives Cheren a Snivy while taking Oshawott for herself.

Juniper sends out her Minccino to clean up the mess while they follow Tepig's tracks in the dirt. They eventually find Black trying to convince Tepig to get out of a tree because it's sulking after believing that it was ganged up on in the previous fight. Black tells Tepig that he has decided to choose it as his Pokémon, convincing it to go to him until they are attacked by a wild Pokémon.

While Cheren and Bianca worry about Black, Professor Juniper tells them that she will forgive Black for his previous irresponsibility if he can save himself alone. Black, unable to find the unseen attacker, commands his Musha to bite down on his head. Professor Juniper is immediately horrified at this, but Cheren quickly explains that Black is simply having Musha eat his dreams, clearing his head enough to find his attacker.

After piecing the clues together, Black exposes his attacker, a wild Sewaddle and looks up its information on the Pokédex. With Tepig's help, Black defeats the Sewaddle and officially takes it as his Pokémon. Having gained a new team member, Black decides to teach Tepig his daily routine, causing Cheren to immediately cover his ears. Black, Musha, and Brav loudly yell into the air their dream to beat the Pokémon League and they take off, leaving Professor Juniper, Cheren, and Bianca alone.

However, Cheren and Bianca announce that their Pokédexes are not working, causing Professor Juniper to realize that Black has the only one that works.

Major events

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  • In the original magazine printing of this chapter, only Cheren covered his ears in preparation for Black's loud yelling. In the volume version, Bianca does it as well.
    • This edit does not appear in the English version of the volume, suggesting that this chapter was directly taken from Pokémon Black and White volume 1.
  • To date, this chapter has been featured in three promotional samplers from VIZ Media: the San Diego Comic Con 2011 sampler, the movie 14 sampler, and the Free Comic Book Day 2015 sampler.

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PS461 : Fussing and Fighting
Black & White arc
PS463 : A Nickname for Tepig
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