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If you were looking for the non-damaging Rock-type move, see Sandstorm (move).
VS Kirikizan
Chapter Black & White
Collected in Vol. 46
Round number 481
Location Castelia Gate
Route 4
Previous Round At Liberty on Liberty Garden
Next Round To Make a Musical

Sandstorm (Japanese: VSキリキザン VS Kirikizan or 砂漠 Desert) is the 481st round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Black and White arrive here after finding their next target is Nimbasa City. However, the sandstorm proves to be quite dangerous, and as White runs off to go buy sandstorm gear, Black sits at the library to study for his next Gym battle. He quickly runs into a group of Workers taking a break, playing a game of card flip. After a brief chat, the person who organized the card flip points at a Drilbur in the site, and tells Black to guess which side of the line his Bisharp created the Drilbur will pop up next. However, after a Worker falls in the holes dug by Drilbur, the person organizing the game realizes that he must be a fake worker. After a short battle with his Maractus defeated by Bisharp, the fake worker's identity is revealed as a Team Plasma Grunt. Shortly after, Black figures out the person organizing the Drilbur game is Grimsley. He asks for a battle to get information, but if Black loses, his badges will be lost.

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