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Ms. Mismagius
Artwork of a Mismagius (Not me)
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown (Dyed Purple)
Hometown Pallet Town, Vaniville Town, Littleroot Town, Melemele Island
Region Kanto, Kalos, Hoenn, Alola
Relatives Father, Mother, Brother.
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation I, VI,VII
Games Yellow
X and Y
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Sun and Moon
Specializes in Ghost types (Mainly), Flying types (Yellow), Various (XY/ORAS)

About me

Hiya! I'm just a Mismagius freak, and Ghost-type Trainer, though I try to use other types to cover my weaknesses as well! I enjoy battling, But not against Dark-types. I'm also a bit of a completionist, I haven't actually filled my Pokédex yet, but I'm still trying, and I'm not planning to give up anytime soon.

I started playing Pokémon sometime around 2014, which was a big mistake, because there's so much I missed out on, Oh well! My first game was Pokémon X, It feels so long ago, back in the day when I hadn't memorized the type chart, and there was Pokémon I hadn't even heard of... However, I've always liked the Unova games much more, from the story to the Pokémon (This includes Vanilluxe). The next game I got was Omega Ruby. When I built my competitive team on this game, I was tempted to add Mismagius, but decided not to, mostly due to it's frailty and because I already had a Ghost-type on my team.

Then the original Red, Blue and Yellow was released on the 3DS, so I was very curious to find out how the old games were, and how it was back when Pokémon was brand new. I found the game decently difficult, especially Brock. One thing that bugged me was, Surprise, surprise, (It wasn't the Caterpies) That I couldn't evolve my Pikachu. I've always preferred Raichu over Pikachu, so it was a real shame that I couldn't evolve it. I ended up putting in the PC for all eternity.

And then Sun and Moon came around. I loved this game, However, I've still not managed to create a competitive team yet, so, guess what, it's currently mostly Ghost-types -_-.

Update! Woo! I think I have created the final team for Sun & Moon now, though I'm not entirely sure, hopefully it will do well in battle!


Note: You are allowed to copy my strategies if you like <3. But please credit me somehow if you use it publicly, and do not claim it as your own!

Pokémon Yellow

Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Main Team

Battle Royals

Mono Ice-type Team

Team Explanation

This is my first mono-type team, mono-type means that the team may only be one type, I think? Anyway, this is a full Ice-type team! So, I'll begin by explaining a bit about how the team works. Froslass is just a suicide lead, because it's too frail to do anything else, pretty much. It can set up Spikes, and bring down an opposing Pokémon with it with Destiny Bond, and weaken Physical attackers with Will-O-Wisp. Shadow Ball is mainly just to fill up that last move slot, I guess you can use it to take down a low health Pokémon if you're faster, but that's essentially it. Ninetales can set up Aurora Veil and Hail, and because the team is all Ice-type, it won't take any damage from the hail. Aurora Veil is pretty much both Reflect and Light Screen in one move, but only works in Hail. It can be helpful to halve the damage from opposing attacks, since Ice-types have a lot of weaknesses, and not that many resistances. Ninetales runs an evasion, stally kind of set, and can only use Toxic to take down opposing Pokémon, thus it is easily walled by Steel and Poison-types, it's main weaknesses, so beware of those. Vanilluxe is decently bulky, and can take down special attackers with Mirror Coat. In Hail it also gets a free Leftovers with Ice Body, and Weather Ball becomes a 100 base power move. This Vanilluxe set relies a lot on Hail so be sure to set that up beforehand, otherwise it's only attacking move will be Freeze-Dry. Cloyster is the bulky one, It can safely set up a Shell Smash, and reset the defense and special defense drops with its White Herb, and with Skill Link, Icicle Spear becomes a 125 base power move, if my calculations are correct :P. If you're facing an evasion set, you can use Smart Strike, a move that will never miss, unless the opposing Pokémon uses Fly or Dig. Mamoswine can set up Light Screen and Reflect, Bet you didn't expect to see those moves on a Mamoswine, yeah, me neither. Anyway, using these moves, your team will, again become even bulkier, I haven't tested if Reflect and Light Screen stacks with Aurora Veil or not yet, so you can try that out yourself if you want. And finally, Glaceon. Glaceon can use Rain Dance to prevent Fire-type moves, and can use Mirror Coat to take down special attackers. Frost Breath is STAB and will always land on a critical hit, so that means it's base power will be roughly 120, I think, and Shadow Ball is mainly just for coverage. I chose Glaceon because there aren't a lot of Ice-types in the Alola Region, and Crabominable is just to hideous to use. Sorry...