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Grass Club Emblem

The Grass Club (Japanese: グリーンクラブ Green Club) is a group of Trainers who use Grass-type Pokémon in Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is led by Nikki. It appears to be the female counterpart of the Science Club, because the Grass Club has only women and the Science Club has only men. Both clubs use Grass-type cards.

In the games

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Nikki is not initially present in her Club, one must defeat all of the other Club members to learn of her location. Once found, she will head back to the Club where she can be challenged as many times as the player wishes. Players who are able to beat Nikki will receive the Grass Medal and two booster packs.

Michael from the Fighting Club is initially found here. Once the player defeats him, he goes back to his club.

A Lass near the bookcase in the west room offers three trades with the player: first, she offers a Vileplume in exchange for an Oddish. Then, she offers a promotional Pikachu for a Clefairy. Then, she offers a Blastoise for a Charizard. Once she completes each trade, she only offers the next trade after player saves and resets the game.

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!

At the beginning of the game, the player can come here to challenge Brittany, who upon defeat reveals that Club Master Nikki is hiding at Mr. Ishihara's House. The player can then go there to acquire the Give In! Anti-GR2 Deck. The other Grass Club members are near Brittany, and will give the player one pack apiece if spoken to.

If the player is female, GR2 will appear in the main hall of the club for battle after receiving the deck from Nikki. After GR2's defeat, both the Grass Club and the Science Club are freed simultaneously. Initially, only Brittany will battle when everyone returns to the main room. When the Water Club is liberated, Kristin will also agree to battle. Once the GR Coin is completed, Nikki finishes building a new deck and will battle if asked.


Club Master

Name TCG GB1 Deck TCG GB2 Deck
TCG1 GrassMedal.png TCG2 Nikki.png Nikki Flower Power Deck MAX Energy Deck

Club Members

Name TCG GB1 Deck TCG GB2 Deck
TCG2 Kristin.png Kristin Flower Garden Deck Glittering Scales Deck
TCG2 Heather.png Heather Kaleidoscope Deck Steady Increase Deck
TCG2 Brittany.png Brittany Etc. Deck Remaining Green Deck
Poison Curse Deck


Game Lounge Lobby Main Hall
TCG GB1 TCG GB Club All Lounge.png TCG GB Club Grass Lobby.png TCG GB Grass Club.png
TCG GB2 TCG GB2 Club Grass Lounge.png TCG GB2 Club Grass Lobby.png TCG GB2 Club Grass Main.png

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese グリーンクラブ Green Club
France Flag.png French Cercle Plante
Germany Flag.png German Pflanzenclub
Italy Flag.png Italian Club Erba
Spain Flag.png Spanish Club Hoja

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