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The Airport (Japanese: エアポート Airport) is a location found in the game Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!. There are actually two locations with this name; one on the TCG Island and one on the GR Island. On TCG Island, the airport is located on the lower-east side, while on GR Island the airport is located on the green lower-west island. When first entering the TCG airport, an NPC will be blocking the side door to a blimp. The player can travel between the two airports by riding the blimp, when they have first collected all four pieces of the GR Coin.


TCG Island

Game Lobby Boarding Area
GB2 TCG2 Airport Lobby.png TCG2 Airport Boarding Area.png

GR Island

Game Lobby Boarding Area
GB2 TCG2 GR Airport Lobby.png TCG2 GR Airport Boarding Area.png

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