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TCG Island artwork
TCG Island in Pokémon Card GB 2

TCG Island is an island found in Pokémon Trading Card Game and its sequel, Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!. It is the home of Mark and Mint as well as Dr. Mason. Since TCG Island is known to have no or very few wild Pokémon, moving between different locations is much faster than in most of the other regions. Its location in relation to other regions is unknown.

Places of interest


  • TCG Island resembles the real-life island of Ireland.

In other languages

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Language Title
France Flag.png French TCG Island
Germany Flag.png German TCG Island
Italy Flag.png Italian Isola GCC

TCG Islands
Grass Medal Science Medal Fire Medal Water Medal Lightning Medal Psychic Medal Rock Medal Fighting Medal
TCG Island
Fighting ClubFire ClubGrass ClubLightning Club
Psychic ClubRock ClubScience ClubWater Club
Other locations
AirportChallenge HallMason LaboratoryIshihara's HousePokémon Dome
GR Island
GR Bases
GR Grass FortGR Lightning FortGR Fire FortGR Water Fort
GR Fighting FortGR Psychic StrongholdColorless AltarGR Castle
Other locations
AirportChallenge HallGame CenterMr. Ishihara's VillaSealed Fort

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