Mr. Ishihara's House

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Mr. Ishihara's House (Japanese: Mr.イシハラの家 Mr. Ishihara's House) is a location found in Pokémon Trading Card Game and its sequel, Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!. In Pokémon Card GB, Mr. Ishihara is often found here, willing to trade some of his cards with the player. After the player has traded all set trades, Mr. Ishihara leaves to search for rare cards called Phantom Cards. Nikki, the Club Master of the Grass Club, can also be found here in one point of the game. Ronald also can be found here, strengthening his deck, after the player has defeated him for the final time. In the Virtual Console release, the player character is no longer able to interact with the bookshelf due to the bookshelf referencing the Phantom Cards.

In Pokémon Card GB 2, Mr. Ishihara has returned to make more trades with the player.


TCG GB Ishiharas House.png TCG GB2 Ishihara House.png


  • In Pokémon Trading Card Game, Mr. Ishihara's house has the same theme music as the Mason Laboratory and the overworld. In Pokémon Card GB 2, however, it has its own unique theme music.
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