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Ishihara's House (Japanese: Mr.イシハラの家 Mr. Ishihara's House), initially displayed as ??'s House (Japanese: ??の家 ??'s House) in the first game, is a location found in Pokémon Trading Card Game and its sequel, Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

In Pokémon Trading Card Game, this house is initially empty and its name is displayed as "??'s House". According to a note written on a bookshelf in his house, Ishihara has left to search for rare cards called Phantom Cards. In the Virtual Console release, the player character is no longer able to interact with the bookshelf because the Phantom Cards have become unavailable due to the lack of Card Pop!.

Talking to any of these people causes Ishihara to become available at his house:

  • The Woman near the potted plant at the corner of the west room of the Rock Club.
  • The Lad near the potted plant at the corner of the west room of the Science Club.
  • The Chap near the PC at the west room of the Fire Club.

Once the player saves and resets the game, then talks again with any of the three people mentioned above, Ishihara becomes available to trade cards and the name of his house changes to "Ishihara's House". After each trade, the player has to save and reset the game and talk to any of these three people once more if they want to trade with Ishihara again.

If the player defeats the three Club Members of the Grass Club, the Club Master Nikki appears at Ishihara's house. If the house's name was still shown as "??'s House" and Ishihara was still unavailable, the full house name appears but Ishihara does not become available at this point. You still need to talk to one of the other people for him to appear.

Trade Required card and event
TCG1 P06 Flying Pikachu.png Flying Pikachu Ditto
TCG1 P07 Surfing Pikachu.png Surfing Pikachu Clefable
TCG1 P08 Surfing Pikachu.png Surfing Pikachu Chansey
Defeat the Grand Masters and the Champion

After Ishihara trades these three cards, Ishihara leaves the house again and does not return. The aforementioned Woman from the Rock Club and the Lad from the Science Club say that Ishihara has left in search of a rare card.

Ronald can be found here, strengthening his deck, after the player has defeated him for the final time.

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!

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In Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!, the full name "Mr.イシハラの家" (Mr. Ishihara's House) is displayed and Ishihara is available at his house since the beginning. After the player has defeated Fort Leader Kamiya at the GR Fighting Fort, Ishihara begin to moves to his villa, but returns to his house randomly.

Trade Required card and event
TCG2 P14 Flying Pikachu.png Flying Pikachu Clefairy
Earn GR Coin's second fragment
TCG2 P41 Togepi.png Togepi Clefable
TCG2 P09 Marill.png Marill Dragonite
TCG2 P16 Surfing Pikachu.png Surfing Pikachu Moltres
TCG2 P15 Surfing Pikachu.png Surfing Pikachu Articuno
Acces to the GR Island
TCG2 P13 Flying Pikachu.png Flying Pikachu Zapdos
Defeat Biruritchi
TCG2 P45 Bill PC.png Bill's PC Dark Dragonite

After Ishihara trades these seven cards, he moves again to his villa and challenges the player in a duel with his Very Rare Card Deck.


TCG GB Ishiharas House.png TCG GB2 Ishihara House.png


In other languages

  • Ishihara's House
Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese Mr.イシハラの家 Mr. Ishihara's House
France Flag.png French Maison d'Ishihara
Germany Flag.png German Ishiharas Haus
Italy Flag.png Italian Casa di Ishihara
Spain Flag.png Spanish Casa de Ishihara
  • ??'s House
Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ??の家 ??'s House
France Flag.png French Maison de??
Germany Flag.png German ??s Haus
Italy Flag.png Italian Casa di ???
Spain Flag.png Spanish Casa de ¿?

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