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A Club is type of place in the video games Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!.


It is similar to a Gym in a way that there are eight Clubs and they give out Master Medals after defeating the Club Master, just like how Gyms give out Badges after defeating the Gym Leader. One difference is that the player can challenge any club in any order. Each club has a west and north room, with the north room being the main battling area. The west room of each club always has a Battle Center, Gift Center, and a PC. The Battle Center allows you to battle another player, but you need to use a Link Cable. The Gift Center allows you to receive or send cards or deck configurations. In order to perform either of these actions, both consoles need need to be positioned close to each other. The PC can be used to access your card album, read mail, or open the game's glossary. You can also print cards and deck configurations, but you need a Game Boy Printer to do so.

The eight clubs are:

TCG Islands
Grass Medal Science Medal Fire Medal Water Medal Lightning Medal Psychic Medal Rock Medal Fighting Medal
TCG Island
Fighting ClubFire ClubGrass ClubLightning Club
Psychic ClubRock ClubScience ClubWater Club
Other locations
AirportChallenge HallMason LaboratoryIshihara's HousePokémon Dome
GR Island
GR Bases
GR Grass FortGR Lightning FortGR Fire FortGR Water Fort
GR Fighting FortGR Psychic StrongholdColorless AltarGR Castle
Other locations
AirportChallenge HallGame CenterMr. Ishihara's VillaSealed Fort
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