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The Challenge Hall (Japanese: チャレンジホール Challenge Hall) is a location found in Pokémon Trading Card Game and its sequel, Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!. Tournaments, known as the Challenge Cup (Japanese: チャレンジカップ Challenge Cup) are regularly held in Challenge Hall, in which winners are awarded with rare promotional cards. A small yellow door is present at the back of the Challenge Hall, but does not open under any circumstances. It may have been intended to lead to a storage room that remains unused in the game data. It was removed in Pokémon Card GB2.

In Pokémon Trading Card Game

When a player enters the Challenge Hall when the Challenge Cup is occurring, they are brought on stage and seated at a table. There, players are challenged by three consecutive opponents, which are Club Members chosen at random from the eight Clubs in the game. The first and second times the player participates in the Challenge Cup, the third opponent is always Ronald.

The Challenge Cup will automatically start at certain points in the player's adventure, with a specific prize guaranteed at that time. If a player obtains another Master Medal without participating in the Challenge Cup, the Cup will end and the promotional card will be missed (although it is still possible to obtain later after all the pre-set Challenge Cups have come and gone).

After all of the pre-set Challenge Cups have come and gone, and once the player has defeated the Grand Masters, the Challenge Cup can occur at any time. Every time the player loads their save file, there is a chance that the Challenge Cup will be happening, although the exact chance of this happening is not currently known. If the player wins the Challenge Cup, they will receive a random Promotional Card (excluding the Legendary Cards and the Phantom Cards).

Required event Prize
Obtain three Master Medals Mewtwo
Obtain six Master Medals Mew
Defeat the Grand Masters Arcanine


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TCG TCG GB Club All Lounge.png TCG GB Challenge Hall Lobby.png TCG GB Challenge Hall.png
GB2 TCG GB2 Challenge Hall Lounge.png TCG GB2 Challenge Hall Lobby.png TCG GB2 Challenge Hall Main.png

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