Mr. Ishihara's Villa

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The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.

Mr. Ishihara's Villa (Japanese: Mr.イシハラの別荘 Mr. Ishihara's Villa) is a location found in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!. After the player has defeated Fort Leader Kamiya at the GR Fighting Fort, Ishihara begins to move back and forth from his house and his villa randomly.

Six bookcases contain information regarding Card Pop!, Phantom Cards, Dark Pokémon, Biruritchi, Special Energy card, and Coin.

After all his trades have been completed, Ishihara moves again to the villa and challenges the player in a duel with his Very Rare Card Deck. This event happens randomly and, when it occurs, Ishihara sits next to the table in the first room. When defeated, Ishihara rewards the player two random booster packs. The player can duel Ishihara as many times as they want until the game is reset.

Rui is often a guest of Ishihara. She is in search of new deck strategies and thinks that Ishihara's books can help her.


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