List of items by index number (Generation III)

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Each item has an index number that identifies it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way they are stored in the Generation III Game Boy Advance games.

Before Generation IV, the index number for a given item is not consistent between generations. For example, the Moon Stone in Generation II is index 8, but in Generation III it is index 94.


Rows highlighted in red indicate items introduced in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, while rows highlighted in green were introduced in Pokémon Emerald.

# Hex Bag Item
000 0x0000 None Nothing
001 0x0001 Master Ball Master Ball
002 0x0002 Ultra Ball Ultra Ball
003 0x0003 Great Ball Great Ball
004 0x0004 Poké Ball Poké Ball
005 0x0005 Safari Ball Safari Ball
006 0x0006 Net Ball Net Ball
007 0x0007 Dive Ball Dive Ball
008 0x0008 Nest Ball Nest Ball
009 0x0009 Repeat Ball Repeat Ball
010 0x000A Timer Ball Timer Ball
011 0x000B Luxury Ball Luxury Ball
012 0x000C Premier Ball Premier Ball
013 0x000D Potion Potion
014 0x000E Antidote Antidote
015 0x000F Burn Heal Burn Heal
016 0x0010 Ice Heal Ice Heal
017 0x0011 Awakening Awakening
018 0x0012 Paralyze Heal Parlyz Heal
019 0x0013 Full Restore Full Restore
020 0x0014 Max Potion Max Potion
021 0x0015 Hyper Potion Hyper Potion
022 0x0016 Super Potion Super Potion
023 0x0017 Full Heal Full Heal
024 0x0018 Revive Revive
025 0x0019 Max Revive Max Revive
026 0x001A Fresh Water Fresh Water
027 0x001B Soda Pop Soda Pop
028 0x001C Lemonade Lemonade
029 0x001D Moomoo Milk III Moomoo Milk
030 0x001E Energy Powder EnergyPowder
031 0x001F Energy Root Energy Root
032 0x0020 Heal Powder Heal Powder
033 0x0021 Revival Herb Revival Herb
034 0x0022 Ether Ether
035 0x0023 Max Ether Max Ether
036 0x0024 Elixir Elixir
037 0x0025 Max Elixir Max Elixir
038 0x0026 Lava Cookie Lava Cookie
039 0x0027 Blue Flute Blue Flute
040 0x0028 Yellow Flute Yellow Flute
041 0x0029 Red Flute Red Flute
042 0x002A Black Flute Black Flute
043 0x002B White Flute White Flute
044 0x002C Berry Juice Berry Juice
045 0x002D Sacred Ash Sacred Ash
046 0x002E Shoal Salt Shoal Salt
047 0x002F Shoal Shell Shoal Shell
048 0x0030 Red Shard Red Shard
049 0x0031 Blue Shard Blue Shard
050 0x0032 Yellow Shard Yellow Shard
051 0x0033 Green Shard Green Shard
052 0x0034 unknown unknown
053 0x0035 unknown unknown
054 0x0036 unknown unknown
055 0x0037 unknown unknown
056 0x0038 unknown unknown
057 0x0039 unknown unknown
058 0x003A unknown unknown
059 0x003B unknown unknown
060 0x003C unknown unknown
061 0x003D unknown unknown
062 0x003E unknown unknown
063 0x003F HP Up HP Up
064 0x0040 Protein Protein
065 0x0041 Iron Iron
066 0x0042 Carbos Carbos
067 0x0043 Calcium Calcium
068 0x0044 Rare Candy Rare Candy
069 0x0045 PP Up PP Up
070 0x0046 Zinc Zinc
071 0x0047 PP Max PP Max
072 0x0048 unknown unknown
073 0x0049 Guard Spec. Guard Spec.
074 0x004A Dire Hit Dire Hit
075 0x004B X Attack X Attack
076 0x004C X Defense X Defend
077 0x004D X Speed X Speed
078 0x004E X Accuracy X Accuracy
079 0x004F X Sp. Atk X Special
080 0x0050 Poké Doll Poké Doll
081 0x0051 Fluffy Tail Fluffy Tail
082 0x0052 unknown unknown
083 0x0053 Super Repel Super Repel
084 0x0054 Max Repel Max Repel
085 0x0055 Escape Rope Escape Rope
086 0x0056 Repel Repel
087 0x0057 unknown unknown
088 0x0058 unknown unknown
089 0x0059 unknown unknown
090 0x005A unknown unknown
091 0x005B unknown unknown
092 0x005C unknown unknown
093 0x005D Sun Stone Sun Stone
094 0x005E Moon Stone Moon Stone
095 0x005F Fire Stone Fire Stone
096 0x0060 Thunder Stone Thunderstone
097 0x0061 Water Stone Water Stone
098 0x0062 Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
099 0x0063 unknown unknown
100 0x0064 unknown unknown
101 0x0065 unknown unknown
102 0x0066 unknown unknown
103 0x0067 Tiny Mushroom TinyMushroom
104 0x0068 Big Mushroom Big Mushroom
105 0x0069 unknown unknown
106 0x006A Pearl Pearl
107 0x006B Big Pearl Big Pearl
108 0x006C Stardust Stardust
109 0x006D Star Piece Star Piece
110 0x006E Nugget Nugget
111 0x006F Heart Scale Heart Scale
112 0x0070 unknown unknown
113 0x0071 unknown unknown
114 0x0072 unknown unknown
115 0x0073 unknown unknown
116 0x0074 unknown unknown
117 0x0075 unknown unknown
118 0x0076 unknown unknown
119 0x0077 unknown unknown
120 0x0078 unknown unknown
121 0x0079 Orange Mail Orange Mail
122 0x007A Harbor Mail Harbor Mail
123 0x007B Glitter Mail Glitter Mail
124 0x007C Mech Mail Mech Mail
125 0x007D Wood Mail Wood Mail
126 0x007E Wave Mail Wave Mail
127 0x007F Bead Mail Bead Mail
128 0x0080 Shadow Mail Shadow Mail
129 0x0081 Tropic Mail Tropic Mail
130 0x0082 Dream Mail Dream Mail
131 0x0083 Fab Mail Fab Mail
132 0x0084 Retro Mail Retro Mail
133 0x0085 Cheri Berry Cheri Berry
134 0x0086 Chesto Berry Chesto Berry
135 0x0087 Pecha Berry Pecha Berry
136 0x0088 Rawst Berry Rawst Berry
137 0x0089 Aspear Berry Aspear Berry
138 0x008A Leppa Berry Leppa Berry
139 0x008B Oran Berry Oran Berry
140 0x008C Persim Berry Persim Berry
141 0x008D Lum Berry Lum Berry
142 0x008E Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry
143 0x008F Figy Berry Figy Berry
144 0x0090 Wiki Berry Wiki Berry
145 0x0091 Mago Berry Mago Berry
146 0x0092 Aguav Berry Aguav Berry
147 0x0093 Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry
148 0x0094 Razz Berry III Razz Berry
149 0x0095 Bluk Berry Bluk Berry
150 0x0096 Nanab Berry III Nanab Berry
151 0x0097 Wepear Berry Wepear Berry
152 0x0098 Pinap Berry Pinap Berry
153 0x0099 Pomeg Berry Pomeg Berry
154 0x009A Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry
155 0x009B Qualot Berry Qualot Berry
156 0x009C Hondew Berry Hondew Berry
157 0x009D Grepa Berry Grepa Berry
158 0x009E Tamato Berry Tamato Berry
159 0x009F Cornn Berry Cornn Berry
160 0x00A0 Magost Berry Magost Berry
161 0x00A1 Rabuta Berry Rabuta Berry
162 0x00A2 Nomel Berry Nomel Berry
163 0x00A3 Spelon Berry Spelon Berry
164 0x00A4 Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry
165 0x00A5 Watmel Berry Watmel Berry
166 0x00A6 Durin Berry Durin Berry
167 0x00A7 Belue Berry Belue Berry
168 0x00A8 Liechi Berry Liechi Berry
169 0x00A9 Ganlon Berry Ganlon Berry
170 0x00AA Salac Berry Salac Berry
171 0x00AB Petaya Berry Petaya Berry
172 0x00AC Apicot Berry Apicot Berry
173 0x00AD Lansat Berry Lansat Berry
174 0x00AE Starf Berry Starf Berry
175 0x00AF Enigma Berry Enigma Berry
176 0x00B0 unknown unknown
177 0x00B1 unknown unknown
178 0x00B2 unknown unknown
179 0x00B3 Bright Powder BrightPowder
180 0x00B4 White Herb White Herb
181 0x00B5 Macho Brace Macho Brace
182 0x00B6 Exp. Share Exp. Share
183 0x00B7 Quick Claw Quick Claw
184 0x00B8 Soothe Bell Soothe Bell
185 0x00B9 Mental Herb Mental Herb
186 0x00BA Choice Band Choice Band
187 0x00BB King's Rock King's Rock
188 0x00BC SilverPowder SilverPowder
189 0x00BD Amulet Coin III Amulet Coin
190 0x00BE Cleanse Tag Cleanse Tag
191 0x00BF Soul Dew Soul Dew
192 0x00C0 Deep Sea Tooth DeepSeaTooth
193 0x00C1 Deep Sea Scale DeepSeaScale
194 0x00C2 Smoke Ball Smoke Ball
195 0x00C3 Everstone Everstone
196 0x00C4 Focus Band Focus Band
197 0x00C5 Lucky Egg Lucky Egg
198 0x00C6 Scope Lens Scope Lens
199 0x00C7 Metal Coat Metal Coat
200 0x00C8 Leftovers Leftovers
201 0x00C9 Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
202 0x00CA Light Ball Light Ball
203 0x00CB Soft Sand Soft Sand
204 0x00CC Hard Stone Hard Stone
205 0x00CD Miracle Seed Miracle Seed
206 0x00CE Black Glasses BlackGlasses
207 0x00CF Black Belt Black Belt
208 0x00D0 Magnet Magnet
209 0x00D1 Mystic Water Mystic Water
210 0x00D2 Sharp Beak Sharp Beak
211 0x00D3 Poison Barb Poison Barb
212 0x00D4 Never-Melt Ice NeverMeltIce
213 0x00D5 Spell Tag Spell Tag
214 0x00D6 Twisted Spoon TwistedSpoon
215 0x00D7 Charcoal Charcoal
216 0x00D8 Dragon Fang Dragon Fang
217 0x00D9 Silk Scarf Silk Scarf
218 0x00DA Up-Grade Up-Grade
219 0x00DB Shell Bell Shell Bell
220 0x00DC Sea Incense Sea Incense
221 0x00DD Lax Incense Lax Incense
222 0x00DE Lucky Punch Lucky Punch
223 0x00DF Metal Powder Metal Powder
224 0x00E0 Thick Club Thick Club
225 0x00E1 Stick Stick
226 0x00E2 unknown unknown
227 0x00E3 unknown unknown
228 0x00E4 unknown unknown
229 0x00E5 unknown unknown
230 0x00E6 unknown unknown
231 0x00E7 unknown unknown
232 0x00E8 unknown unknown
233 0x00E9 unknown unknown
234 0x00EA unknown unknown
235 0x00EB unknown unknown
236 0x00EC unknown unknown
237 0x00ED unknown unknown
238 0x00EE unknown unknown
239 0x00EF unknown unknown
240 0x00F0 unknown unknown
241 0x00F1 unknown unknown
242 0x00F2 unknown unknown
243 0x00F3 unknown unknown
244 0x00F4 unknown unknown
245 0x00F5 unknown unknown
246 0x00F6 unknown unknown
247 0x00F7 unknown unknown
248 0x00F8 unknown unknown
249 0x00F9 unknown unknown
250 0x00FA unknown unknown
251 0x00FB unknown unknown
252 0x00FC unknown unknown
253 0x00FD unknown unknown
254 0x00FE Red Scarf Red Scarf
255 0x00FF Blue Scarf Blue Scarf
256 0x0100 Pink Scarf Pink Scarf
257 0x0101 Green Scarf Green Scarf
258 0x0102 Yellow Scarf Yellow Scarf
259 0x0103 Mach Bike III Mach Bike
260 0x0104 Coin Case Coin Case
261 0x0105 Itemfinder Itemfinder
262 0x0106 Old Rod III Old Rod
263 0x0107 Good Rod III Good Rod
264 0x0108 Super Rod III Super Rod
265 0x0109 S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket
266 0x010A Contest Pass Contest Pass
267 0x010B unknown unknown
268 0x010C Wailmer Pail Wailmer Pail
269 0x010D Devon Parts Devon Goods
270 0x010E Soot Sack Soot Sack
271 0x010F Basement Key III Basement Key
272 0x0110 Acro Bike III Acro Bike
273 0x0111 Pokéblock Case Pokéblock Case
274 0x0112 Letter Letter
275 0x0113 Eon Ticket Eon Ticket
276 0x0114 Red Orb III Red Orb
277 0x0115 Blue Orb III Blue Orb
278 0x0116 Scanner Scanner
279 0x0117 Go-Goggles III Go-Goggles
280 0x0118 Meteorite Meteorite
281 0x0119 Key to Room 1 Rm. 1 Key
282 0x011A Key to Room 2 Rm. 2 Key
283 0x011B Key to Room 4 Rm. 4 Key
284 0x011C Key to Room 6 Rm. 6 Key
285 0x011D Storage Key III Storage Key
286 0x011E Root Fossil Root Fossil
287 0x011F Claw Fossil Claw Fossil
288 0x0120 Devon Scope III Devon Scope
289 0x0121 TM Fighting TM01
290 0x0122 TM Dragon TM02
291 0x0123 TM Water TM03
292 0x0124 TM Psychic TM04
293 0x0125 TM Normal TM05
294 0x0126 TM Poison TM06
295 0x0127 TM Ice TM07
296 0x0128 TM Fighting TM08
297 0x0129 TM Grass TM09
298 0x012A TM Normal TM10
299 0x012B TM Fire TM11
300 0x012C TM Dark TM12
301 0x012D TM Ice TM13
302 0x012E TM Ice TM14
303 0x012F TM Normal TM15
304 0x0130 TM Psychic TM16
305 0x0131 TM Normal TM17
306 0x0132 TM Water TM18
307 0x0133 TM Grass TM19
308 0x0134 TM Normal TM20
309 0x0135 TM Normal TM21
310 0x0136 TM Grass TM22
311 0x0137 TM Steel TM23
312 0x0138 TM Electric TM24
313 0x0139 TM Electric TM25
314 0x013A TM Ground TM26
315 0x013B TM Normal TM27
316 0x013C TM Ground TM28
317 0x013D TM Psychic TM29
318 0x013E TM Ghost TM30
319 0x013F TM Fighting TM31
320 0x0140 TM Normal TM32
321 0x0141 TM Psychic TM33
322 0x0142 TM Electric TM34
323 0x0143 TM Fire TM35
324 0x0144 TM Poison TM36
325 0x0145 TM Rock TM37
326 0x0146 TM Fire TM38
327 0x0147 TM Rock TM39
328 0x0148 TM Flying TM40
329 0x0149 TM Dark TM41
330 0x014A TM Normal TM42
331 0x014B TM Normal TM43
332 0x014C TM Psychic TM44
333 0x014D TM Normal TM45
334 0x014E TM Dark TM46
335 0x014F TM Steel TM47
336 0x0150 TM Psychic TM48
337 0x0151 TM Dark TM49
338 0x0152 TM Fire TM50
339 0x0153 HM Normal HM01
340 0x0154 HM Flying HM02
341 0x0155 HM Water HM03
342 0x0156 HM Normal HM04
343 0x0157 HM Normal HM05
344 0x0158 HM Fighting HM06
345 0x0159 HM Water HM07
346 0x015A HM Water HM08
347 0x015B unknown unknown
348 0x015C unknown unknown
349 0x015D Parcel Oak's Parcel*
350 0x015E Poké Flute III Poké Flute*
351 0x015F Secret Key III Secret Key*
352 0x0160 Bike Voucher Bike Voucher*
353 0x0161 Gold Teeth III Gold Teeth*
354 0x0162 Old Amber Old Amber*
355 0x0163 Card Key III Card Key*
356 0x0164 Lift Key III Lift Key*
357 0x0165 Helix Fossil Helix Fossil*
358 0x0166 Dome Fossil Dome Fossil*
359 0x0167 Silph Scope III Silph Scope*
360 0x0168 Bicycle Bicycle*
361 0x0169 Town Map III Town Map*
362 0x016A Vs. Seeker VS Seeker*
363 0x016B Fame Checker Fame Checker*
364 0x016C TM Case TM Case*
365 0x016D Berry Pouch Berry Pouch*
366 0x016E Teachy TV Teachy TV*
367 0x016F Tri-Pass Tri-Pass*
368 0x0170 Rainbow Pass Rainbow Pass*
369 0x0171 Tea III Tea*
370 0x0172 MysticTicket MysticTicket*
371 0x0173 AuroraTicket AuroraTicket*
372 0x0174 Powder Jar Powder Jar*
373 0x0175 Ruby Ruby*
374 0x0176 Sapphire Sapphire*
375 0x0177 Magma Emblem Magma Emblem*
376 0x0178 Old Sea Map Old Sea Map*


Coming in to Generation III, the names of a few items were changed.

Generation II Generation III
Blackbelt Black Belt Black Belt
Elixer Elixir Elixir
Max Elixer Max Elixir Max Elixir
Exp.Share Exp. Share Exp. Share

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