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Items 375 and over

Spr RS Bird Keeper.png
TALK - 10:13, 9 October 2008 (UTC)
Emerald has additional Key Items that fit in this list from 375 onwards. Not sure how many there are yet, I know there's the Old Sea Chart but I'm seeing 375 in my bag's key item pocket when I examine my Emerald save file (I can't check on the game though at the mo) and it's definately not the Sea Chart.

I'll have a look at digging out the items and indexes from the game later.

Spr RS Bird Keeper.png
TALK - 16:21, 10 October 2008 (UTC)
I have added the last two, Emerald only, Key Items as well as an extra column showing which versions have the items present in code, though I should probably have added a note that it means in code rather than available in-game...

Link to Disambig

The link to the S.S. Ticket goes to the disambig. It should go to List of key items in Generation III#S.S. Ticket, but I'm too garbage with coding to know what to do. Can someone take care of this? Thanks. --P o L i 19:06, 6 December 2010 (UTC)

Done. For reference, change the name to "link location{{!}}name" and add a parameter 6 for the name of the sprite (without the Bag at the front or the Sprite.png at the end). Werdnae (talk) 19:15, 6 December 2010 (UTC)


what about their index numbers? I'd add but don't know how to get ~~ - unsigned comment from Icleario (talkcontribs)

I got some of them using XSE. I probably won't add them all but I'll add the ones I find during my hacking session. If you want to know how to do it, make a script with a 'giveitem3' command. Right now I know 0x63 is Lotad from Lanette ProClifo (talk) 09:46, 9 June 2015 (UTC)

A while ago, Chickasaurus and I worked out that the order they are stored in in the PC is the index number order. This is also the same order they appear in in the Ruby text dump (for obvious reasons). If you consider 0x00 to correspond to the blank space above the list of decoration names, the line numbers match up with the index values ProClifo determined. --SnorlaxMonster 12:33, 9 June 2015 (UTC)