List of cards featuring Shiny Pokémon

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This is the list of cards featuring Shiny Pokémon.


Shiny Pokémon have appeared in the TCG, first as Shining Pokémon in Neo Revelation and Neo Destiny, and later as Pokémon Star in EX Team Rocket Returns - EX Power Keepers. The Stormfront, Platinum, Supreme Victors and Arceus sets include three cards each with alternate coloration artwork and a reverse holo effect, but are not classified as an entirely separate rarity. Unlike Shining Pokémon and Pokémon Star, these newest alternate coloration cards are not limited by special gameplay and deckbuilding rules, and since the names of the cards are not changed to indicate the alternate coloration, they can be evolved into non-Shiny Pokémon.

Shiny versions of several Pokémon were also featured as secret rares in the Call of Legends expansion, as well from Next Destinies until Plasma Blast, and in VMAX Rising ownards. Special sets such as Shining Legends and Shiny Vault are also focused on Shiny Pokémon.

Sometimes, cards with Shiny Pokémon are tied to ongoing events in the games or anime, such as the Shiny Gengar distributed in October 2014, or the appearance of the Red Genesect in Genesect and the Legend Awakened.

List of cards

List of cards featuring Shiny Pokémon
Pokémon Type Card Expansion
Charizard Fire Shining Charizard Neo Destiny
Raichu Lightning Shining Raichu Neo Destiny
Magikarp Water Shining Magikarp Neo Revelation
Gyarados Water Shining Gyarados Neo Revelation
Kabutops Fighting Shining Kabutops Neo Destiny
Mewtwo Psychic Shining Mewtwo Neo Destiny
Mew Psychic Shining Mew Unnumbered Promotional cards
Noctowl Colorless Shining Noctowl Neo Destiny
Steelix Metal Shining Steelix Neo Destiny
Tyranitar Darkness Shining Tyranitar Neo Destiny
Celebi Grass Shining Celebi Neo Destiny
Charizard Darkness Charizard ☆ δ EX Dragon Frontiers
Pikachu Lightning Pikachu ☆ EX Holon Phantoms
Alakazam Psychic Alakazam ☆ EX Crystal Guardians
Gyarados Fire Gyarados ☆ δ EX Holon Phantoms
Vaporeon Water Vaporeon ☆ EX Power Keepers
Jolteon Lightning Jolteon ☆ EX Power Keepers
Flareon Fire Flareon ☆ EX Power Keepers
Mewtwo Psychic Mewtwo ☆ EX Holon Phantoms
Mew Water Mew ☆ δ EX Dragon Frontiers
Espeon Psychic Espeon ☆ POP Series 5
Umbreon Darkness Umbreon ☆ POP Series 5
Raikou Lightning Raikou ☆ EX Unseen Forces
Entei Fire Entei ☆ EX Unseen Forces
Suicune Water Suicune ☆ EX Unseen Forces
Celebi Grass Celebi ☆ EX Crystal Guardians
Treecko Grass Treecko ☆ EX Team Rocket Returns
Torchic Fire Torchic ☆ EX Team Rocket Returns
Mudkip Water Mudkip ☆ EX Team Rocket Returns
Metagross Metal Metagross ☆ EX Delta Species
Regirock Fighting Regirock ☆ EX Legend Maker
Regice Water Regice ☆ EX Legend Maker
Registeel Metal Registeel ☆ EX Legend Maker
Latias Colorless Latias ☆ EX Deoxys
Latios Colorless Latios ☆ EX Deoxys
Kyogre Water Kyogre ☆ EX Delta Species
Groudon Fighting Groudon ☆ EX Delta Species
Rayquaza Colorless Rayquaza ☆ EX Deoxys
Drifloon Psychic Drifloon Stormfront
Duskull Psychic Duskull Stormfront
Voltorb Lightning Voltorb Stormfront
Lotad Grass Lotad Platinum
Swablu Colorless Swablu Platinum
Vulpix Fire Vulpix Platinum
Milotic Water Milotic Supreme Victors
Relicanth Fighting Relicanth Supreme Victors
Yanma Grass Yanma Supreme Victors
Bagon Colorless Bagon Arceus
Ponyta Fire Ponyta Arceus
Shinx Lightning Shinx Arceus
Gyarados Water Gyarados HeartGold & SoulSilver
Raikou Lightning Raikou HGSS Black Star Promos
Entei Fire Entei HGSS Black Star Promos
Suicune Water Suicune HGSS Black Star Promos
Deoxys Psychic Deoxys Call of Legends
Dialga Metal Dialga Call of Legends
Entei Fire Entei Call of Legends
Groudon Fighting Groudon Call of Legends
Ho-Oh Fire Ho-Oh Call of Legends
Lugia Water Lugia Call of Legends
Palkia Water Palkia Call of Legends
Raikou Lightning Raikou Call of Legends
Rayquaza Colorless Rayquaza Call of Legends
Suicune Water Suicune Call of Legends
Emboar Fire Emboar Next Destinies
Zoroark Darkness Zoroark Next Destinies
Chandelure Psychic Chandelure Next Destinies
Hydreigon Darkness Hydreigon Next Destinies
Gardevoir Psychic Gardevoir Dark Explorers
Archeops Fighting Archeops Dark Explorers
Rayquaza Dragon Rayquaza BW-P Promotional*
Dragons Exalted
Reuniclus Psychic Reuniclus Dragons Exalted
Serperior Grass Serperior Dragons Exalted
Krookodile Darkness Krookodile Dragons Exalted
Golurk Psychic Golurk Boundaries Crossed
Terrakion Fighting Terrakion Boundaries Crossed
Altaria Dragon Altaria Boundaries Crossed
Charizard Fire Charizard Plasma Storm
Blastoise Water Blastoise Plasma Storm
Empoleon Water Empoleon Plasma Freeze
Sigilyph Psychic Sigilyph Plasma Freeze
Garbodor Psychic Garbodor Plasma Freeze
Garchomp Dragon Garchomp Plasma Freeze
Exeggcute Grass Exeggcute Plasma Blast
Virizion Grass Virizion Plasma Blast
Dusknoir Psychic Dusknoir Plasma Blast
Genesect Grass Genesect BW Black Star Promos*
BW Black Star Promos*
Gengar Psychic M Gengar-EX XY Black Star Promos
Metagross Metal Metagross-EX XY Black Star Promos
Metagross Metal M Metagross-EX XY Black Star Promos
Rayquaza Colorless Rayquaza-EX XY Black Star Promos
Rayquaza Dragon Rayquaza XY Black Star Promos
Rayquaza Psychic Hoopa XY Black Star Promos
Xerneas Fairy Xerneas-EX XY Black Star Promos
Yveltal Darkness Yveltal-EX XY Black Star Promos
Magikarp Water Magikarp XY Black Star Promos
Gyarados Water Gyarados XY Black Star Promos
Altaria Colorless Altaria XY-P Promotional
Gardevoir Fairy Gardevoir Ancient Origins
Kyogre Water Primal Kyogre-EX Ancient Origins
Groudon Fighting Primal Groudon-EX Ancient Origins
Rayquaza Colorless M Rayquaza-EX Ancient Origins
Gyarados Water Gyarados-EX BREAKpoint
Gyarados Water M Gyarados-EX BREAKpoint
Gyarados - Gyarados Spirit Link BREAKpoint
Gardevoir Fairy M Gardevoir-EX* Generations
Shiftry GrassDarkness Shiftry Steam Siege
Volcarona GrassFire Volcarona Steam Siege
Galvantula LightningGrass Galvantula Steam Siege
Bisharp DarknessMetal Bisharp Steam Siege
Steelix MetalFighting M Steelix-EX Steam Siege
Azumarill FairyWater Azumarill Steam Siege
Gardevoir FairyPsychic M Gardevoir-EX Steam Siege
Rayquaza* Lightning Poncho-wearing Pikachu XY Black Star Promos
Silvally Colorless Silvally-GX SM Black Star Promos
Zygarde Fighting Zygarde-GX SM Black Star Promos
Tapu Koko Lightning Tapu Koko SM-P Promotional cards
Tapu Koko Lightning Tapu Koko-GX SM-P Promotional cards
Ho-Oh Fire Shining Ho-Oh SM-P Promotional cards
Celebi Grass Shining Celebi Shining Legends
Genesect Grass Shining Genesect Shining Legends
Volcanion Water Shining Volcanion Shining Legends
Mew Psychic Shining Mew Shining Legends
Jirachi Psychic Shining Jirachi Shining Legends
Rayquaza Dragon Shining Rayquaza Shining Legends
Lugia Colorless Shining Lugia Shining Legends
Arceus Colorless Shining Arceus Shining Legends
Poipole Psychic Poipole SM-P Promotional cards
Scyther Grass Scyther Hidden Fates
Rowlet Grass Rowlet Hidden Fates
Dartrix Grass Dartrix Hidden Fates
Wimpod Grass Wimpod Hidden Fates
Pheromosa Grass Pheromosa Hidden Fates
Charmander Fire Charmander Hidden Fates
Charmeleon Fire Charmeleon Hidden Fates
Vulpix Water Alolan Vulpix Hidden Fates
Wooper Water Wooper Hidden Fates
Quagsire Water Quagsire Hidden Fates
Froakie Water Froakie Hidden Fates
Frogadier Water Frogadier Hidden Fates
Voltorb Lightning Voltorb Hidden Fates
Xurkitree Lightning Xurkitree Hidden Fates
Seviper Psychic Seviper Hidden Fates
Shuppet Psychic Shuppet Hidden Fates
Inkay Psychic Inkay Hidden Fates
Malamar Psychic Malamar Hidden Fates
Poipole Psychic Poipole Hidden Fates
Sudowoodo Fighting Sudowoodo Hidden Fates
Riolu Fighting Riolu Hidden Fates
Lucario Fighting Lucario Hidden Fates
Rockruff Fighting Rockruff Hidden Fates
Buzzwole Fighting Buzzwole Hidden Fates
Zorua Darkness Zorua Hidden Fates
Guzzlord Darkness Guzzlord Hidden Fates
Magnemite Metal Magnemite Hidden Fates
Magneton Metal Magneton Hidden Fates
Magnezone Metal Magnezone Hidden Fates
Beldum Metal Beldum Hidden Fates
Metang Metal Metang Hidden Fates
Celesteela Metal Celesteela Hidden Fates
Kartana Metal Kartana Hidden Fates
Ralts Fairy Ralts Hidden Fates
Kirlia Fairy Kirlia Hidden Fates
Diancie Fairy Diancie Hidden Fates
Altaria Dragon Altaria Hidden Fates
Gible Dragon Gible Hidden Fates
Gabite Dragon Gabite Hidden Fates
Garchomp Dragon Garchomp Hidden Fates
Eevee Colorless Eevee Hidden Fates
Swablu Colorless Swablu Hidden Fates
Noibat Colorless Noibat Hidden Fates
Oranguru Colorless Oranguru Hidden Fates
Type: Null Colorless Type: Null Hidden Fates
Leafeon Grass Leafeon-GX Hidden Fates
Decidueye Grass Decidueye-GX Hidden Fates
Golisopod Grass Golisopod-GX Hidden Fates
Charizard Fire Charizard-GX Hidden Fates
Ho-Oh Fire Ho-Oh-GX Hidden Fates
Reshiram Fire Reshiram-GX Hidden Fates
Turtonator Fire Turtonator-GX Hidden Fates
Ninetales Water Alolan Ninetales-GX Hidden Fates
Articuno Water Articuno-GX Hidden Fates
Glaceon Water Glaceon-GX Hidden Fates
Greninja Water Greninja-GX Hidden Fates
Electrode Lightning Electrode-GX Hidden Fates
Xurkitree Lightning Xurkitree-GX Hidden Fates
Mewtwo Psychic Mewtwo-GX Hidden Fates
Espeon Psychic Espeon-GX Hidden Fates
Banette Psychic Banette-GX Hidden Fates
Nihilego Psychic Nihilego-GX Hidden Fates
Naganadel Psychic Naganadel-GX Hidden Fates
Lucario Fighting Lucario-GX Hidden Fates
Zygarde Fighting Zygarde-GX Hidden Fates
Lycanroc Fighting Lycanroc-GX Hidden Fates
Lycanroc Fighting Lycanroc-GX Hidden Fates
Buzzwole Fighting Buzzwole-GX Hidden Fates
Umbreon Darkness Umbreon-GX Hidden Fates
Darkrai Darkness Darkrai-GX Hidden Fates
Zoroark Darkness Zoroark-GX Hidden Fates
Guzzlord Darkness Guzzlord-GX Hidden Fates
Scizor Metal Scizor-GX Hidden Fates
Metagross Metal Metagross-GX Hidden Fates
Kartana Metal Kartana-GX Hidden Fates
Stakataka Metal Stakataka-GX Hidden Fates
Gardevoir Fairy Gardevoir-GX Hidden Fates
Sylveon Fairy Sylveon-GX Hidden Fates
Altaria Dragon Altaria-GX Hidden Fates
Rayquaza Dragon Rayquaza-GX Hidden Fates
Noivern Dragon Noivern-GX Hidden Fates
Silvally Colorless Silvally-GX Hidden Fates
Drampa Colorless Drampa-GX Hidden Fates
Frosmoth Water Frosmoth Rebel Clash
Perrserker Metal Galarian Perrserker Rebel Clash
Rillaboom Grass Rillaboom Darkness Ablaze
Coalossal Fighting Coalossal Darkness Ablaze
Charizard Fire Charizard V Champion's Path
Obstagoon Darkness Galarian Obstagoon Vivid Voltage
Oranguru Colorless Oranguru Vivid Voltage
Rowlet Grass Rowlet Shining Fates
Dartrix Grass Dartrix Shining Fates
Decidueye Grass Decidueye Shining Fates
Grookey Grass Grookey Shining Fates
Thwackey Grass Thwackey Shining Fates
Rillaboom Grass Rillaboom Shining Fates
Blipbug Grass Blipbug Shining Fates
Dottler Grass Dottler Shining Fates
Orbeetle Grass Orbeetle Shining Fates
Gossifleur Grass Gossifleur Shining Fates
Eldegoss Grass Eldegoss Shining Fates
Applin Grass Applin Shining Fates
Flapple Grass Flapple Shining Fates
Appletun Grass Appletun Shining Fates
Scorbunny Fire Scorbunny Shining Fates
Raboot Fire Raboot Shining Fates
Cinderace Fire Cinderace Shining Fates
Sizzlipede Fire Sizzlipede Shining Fates
Centiskorch Fire Centiskorch Shining Fates
Mr. Mime Water Galarian Mr. Mime Shining Fates
Mr. Rime Water Galarian Mr. Rime Shining Fates
Suicune Water Suicune Shining Fates
Darumaka Water Galarian Darumaka Shining Fates
Darmanitan Water Galarian Darmanitan Shining Fates
Sobble Water Sobble Shining Fates
Drizzile Water Drizzile Shining Fates
Inteleon Water Inteleon Shining Fates
Chewtle Water Chewtle Shining Fates
Drednaw Water Drednaw Shining Fates
Cramorant Water Cramorant Shining Fates
Arrokuda Water Arrokuda Shining Fates
Barraskewda Water Barraskewda Shining Fates
Snom Water Snom Shining Fates
Frosmoth Water Frosmoth Shining Fates
Eiscue Water Eiscue Shining Fates
Dracovish Water Dracovish Shining Fates
Arctovish Water Arctovish Shining Fates
Rotom Lightning Rotom Shining Fates
Yamper Lightning Yamper Shining Fates
Boltund Lightning Boltund Shining Fates
Toxel Lightning Toxel Shining Fates
Toxtricity Lightning Toxtricity Shining Fates
Pincurchin Lightning Pincurchin Shining Fates
Morpeko Lightning Morpeko Shining Fates
Dracozolt Lightning Dracozolt Shining Fates
Arctozolt Lightning Arctozolt Shining Fates
Ponyta Psychic Galarian Ponyta Shining Fates
Rapidash Psychic Galarian Rapidash Shining Fates
Corsola Psychic Galarian Corsola Shining Fates
Cursola Psychic Galarian Cursola Shining Fates
Dedenne Psychic Dedenne Shining Fates
Sinistea Psychic Sinistea Shining Fates
Polteageist Psychic Polteageist Shining Fates
Hatenna Psychic Hatenna Shining Fates
Hattrem Psychic Hattrem Shining Fates
Hatterene Psychic Hatterene Shining Fates
Milcery Psychic Milcery Shining Fates
Alcremie Psychic Alcremie Shining Fates
Indeedee Psychic Indeedee Shining Fates
Dreepy Psychic Dreepy Shining Fates
Drakloak Psychic Drakloak Shining Fates
Dragapult Psychic Dragapult Shining Fates
Farfetch'd Fighting Galarian Farfetch'd Shining Fates
Sirfetch'd Fighting Galarian Sirfetch'd Shining Fates
Yamask Fighting Galarian Yamask Shining Fates
Runerigus Fighting Galarian Runerigus Shining Fates
Rolycoly Fighting Rolycoly Shining Fates
Carkol Fighting Carkol Shining Fates
Coalossal Fighting Coalossal Shining Fates
Silicobra Fighting Silicobra Shining Fates
Sandaconda Fighting Sandaconda Shining Fates
Clobbopus Fighting Clobbopus Shining Fates
Grapploct Fighting Grapploct Shining Fates
Falinks Fighting Falinks Shining Fates
Stonjourner Fighting Stonjourner Shining Fates
Koffing Darkness Koffing Shining Fates
Weezing Darkness Galarian Weezing Shining Fates
Zigzagoon Darkness Galarian Zigzagoon Shining Fates
Linoone Darkness Galarian Linoone Shining Fates
Obstagoon Darkness Galarian Obstagoon Shining Fates
Nickit Darkness Nickit Shining Fates
Thievul Darkness Thievul Shining Fates
Impidimp Darkness Impidimp Shining Fates
Morgrem Darkness Morgrem Shining Fates
Grimmsnarl Darkness Grimmsnarl Shining Fates
Meowth Metal Galarian Meowth Shining Fates
Perrserker Metal Galarian Perrserker Shining Fates
Stunfisk Metal Galarian Stunfisk Shining Fates
Corviknight Metal Corviknight Shining Fates
Cufant Metal Cufant Shining Fates
Copperajah Metal Copperajah Shining Fates
Duraludon Metal Duraludon Shining Fates
Minccino Colorless Minccino Shining Fates
Cinccino Colorless Cinccino Shining Fates
Ducklett Colorless Ducklett Shining Fates
Swanna Colorless Swanna Shining Fates
Bunnelby Colorless Bunnelby Shining Fates
Oranguru Colorless Oranguru Shining Fates
Skwovet Colorless Skwovet Shining Fates
Greedent Colorless Greedent Shining Fates
Rookidee Colorless Rookidee Shining Fates
Corvisquire Colorless Corvisquire Shining Fates
Wooloo Colorless Wooloo Shining Fates
Dubwool Colorless Dubwool Shining Fates
Rillaboom Grass Rillaboom V Shining Fates
Rillaboom Grass Rillaboom VMAX Shining Fates
Charizard Fire Charizard VMAX Shining Fates
Centiskorch Fire Centiskorch V Shining Fates
Centiskorch Fire Centiskorch VMAX Shining Fates
Lapras Water Lapras V Shining Fates
Lapras Water Lapras VMAX Shining Fates
Toxtricity Lightning Toxtricity V Shining Fates
Toxtricity Lightning Toxtricity VMAX Shining Fates
Indeedee Psychic Indeedee V Shining Fates
Falinks Fighting Falinks V Shining Fates
Grimmsnarl Darkness Grimmsnarl V Shining Fates
Grimmsnarl Darkness Grimmsnarl VMAX Shining Fates
Ditto Colorless Ditto V Shining Fates
Ditto Colorless Ditto VMAX Shining Fates
Dubwool Colorless Dubwool V Shining Fates
Octillery Water Octillery Battle Styles
Houndoom Darkness Houndoom Battle Styles
Electrode Lightning Electrode Chilling Reign
Bronzong Metal Bronzong Chilling Reign
Snorlax Colorless Snorlax Chilling Reign
Froslass Water Froslass Evolving Skies
Inteleon Water Inteleon Evolving Skies
Cresselia Psychic Cresselia Evolving Skies
Greninja Darkness Greninja ☆ SWSH Black Star Promos
Mew Psychic Mew Celebrations
Magikarp Water Shining Magikarp Celebrations
Umbreon Darkness Umbreon ☆ Celebrations
Flaaffy Lightning Flaaffy Fusion Strike
Heatran Fire Radiant Heatran Astral Radiance
Greninja Water Radiant Greninja Astral Radiance
Hawlucha Fighting Radiant Hawlucha Astral Radiance
Venusaur Grass Radiant Venusaur Pokémon GO
Charizard Fire Radiant Charizard Pokémon GO
Blastoise Water Radiant Blastoise Pokémon GO
Eevee Colorless Radiant Eevee SWSH Black Star Promos
Gardevoir Psychic Radiant Gardevoir Lost Origin
Sneasler Darkness Radiant Hisuian Sneasler Lost Origin
Steelix Metal Radiant Steelix Lost Origin
Tsareena Grass Radiant Tsareena Silver Tempest
Alakazam Psychic Radiant Alakazam Silver Tempest
Jirachi Metal Radiant Jirachi Silver Tempest
Charizard Fire Radiant Charizard Crown Zenith
Charjabug Lightning Radiant Charjabug Crown Zenith
Eternatus Dragon Radiant Eternatus Crown Zenith
Zacian Metal Zacian V SWSH Black Star Promos
Zamazenta Metal Zamazenta V SWSH Black Star Promos

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