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Japanese promotional poster
ChesnaughtBREAK, an example of a Pokémon BREAK

Pokémon BREAK (Japanese: ポケモンBREAK Pokémon BREAK) are a variant of Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were first introduced in the BREAKthrough expansion (the Blue Shock and Red Flash expansions in Japan). Pokémon BREAK have a stylized BREAK graphic as part of their card name, used as a suffix. So a Pokémon BREAK depicting Golduck is called GolduckBREAK, for instance.

Pokémon BREAK are a special kind of Evolution card. They evolve from any normal card of that species. To continue the example, Golduck BREAK evolves from any card named Golduck.BREAK is a Pokémon BREAK's unique stage of evolution. As such, while they are still Evolution cards and Evolution Pokémon, they are neither Stage 1 Pokémon nor Stage 2 Pokémon. Evolving a Pokémon into a Pokémon BREAK is referred to as BREAK Evolution, a term which is linked to the properties of the BREAK Evolution rule.[1]

A Pokémon BREAK card has either an attack or an Ability. However, they lack a number of characteristics that a normal Pokémon has, namely not having a Weakness, Resistance, or Retreat Cost. This means that no effect can put a Pokémon BREAK into play without it evolving from another card.[2] It also means that while not in play, those characteristics cannot be referenced by other cards. (Not having a Retreat Cost is not the same as having no Retreat Cost, so for instance YanmegaBREAK is unable to be found by a Feather Ball. Neither will Heavy Ball on Chesnaught BREAK, even though in play its Retreat Cost will always be 3 or greater because all extant Chesnaught have a Retreat Cost of 4.[3])

Pokémon BREAK are played sideways over their previous stage, covering the illustration of the Pokémon, notably meaning the card does not cover up the text box of the Pokémon it evolves from. This is because of the BREAK Evolution rule, which states that a Pokémon BREAK has the attacks, Abilities, Weaknesses, Resistances and Retreat Cost of its previous stage. (Note the word choice of "has" over "can use". The card is treated as having gained those characteristics, occasionally relevant when other cards reference the characteristics on the Pokémon while in play.[4]) All of those elements are still visible when a Pokémon BREAK is put on top of another Pokémon card. The BREAK Evolution rule is contained within a Rule Box located in the upper right corner of the card. Retaining attacks and Abilities in this manner is similar to the Pokémon LV.X mechanic featured in the Diamond & Pearl Series. Also, like Pokémon LV.X and Pokémon Prime, Pokémon BREAK do not have an associated drawback for being Knocked Out. (However, the presence of a Rule Box can be a detriment.)

In terms of design, all Pokémon BREAK cards feature CGI artwork of the Pokémon completely covered in gold, with sparks surrounding it, and a unique squared holofoil pattern in the background. Electricity of a different color per card bursts from the Pokémon. The illustration covers almost the entire card. The accents on the card usually of a silver color, such as the Stage and "evolves from" field, are done in gold instead. The left and right sides of the card have a border that tapers into the illustration, incorporating both the card's Energy type's color and the color of the card's "normal" border. Since Pokémon BREAK are played sideways, their layout is similarly sideways. Elements like name and Energy type wind up printed on the longer side of the card instead of the shorter side.

Pokémon BREAK are said to come from the Parallel Worlds.[5] Whether this means a Pokémon not from those worlds is able or unable to undergo a BREAK Evolution has not been specified,

Pokémon that have appeared as Pokémon BREAK

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
ChesnaughtBREAK Grass BREAKthrough Rare BREAK 12/162 Red Flash RR 006/059
      Premium Champion Pack   015/131
RaichuBREAK Lightning BREAKthrough Rare BREAK 50/162 Raichu BREAK Evolution Pack   003/010
MarowakBREAK Fighting BREAKthrough Rare BREAK 79/162 Red Flash RR 036/059
ZoroarkBREAK Darkness BREAKthrough Rare BREAK 92/162 Blue Shock RR 037/059
      The Best of XY   075/171
FlorgesBREAK Fairy BREAKthrough Rare BREAK 104/162 Blue Shock RR 043/059
NoivernBREAK Dragon BREAKthrough Rare BREAK 113/162 Noivern BREAK Evolution Pack   002/010
EmpoleonBREAK Water XY Black Star Promos   XY134 XY-P Promotional cards   XY-P
BeheeyemBREAK Psychic XY Black Star Promos   XY135 XY-P Promotional cards   189/XY-P
NoctowlBREAK Colorless XY Black Star Promos   XY136 XY-P Promotional cards   216/XY-P
GolduckBREAK Water BREAKpoint Rare BREAK 18/122 Golduck BREAK + Palkia-EX Combo Deck   003/016
GreninjaBREAK Water BREAKpoint Rare BREAK 41/122 Rage of the Broken Heavens RR 030/080
      The Best of XY   028/171
LuxrayBREAK Lightning BREAKpoint Rare BREAK 47/122 XY-P Promotional cards   181/XY-P
TrevenantBREAK Psychic BREAKpoint Rare BREAK 66/122 Rage of the Broken Heavens RR 047/080
      The Best of XY   055/171
RaticateBREAK Colorless BREAKpoint Rare BREAK 89/122 Rage of the Broken Heavens RR 066/080
DelphoxBREAK Fire Fates Collide Rare BREAK 14/124 Awakening Psychic King RR 012/078
OmastarBREAK Water Fates Collide Rare BREAK 19/124 Awakening Psychic King RR 017/078
CarbinkBREAK Fighting Fates Collide Rare BREAK 51/124 Zygarde-EX Perfect Battle Deck   008/019
      The Best of XY   067/171
BronzongBREAK Metal Fates Collide Rare BREAK 62/124 Awakening Psychic King RR 049/078
      The Best of XY   083/171
LugiaBREAK Colorless Fates Collide Rare BREAK 79/124 Awakening Psychic King RR 059/078
MandibuzzBREAK Darkness XY Black Star Promos   XY182 XY-P Promotional cards   217/XY-P
WobbuffetBREAK Psychic XY Black Star Promos   XY155 Premium Champion Pack   055/131
Ho-OhBREAK Fire XY Black Star Promos   XY154 XY-P Promotional cards   225/XY-P
CrobatBREAK Psychic XY Black Star Promos   XY181 XY-P Promotional cards   XY-P
YanmegaBREAK Grass Steam Siege Rare BREAK 8/114 Cruel Traitor RR 008/054
TalonflameBREAK Fire Steam Siege Rare BREAK 21/114 XY-P Promotional cards   238/XY-P
PyroarBREAK Fire Steam Siege Rare BREAK 24/114 Fever-Burst Fighter RR 010/054
ClawitzerBREAK Water Steam Siege Rare BREAK 35/114 Fever-Burst Fighter RR 020/054
YveltalBREAK Darkness Steam Siege Rare BREAK 66/114 Cruel Traitor RR 034/054
XerneasBREAK Fairy Steam Siege Rare BREAK 82/114 Fever-Burst Fighter RR 042/054
      The Best of XY   097/171
HydreigonBREAK Dragon Steam Siege Rare BREAK 87/114 Cruel Traitor RR 043/054
ArcanineBREAK Fire XY Black Star Promos   XY180 XY-P Promotional cards   267/XY-P
NinetalesBREAK Fire Evolutions Rare BREAK 16/108 Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary RR 016/087
StarmieBREAK Water Evolutions Rare BREAK 32/108 Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary RR 030/087
NidokingBREAK Psychic Evolutions Rare BREAK 46/108 Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary RR 044/087
MachampBREAK Fighting Evolutions Rare BREAK 60/108 Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary RR 058/087


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