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Artwork of the QR Scanner being used

The QR Scanner (Japanese: QRスキャン QR Scan) is a feature in Pokémon Sun and Moon that allows the player to scan QR Codes to record a Pokémon as seen in their Pokédex. When enough QR Codes have been scanned, the player will also be able to use the Island Scan (Japanese: スキャン Island Scan) function to find rare Pokémon. The QR Scanner is accessed from the menu.

QR Code Scan

The QR Code Scan screen

The QR Scanner's main function is scanning QR Codes. Scanning any QR Code records the Pokémon it describes as seen in the Pokédex if it is not already.

The player is limited in the number of times they can scan QR Codes in succession. This limit is indicated by a row of 10 scan icons along the top of the 3DS's upper screen. When the player performs a scan, one of these icons becomes darkened. These scans recharge at a rate of one every two hours. If the 3DS's time is changed, the QR Scanner's usable scans will be reset to 0.

The QR Scanner remembers what QR Code patterns have been scanned and will not allow the player to scan the same pattern twice. This memory is reset when the player uses Island Scan.

Each QR Code the player scans also earns the player points. QR Codes produced by the Rotom Pokédex are Alola Pokédex QR Codes and are worth 10 points. Some QR Codes produced for other official uses are called Special QR Codes and are worth 20 points. Random QR Codes can also be scanned by the QR Scanner as Wonder QR Codes (even if they are completely unrelated to Pokémon). Wonder QR Codes display a Pokémon that is not native to Alola based on the pattern scanned and are worth 10 points. The player can earn a maximum of 100 points, at which point the Island Scan function will be unlocked for use.

Alola Pokédex QR Codes can be produced by the Rotom Pokédex for almost any registered Pokémon. Some "special Pokémon" have no QR Codes in the Pokédex. However, the Alola Pokédex QR Code format can also support patterns for almost any Pokémon, including special Pokémon or those outside of the Alola Pokédex.

Special QR Codes

These are Special QR Codes that are worth 20 points when scanned.

For the second Global Mission, the Pokémon Global Link website released five Special QR Codes. Although these five Pokémon are in the Alola Pokédex, the patterns that would be produced by the Rotom Pokédex differ from these patterns.

Special QR Code Bagon.png Special QR Code Dhelmise.png Special QR Code Lapras.png Special QR Code Mimikyu.png Special QR Code Stufful.png
Bagon Dhelmise Lapras Mimikyu (Disguised Form) Stufful

A Magearna QR Code was also specially distributed and, unlike any other QR Code, unlocks an event in the player's game where they can receive a Magearna. Also unlike most other QR Codes, each of the QR Codes below only works for games from a specific region.

Magearna distribution QR Code JP.png Magearna distribution QR Code TW.png Magearna distribution QR Code NA.png Magearna distribution QR Code PAL.png Magearna distribution QR Code KO.png
Japanese region QR Code Taiwanese region QR Code American region QR Code PAL region QR Code Korean region QR Code

QR Code patterns on Moncollé Get figures are also Special QR Codes, as are those released via data broadcasting alongside Sun & Moon series episodes. These patterns are also region-exclusive.

Island Scan

When the player has accumulated 100 points from scanning QR Codes, they can use Island Scan. Island Scan searches the island the player is currently on for rare Pokémon. On Alola's natural islands, it will always find a Pokémon; on Aether Paradise or in Ultra Space, Island Scan will fail and will not count as a use. The Pokémon it will find depends on the island and the day of the week. These Pokémon are all Pokémon that are not native to the Alola region.

When Island Scan finds a Pokémon, it tells the player where it can be found and starts a timer that counts down from one hour. This denotes how long the player will be able to find the Pokémon. It cannot call for help, and if the Pokémon is knocked out or caught, the Island Scan ends immediately even if the time has not run out. Running away from the Pokemon does not end the Island Scan timer.

If the player runs from and repeatedly encounters the designated Island Scan Pokémon, they do not encounter a single individual, who always has the same Nature, Ability, and other data; each encounter is different, with randomly generated data. Island Scan Pokémon also know specific Egg Moves (unless the Pokémon has none).

Melemele Island
Day Pokémon Location Level Special move
Mo Totodile Totodile Seaward Cave 12 Metal Claw
Tu Deino Deino Ten Carat Hill 13 Assurance
We Horsea Horsea Kala'e Bay 18 Dragon Breath
Th Klink Klink Hau'oli City 8 None
Fr Chikorita Chikorita Route 2 10 Leech Seed
Sa Litwick Litwick Hau'oli Cemetery 10 Acid
Su Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Route 3 12 Double Kick
Akala Island
Day Pokémon Location Level Special move
Mo Spheal Spheal Route 7 19 Aqua Ring
Tu Luxio Luxio Route 8 20 Eerie Impulse
We Honedge Honedge Akala Outskirts 23 Destiny Bond
Th Venipede Venipede Route 4 14 Toxic Spikes
Fr Bellsprout Bellsprout Route 5 16 Acid Spray
Sa Marill Marill Brooklet Hill 17 Aqua Jet
Su Gothita Gothita Route 6 17 Dark Pulse
Ula'ula Island
Day Pokémon Location Level Special move
Mo Swinub Swinub Tapu Village 31 Freeze-Dry
Tu Duosion Duosion Route 16 33 Night Shade
We Roselia Roselia Ula'ula Meadow 34 Leaf Storm
Th Staravia Staravia Route 10 27 Roost
Fr Vigoroth Vigoroth Route 11 27 Hammer Arm
Sa Axew Axew Mount Hokulani 28 Iron Tail
Su Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Blush Mountain 30 Skull Bash
Poni Island
Day Pokémon Location Level Special move
Mo Conkeldurr Conkeldurr Poni Plains 57 Drain Punch
Tu Togekiss Togekiss Poni Gauntlet 59 Future Sight
We Leavanny Leavanny Poni Meadow 57 Me First
Th Serperior Serperior Exeggutor Island 43 Glare
Fr Samurott Samurott Poni Wilds 43 Brine
Sa Emboar Emboar Ancient Poni Path 43 Superpower
Su Eelektross Eelektross Poni Grove 55 None

In other languages

QR Scanner

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese QR掃描 QR Soumìuh
Mandarin QR掃描 / QR扫描 QR Sǎomiáo
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch QR-scanner
France Flag.png French Scanner QR
Germany Flag.png German QR Code-Scanner
Italy Flag.png Italian Scanner QR
South Korea Flag.png Korean QR 스캔 QR Scan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lector QR

Island Scan

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 島嶼掃描 Dóujeuih Soumìuh
Mandarin 島嶼掃描 / 岛屿扫描 Dǎoyǔ Sǎomiáo
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Eilandscan
France Flag.png French Scanner des îles
Germany Flag.png German Insel-Scanner
Italy Flag.png Italian Scanner isola
South Korea Flag.png Korean 섬스캔 Seom Scan
Russia Flag.png Russian Сканирования острова Skanirovaniya ostrova
Spain Flag.png Spanish Escáner Insular

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