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Egg Groups
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Flying Amorphous
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Gender unknown

The Gender unknown Egg Group (Japanese: せいべつふめい Sex Unknown) is a pseudo-Egg Group that is shown in Pokémon Stadium 2 and in older official guidebooks, listing Pokémon with an unknown gender (such as Magnemite or Staryu) yet still able to breed.


The Gender unknown Egg Group is characterized by its members' lack of a discernible gender. All members of this Egg Group have an unknown gender yet are able to breed, but only with Ditto.

This group does not specifically exist in the games' programming, instead placing each Pokémon into other Egg Groups with Pokémon who have genders. Despite this, these Pokémon are not able to breed with any other Pokémon in their real Egg Groups, and this group is actually officially listed in Pokémon Stadium 2 as well as in Japanese and Chinese guidebooks for the Generation II and III games. In the Generation II Nintendo Power guides, it is listed as Neuter. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Official Nintendo Player's Guide lists Gender Unknown as an Egg Group, but lists the Pokémon with their real Egg Groups in the data section.


All Pokémon in this group are listed in other groups, as the Gender unknown Egg Group only exists in Pokemon Stadium 2.

#   Pokémon Type
081 081 Magnemite Electric Steel
082 082 Magneton Electric Steel
100 100 Voltorb Electric
101 101 Electrode Electric
120 120 Staryu Water
121 121 Starmie Water Psychic
137 137 Porygon Normal
233 233 Porygon2 Normal

Other Pokémon with an unknown gender that can breed with Ditto

These Pokémon were introduced after Generation II and thus were not included in the Gender unknown Egg Group in Pokémon Stadium 2.

Manaphy is a special case; it can breed with Ditto, but can produce only Phione eggs, and Phione cannot evolve into Manaphy or produce Manaphy eggs.

#   Pokémon Type
292 292 Shedinja Bug Ghost
337 337 Lunatone Rock Psychic
338 338 Solrock Rock Psychic
343 343 Baltoy Ground Psychic
344 344 Claydol Ground Psychic
374 374 Beldum Steel Psychic
375 375 Metang Steel Psychic
376 376 Metagross Steel Psychic
436 436 Bronzor Steel Psychic
437 437 Bronzong Steel Psychic
462 462 Magnezone Electric Steel
474 474 Porygon-Z Normal
479 479 Rotom
Normal Rotom
Electric Ghost
479 479O Rotom
Heat Rotom
Electric Fire
479 479W Rotom
Wash Rotom
Electric Water
479 479R Rotom
Frost Rotom
Electric Ice
479 479F Rotom
Fan Rotom
Electric Flying
479 479L Rotom
Mow Rotom
Electric Grass
489 489 Phione Water
490 490 Manaphy Water
599 599 Klink Steel
600 600 Klang Steel
601 601 Klinklang Steel
615 615 Cryogonal Ice
622 622 Golett Ground Ghost
623 623 Golurk Ground Ghost
703 703 Carbink Rock Fairy
774 774 Minior Rock Flying
781 781 Dhelmise Ghost Grass
854 854 Sinistea Ghost
855 855 Polteageist Ghost
870 870 Falinks Fighting


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 性別不明 Xìngbié Bùmíng
France Flag.png French Sexe inconnu
Germany Flag.png German Geschlecht ?
Italy Flag.png Italian Genere sconosc.
Spain Flag.png Spanish Género no conocido