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A title card is shown near the beginning of every episode of the anime. This page contains a list of different title card designs used in different anime series.

Main series

Screenshot Japanese debut episode Japanese final episode Description
English debut episode English final episode
EP051 Title Card.png EP001 EP191  
EP001 EP157
EP180 Title Card.png Not used An updated version of the original title card.
EP158 EP209
EP250 Title Card JP.png EP192 EP274 The title card shows Ash's Johto Badges. The title card is updated whenever a new Badge is obtained.
In the dub, this title card was used for the dubbed episodes of Pokémon Chronicles only.
Not used
EP273 Title Card.png Not Used The title card shows Ash's Johto Badges. The title card is updated whenever a new Badge is obtained.
EP210 EP274
AG004 Title Card.png AG001 AG091 An icon of Ash's face is shown. The camera then zooms out to show a map of Hoenn showing the group's current location as the title appears in yellow lettering.
AG001 AG092
AG098 Title Card.png AG092 AG133 A large Poké Ball spins around in front of a blue screen with dozens of other Poké Balls in the background. Ash's Badge case rotates into view. As is moves to the left side of the screen May's Ribbon case appears. The two cases open to reveal Ash and May's current Badges and Ribbons, respectively. The title card changes whenever a new Badge or Ribbon is obtained.
AG093 AG133
AG158 Title Card.png AG134 AG192 Pikachu is seen wearing Ash's hat. Ash comes into view as his hat moves over to his head. Pikachu jumps in front of Ash and together they strike a pose with May, Max, and Brock.
DP004 Title Card.png DP001 DP120 A Poké Ball rotates into view on a blue background full of shooting stars. The Poké Ball opens and releases a shower of sparkles downwards, revealing the episode title against a background of Space and Planets.
DP001 DP119
DP121 Title Card.png DP121 DP191
+ DPS01
+ DPS02
On a purple background filled with stars, Ash and Dawn's Badges and ribbons, respectively, fly towards the screen. Behind them appears a Poké Ball which flies past the screen and reveals the title between statues of Dialga and Palkia.
DP121 DP191
BW038 Title Card Error.png BW001 BW142
+ BWS01
+ BWS02
The Unova Pokédex appears on an orange background. The Pokédex opens up and the screen zooms in to the top screen. The episode title then appears on blue background with six Poké Balls around the screen.
BW001 BW142
XY006 Title Card.png XY001 XY140
+ XYS05
+ XYS06
Ash, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont appear and strike a pose in front of white background with multiple Poké Balls on it. They are each highlighted by a band of blue, pink, yellow, and green respectively. One of the main characters or an important recurring character appears on the right side of the screen. The screen then pixelates to reveal the title of the episode next to a Poké Ball on an old map of Kalos.
In the English dub, the title card always focuses on Ash.
In XY061, the Japanese version updates the title card to include Serena's new design, but the dub keeps her original design.
XY001 XY140
+ XYS05
SM001 Title Card.png SM001 SM146 Pikachu and the Alola starters fall onto a beach. The Z-Ring appears and crosses the screen to transition it to the episode title on a stylized background.
JN002 Title Card JP.png JN001 JN147 Pikachu looks up from the bottom of the screen and runs backward to be in the frame entirely. While lying on the ground, a Pokéball bounces off Pikachu and opens to have the Pokémon appear animation make the title appear.
In some two segment episodes, the title card instead focuses on a different character: The title cards for JN041 focus on Wobbuffet and Meowth, while the title cards for JN058 focus on Pikachu and Wobbuffet.
In the dub, this title card design is used to label the show as a Netflix Original Series at the start of the episode.
Not used
JN001 Title Card.png Not used Pikachu is spinning Ash's hat on his tail, and then bounces the cap to his head while the episode title text appears, and waves at the audience.
This title card design is used in the original Japanese version for the title of the next episode during previews.
JN001 JN147
HZ002 Title Card JPN.png HZ001 Present The Paldea starters interact with each other on the deck of the Brave Olivine and look towards their next destination.

Special title cards

Some episodes use a specially stylized title card to better match the theme of the episode.

Screenshot Episode(s) Description
XY014 Title Card JP.png XY014 The Japanese version shows the title directly over the background as reference to classic horror films, to match the horror theme of this episode.
This stylized title card is replaced with the usual title card segment in the dub.
XY078 Title Cards Jpn.png
XY078 Title Cards Eng.png
XY078 This episode is divided into four segments, with a different stylized title card for each part.
JN016 title card.png JN016 This title card has a horror theme to match the episode. A Gengar comes into view and dissolves into the episode title on a spooky background.
JN026 Title Card Part 1.png
JN026 Title Card Part 2.png
JN026 The title card for the two segments of this episode focus on Magikarp and Slowking, respectively, with a stylized background.
In the dub version, there is no on-screen text for the second part's title card.
JN041 Title Card Part 1.png
JN041 Title Card Part 2.png
JN041 The title cards for the two part of this episode feature Wobbuffet and Meowth, respectively, replacing Pikachu in the regular title card segment.
JN042 title card.png JN042 JN045 The four episode Sword and Shield arc features the episode titles on a background of the Slumbering Weald, with the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield on the altar.
JN041 Title Card Part 1.png JN058 The title card for the second part of this episode features Wobbuffet replacing Pikachu in the regular title card segment, similar to JN041.
The title card for the first part of the episode retains the regular title card segment featuring Pikachu, with both the Japanese and dub version using their respective regular designs.
JN041 Title Card Part 2.png JN095 The title card for this episode in the Japanese features Meowth replacing Pikachu in the regular title card segment, similar to JN041.
In the English dub, the title card instead features Pikachu as usual.
HZ001 Title card JPN.png HZ001 The title for this episode is shown directly over the background.

Pokémon Movies

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Screenshot Movie Description
M01 Title screen.png M01
Mewtwo Strikes Back
M02 Title screen.png M02
The Power of One
M03 Title screen.png M03
Entei: Spell of the Unown
M04 Title screen.png M04
Celebi: Voice of the Forest
M05 Title screen.png M05
Latios and Latias
M06 Title Screen.png M06
Jirachi: Wishmaker
M07 Title Screen.png M07
Destiny Deoxys
M08 Title Screen.png M08
Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
M09 Title Screen.png M09
Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
M10 Title Screen.png M10
The Rise of Darkrai
M11 Title screen.png M11
Giratina and the Sky Warrior
M12 Title Screen.png M12
Arceus and the Jewel of Life
M13 Title Screen.png M13
Zoroark: Master of Illusions
Black—Victini and Reshiram + White—Victini and Zekrom.png M14
Black—Victini and Reshiram
White—Victini and Zekrom
M15 Title Screen.png M15
Kyurem vs The Sword of Justice
M16 Title Screen.png M16
Genesect and The Legend Awakened
M17 Title Screen.png M17
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
M18 Title Screen.png M18
Hoopa and the Clash of Ages
M19 Title Screen.png M19
Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
M20 Title Screen.png M20
I Choose You!
M21 Title Screen.png M21
The Power of Us
M22 Title Screen.png M22
Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution
M23 Title Screen.png M23
Secrets of the Jungle
Detective Pikachu Title Screen.png Pokémon Detective Pikachu

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