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XY059 : Under the Pledging Tree!
Pokémon the Series: XY
XY061 : An Oasis of Hope!
A Showcase Debut!
XY060   EP859
Aim to be the Kalos Queen! Serena Makes Her Debut!!
First broadcast
Japan February 12, 2015
United States April 25, 2015
English themes
Opening Be a Hero
Japanese themes
Opening ゲッタバンバン
Ending ドリドリ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 冨安大貴 Daiki Tomiyasu
Assistant director 冨安大貴 Daiki Tomiyasu
Animation director 堤舞 Mai Tsutsumi
No additional credits are available at this time.

A Showcase Debut! (Japanese: 目指せカロスクイーン!セレナ、デビューです!! Aim to be the Kalos Queen! Serena Makes Her Debut!!) is the 60th episode of Pokémon the Series: XY, and the 859th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on February 12, 2015 and in the United States on April 25, 2015.

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It’s time for Serena’s Pokémon Showcase debut in Coumarine City, and her friend and rival Shauna is also registered to compete! First up is the Theme Performance in Pokémon Styling, which is like a Pokémon fashion show. The performers are divided into groups, and only one from each group gets to move on to the next round.

Shauna wins her group easily, beating out Jessilee (Team Rocket’s Jessie in disguise). In Serena’s group, things seem to be great...until Fennekin trips over its ribbon while walking the runway. This knocks them out of contention, and they have to sadly watch the rest of the competition from the wings. Shauna delivers an amazing Freestyle Performance with her Bulbasaur and Flabébé, winning the Showcase and her first Princess Key!

Serena takes some time to grieve, but realizes that this is just the first step on the road to her dream. She decides that a change is in order, and rejoins her friends with a new hairstyle and a new outfit!

Meanwhile, Ash and Clemont have been discussing the next stop on their journey...because it’s time for the two of them to face off at the Lumiose Gym!


Serena, Shauna, and Jessie arrive at the Coumarine City Pokémon Showcase, ready to compete. Palermo arrives in a limousine and declines to make a comment to the crowd of reporters there, clarifying that she doesn't want to be there but is obligated to watch the Showcase. As the three girls are preparing for the Showcase, Ash, Clemont, Bonnie, James, and Meowth are sitting in the audience, excitedly anticipating the upcoming performances. The Showcase begins with Monsieur Pierre acting as the master of ceremonies and showing the audience the Princess Key with the help of his Klefki. During his introduction, Palermo comments to herself that there won't be another Kalos Queen like Aria. Monsieur Pierre announces that the theme for the first round will be Pokémon Styling, in which Performers are given ten minutes to dress up their Pokémon and lead them down the runway.

Jessie, Shauna, and Alouette

Shauna and Jessie, along with a Performer named Alouette, are the first three Performers to compete in the styling round. Alouette gives her Furfrou a Pharaoh trim, Shauna arranges a bouquet of flowers on her Bulbasaur's bulb, and Jessie creates an enormous black costume for Pumpkaboo themed "Beautiful and the Beast" that is appreciated by no one in the audience save James and Meowth. The audience votes on their favorite Performer using their Glow Caster. Jessie receives no votes from the crowd except for James and Meowth, while Alouette and Shauna both receive a respectable number of them. Once the scores are tallied, Shauna is determined as the Performer to move on to the next round.

Serena, Clarissa, and Blanche

After several more competitions between Performers, it is finally Serena's turn. At first she is nervous, but when she and Fennekin look at each other, she is reassured and remembers that Fennekin is with her the whole time. Getting ready to style Fennekin for the Showcase, Serena remembers how Ash had once told her that nothing he and Pikachu do on their journey is ever a waste of time. Thinking about this, Serena takes care to put all of her experiences into her performance with Fennekin. When it is finally time for the two of them to walk down the runway, things go well at first, and the audience has a positive reaction to Fennekin's outfit. However, when styling, Serena had failed to recognize that the long ribbon on Fennekin's neck might hinder its ability to walk, and Fennekin trips on the ribbon just as they are nearing the end of the runway, scattering the rest of its decorations everywhere. Devastated, Serena shares a hug with Fennekin before accepting defeat as she receives the fewest number of votes from the audience and is thus eliminated from the Showcase.

Having changed back into her usual outfit, Serena finishes watching the Showcase as Shauna uses her Bulbasaur and Flabébé to great effect in the Freestyle Performance, winning her the Princess Key. As soon as the Showcase ends, Palermo leaves, having fulfilled her obligation of watching it through to the end, and noting that as she expected, there was no one like Aria. That evening, Serena congratulates Shauna on her victory and promises not to tell Tierno and Trevor until Shauna has given them the news herself. Once Shauna leaves, Serena and Bonnie run ahead of Ash and Clemont to get some food. Clemont worries that Serena might not be all right after the disaster during the Showcase, but Ash reassures him, noting Serena's strength.

Early next morning, Serena takes a walk with Fennekin and Pancham to a dock overlooking the ocean, and memories of Fennekin's accident run through her mind. Suddenly overcome by her disappointment, Serena begins to cry uncontrollably despite Fennekin and Pancham both trying to cheer her up. Palermo, whose limousine is driving by at that exact moment, recognizes Serena as the same girl from the Showcase and seems to take special notice of her, refusing to say anything specific about it to her companion. Blaming herself for her loss and at the same time feeling elated that she has finally been able to begin her dream, Serena draws scissors from her backpack cuts her hair above her shoulders as a reflection of her journey thus far. She also changes her outfit, donning a much more casual dress, hat and jacket with the ribbon that Ash had given her. The four of them then leave for their next destination, Lumiose City, where Ash will battle Clemont for his fifth Gym Badge.

Major events

Serena and Fennekin in their first Pokémon Showcase
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Pokémon debuts



Pokémon Quiz


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Klefki (US and international)
Pokémon Quiz: Klefki (Japan)


The title card segment focuses on Serena for this episode


  • During the montage showing the remaining Performers' performances, there was a segment featuring a Swirlix, a Sylveon, and a Swanna. When they are being judged to see who would move on, Swirlix is standing to the left, Sylveon is in the middle, and Swanna is to the right. When the Performer with the Sylveon is revealed to have won, Swirlix and Swanna (along with their Trainers) swap places.

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XY059 : Under the Pledging Tree!
Pokémon the Series: XY
XY061 : An Oasis of Hope!
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