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1. Please list what episode it was in, what Pokémon it was about, and whose Pokédex it was recorded in.

2. Any source is valid as long as it is reciting a Pokémon's data and is from the Pokémon anime. Such examples are: Ash's Pokédex, May's Pokédex, Magikarp Salesman's Laptop, Dawn's Pokédex, Gardenia, Conway, Brock and James' Cards.

3. Additionally, please try to get the entry word for word as we are trying to be as accurate as possible. Please do not reword entries, we want them exactly as stated.

4. Also, please replace Any in episode number? (ex. Any in DP117?) with Episode Number-No Pokédex Entries (ex.DP117-No Pokédex Entries) or if there are any entries in the episode, put down the entries. Everything should be replaced, do not delete the,"Any in Episode Number?" without replacing it.

Original series (Kanto)(EP001- EP081)

Episode Pokémon Source Entry
EP001 Rattata Ash's Pokédex A Forest Pokémon. Rattata. It likes seeds, nuts, fruits, and berries. It also comes out into open fields to steal food from stupid travelers.

EP001-Poké Ball-Ash's Pokédex- While being trained, a Pokémon usually stays within its Poké ball. However, there are many exceptions. Some Pokémon hate being combined. To capture a Pokémon, you usually have your own Pokémon battle with the other.(DONE)

EP001-Pidgey-Ash's Pokédex- Pidgey is a Flying Pokémon. Among all the Flying Pokémon, it is the gentlest and easiest to capture. A perfect target for the beginning Pokémon Trainer to test his Pokémon's skills. Pidgey's Gust power creates tornadoes. It also has a Sand-Attack.(DONE)

EP001-Rattata-Ash's Pokédex- A Forest Pokémon, Rattata. It likes cheese, nuts, fruits, and berries. It also comes out into open fields to steal food from stupid travelers.(DONE)

EP001-Spearow-Ash's Pokédex- Unlike Pidgey, Spearow has a terrible attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokémon and humans.(DONE)

EP001-Wild Pokémon-Ash's Pokédex- Wild Pokémon tend to be jealous of human-trained Pokémon.(DONE)

EP001-Ho-Oh-Ash's Pokédex- There is no data. There are still Pokémon yet to be identified.(DONE)

EP002-Dexter (Purpose)-Ash's Pokédex- I'm Dexter, a Pokédex programmed by Professor Oak for Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum of the town of Pallet. My function is to provide Ash with information and advice regarding Pokémon and their training. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced.'(DONE)

EP003-Pidgeotto-Ash's Pokédex- Pidgeotto, an evolved form of the Pidgey. It is armed with sharp claws and dives from the sky to capture its prey. Unlike the more gentle Pidgey, Pidgeotto can be dangerous. Approach with extreme caution.(DONE)

EP003-Metapod-Ash's Pokédex- Metapod, Caterpie's next stage. It has encased its body in a hard shell. This specimen reached this stage faster than any previously discovered Pokémon of its variety.(DONE)

EP004-Weedle-Ash's Pokédex- Weedle. The stinger on this Pokémon's head guarantees that any attacker will get the point right where it hurts.(DONE)

EP004-Pinsir-Ash's Pokédex- Pinsir. This fearsome Pokémon uses its powerful claws to put its squeeze on its opponents.(DONE)

EP004-Beedrill-Ash's Pokédex- Beedrill. This Pokémon is an evolved form of Weedle, following its Kakuna stage. Its sting is highly poisonous.(DONE)

EP004-Kakuna-Ash's Pokédex- Kakuna. A transitional stage between Weedle and Beedrill. Kakunas remain inactive until they evolve into deadly Beedrill and hatch.(DONE)

EP004-Butterfree-Ash's Pokédex- Butterfree. One week after Caterpie evolves into Metapod, it again evolves into Butterfree.(DONE)

EP005-No Pokédex Entries (DONE)

EP006-Zubat-Ash's Pokédex- Zubat, Flying Pokémon with supersonic powers. Zubat live in caves and hate to fly outside in daylight.(DONE)

EP006-Clefairy-Ash's Pokédex- Clefairy, this Impish Pokémon is friendly and peaceful. It is believed to live inside Mt. Moon, although very few have ever been seen by humans.(DONE)

EP006-Clefable-Ash's Pokédex- Clefable, an advanced form of Clefairy. These unique creatures are amongst the rarest Pokémon in the world.(DONE)

EP007-Staryu-Ash's Pokédex- Staryu, the core of this Water Pokémon shines in a rainbow of seven colors. A core that is valued by some as a type of jewelry.(DONE)

EP008- No Pokédex Entries (DONE)

EP009- No Pokédex Entries (DONE)

EP010-Oddish-Ash's Pokédex- Oddish, this Pokémon is typically found roaming the forest, scattering pollen as it walks around.

EP010-Bulbasaur-Ash's Pokédex- Bulbasaur, it bears the seed of a plant on it's back from birth. The seed slowly develops. Researchers are unsure whether to classify Bulbasaur as a plant or animal. Bulbasaur are extremely calm and very difficult to capture in the wild.

EP011-Charmander-Ash's Pokédex- Charmander, A flame burns on the tip of it's tail from birth, it is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out.

EP012-Squirtle-Ash's Pokédex- Squirtle. This tiny turtle Pokémon draws its long neck into its shell with amazing range and accuracy. The blasts can be quite powerfull

EP013-Krabby-Ash's Pokédex- Krabby. Lives near the shore. Its average height is about sixteen inches.

EP014-Raichu-Ash's Pokédex- Raichu, a Mouse Pokémon of the Electric element. It is the evolved form of Pikachu. It can shock with more than 100,000 volts enough to render a Dragonite unconscious.

EP015-No Pokédex Entries (DONE)

EP016-Gyarados-Ash's Pokédex- Gyarados, this Pokémon has a viscous temperament so use extreme caution. It's fangs can crush stone and it's scales are harder than steel.

EP017-No Pokédex Entries (DONE)

Any in EP018?

EP019-Horsea-Ash's Pokédex- Horsea, a Dragon Pokémon. In this unique Pokémon species lays thousands of eggs every spring then the male raises them himself.

EP019-Tentacool-Ash's Pokédex- Tentacool, a Jellyfish Pokémon. 99% of it's body is made up of water.

EP019-Tentacruel-Ash's Pokédex- Tentacruel, a Jellyfish Pokémon. An evolved form of Tentacool. Its numerous tentacles serve as a powerful weapon. It is known as "the gangster of the sea".

EP020-Gastly-Ash's Pokédex- Gastly, a Ghost Pokémon. It is usually invisible. Its specialty is Hypnosis.

Any in EP021?

EP022-Abra-Ash's Pokédex- Abra, a Psychic Power Pokémon. It sleeps 18 hours a day but employs Telekinesis even while sleeping.

EP022-Kadabra-Ash's Pokédex- Kadabra, a Psychic Pokémon. The evolved form of Abra. It employs powerful telekinetic attacks.

EP023-Ghost Pokémon-Ash's Pokédex- Ghost Pokémon are in a vapor form, their true nature is shrouded in mystery.

EP023-Haunter-Ash's Pokédex- Haunter, a Gaseous Pokémon. No further information.

EP023-Gengar-Ash's Pokédex- Gengar. No information available.

Any in EP024?

EP025-Mankey-Ash's Pokédex- Mankey, a Pig Monkey Pokémon of the Fighting-type. Known for its superior footwork, it packs a powerful punch.

EP025-Mankey's Temper-Ash's Pokédex- Although Mankey is usually calm, it does have a bad temper. Once Mankey begins to Thrash, stopping it is impossible.

EP025-Primeape-Ash's Pokédex- Primeape, if you make eye contact with this evolved form of Mankey, it will chase you forever.

EP025-Thrash-Ash's Pokédex- Once Primeape begins its strongest attack, Thrash, it goes completely out of control.

EP025-Rage-Ash's Pokédex- Charmander's special attack, Rage. It gains more power the more it is attacked. It will continue to fight until its opponent falls.

EP026-Tangela-Ash's Pokédex- Its body is wrapped in vines. The rest of its form is hidden in these vines.

EP027-Drowzee-Ash's Pokédex- Said to be a descendant of a dream-eating tapir. It was the first Pokémon to use a combination attack like Hypnosis and Dream Eater.

Any in EP028 and EP029?

EP030-Magnemite-Ash's Pokédex- Magnemite, a Magnet Pokémon. Its means of floating through the air are not understood. This very mysterious Pokémon is of the Electric-type.

EP030-Grimer-Ash's Pokédex- Grimer, a Sludge Pokémon. Born from sludge, these Pokémon specialize in sludge attacks.

EP030-Muk-Ash's Pokédex- Muk, Grimer's evolved form. Use extreme caution as its slimy form contains poison.

EP031-Diglett-Ash's Pokédex- Diglett, the movement of these Ground Pokémon can be easily detected by their tracks of upturned earth.

EP032-Venonat-Ash's Pokédex- Venonat, a Bug Pokémon. Its eyes function as radar, allowing it to see in the dark.

EP032-Voltorb-Ash's Pokédex- Voltorb. The identity of this creature is unknown. It has an extreme personality, uses Electric attacks, and at times Selfdestructs.

EP032-Venomoth-Ash's Pokédex- Venomoth, an evolved form of Venonat. Tiny scales on its waist disperse varies spores when they are flapped.

EP032-Psyduck-Ash's Pokédex- When Psyduck's headache become severe, it uses amazing power.

EP032-Psyduck's Attacks-Ash's Pokédex- Psyduck's attacks are: Number One: Tail Whip. Number Two: Scratch. Number Three: Disable. Number Four: Confusion.

EP032-Golbat-Ash's Pokédex- Golbat. Attacking with its sharp fangs, this Pokémon can drain three hundred cubic centimeters of blood per bite.

EP033-Tauros-Ash's Pokédex- Tauros, a Wild Bull Pokémon. When whipping itself with its three tails, its Tackle is a powerful destructive force.

EP033-Growlithe-Ash's Pokédex-Growlithe, a Puppy Pokémon of pleasant demeanor and great diligence. It drives enemies away with barks and bites.

EP033-Ponyta-Ash's Pokédex-Ponyta, a Fire Horse Pokémon. Its mane is made of intense flames.

EP033-Dodrio-Ash's Pokédex-Dodrio, a three-headed Bird Pokémon that can run faster than it can fly. Its three heads represent Joy, Sorrow and Anger.

EP034-Kangaskhan-Ash's Pokédex- Kangaskhan, a Parent Pokémon. Once approaching extinction, they are now protected by law and inhabit the Safari Zone. Approach with extreme caution. The Kangaskhan is a rare Pokémon which raises its children in its pocket. They will attack viciously and without warning if they feel their young are threatened in any way.

EP035-Tauros-Ash's Pokédex- Tauros. Uses Tackle to attack. Due to its gentleness, it will never attack unless something harms them.

EP035-Rhyhorn-Ash's Pokédex- Rhyhorn. Needle Pokémon. With hard shell protection, its tackle is very powerful.

EP035-Dragonair-Ash's Pokédex- Dragonair. Dragon Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon that can make rain or snow fall at its will. It can fly even without wings.

Any in EP036 to EP039?

EP040-Eevee-Ash's Pokédex- Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. It has the potential to evolve into one of three different Pokémon.

EP041-Snorlax-Ash's Pokédex- Snorlax, a Sleeping Pokémon. Snorlax wakes only to eat.

EP041-Snorlax's Weight-Ash's Pokédex- Snorlax is the heaviest species of all known Pokémon, with some weighing more than 1,000 pounds.

EP041-Poké Flute-Ash's Pokédex- The Poké Flute is used to wake sleeping Pokémon. Snorlax can only be awakened with this flute.

EP041-Snorlax's Diet-Ash's Pokédex- Snorlax hunger isn't satisfied until it consumes 900 pounds of food. Then it goes back to sleep.

EP042-Scyther and Electabuzz-Ash's Pokédex Scyther and Electabuzz are both rare pokémon. They are able to distinguish colors and become enraged by the color red.

EP043-Exeggcute-Ash's Pokédex- Exeggcute, an Egg Pokémon. Although it resembles an egg, it is more closely related to the seeds of a plant.

EP044-Paras-Ash's Pokédex- Paras, the Mushroom Pokémon. Rare mushrooms grow on it's back.

EP044-Paras's Type-Ash's Pokédex- Paras has qualities of both Bug and Grass Pokémon.

EP044-Parasect-Ash's Pokédex- Parasect, the Mushroom Pokémon. It battles using poison spears that grow on the canopy on its back.

EP045-Jigglypuff-Ash's Pokédex- Jigglypuff, a Balloon Pokémon. It has large friendly eyes and it sings a pleasant song.

EP046-Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, and Kabutops-Ash's Pokédex- Omanyte and Omastar, Kabuto and Kabutops. It is believed these Pokémon became extinct tens of thousands of years ago. The details of their behavior are shrouded in mystery. Though some have speculated that they may still exist, none of these Pokémon have ever been seen alive.

EP046-Aerodactyl-Ash's Pokédex- Aerodactyl, an extinct Flying Pokémon. Its hard fangs suggest that it was a carnivore. Its sharp claws were probably used to capture prey.

Any in EP047 to EP057?

EP058-Ninetales-Ash's Pokédex- Ninetales, the Fox Pokémon is the evolved form of the Fire Pokémon Vulpix.

EP058-Rhydon-Ash's Pokédex- Rhydon, the evolved form of Rhyhorn. It is known as the Drill Pokémon. Its large horn gives it formidable attack power.

EP058-Magmar-Ash's Pokédex- Magmar, the Spitfire Pokémon. It's body is like a furnace, making Magmar a living inferno. It has only been discovered near active volcanoes.

Any in EP059?

EP060-Wartortle-Ash's Pokédex Wartortle, the Turtle Pokémon. The evolved form of Squirtle. Its long furry tail is a symbol of its age and wisdom.

Any in EP061 to EP070?

EP071-Sandslash-Ash's Pokédex- Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon. The evolved form of Sandshrew. It attacks opponents with the quills on its back.

EP072-Gengar-Ash's Pokédex- Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. The evolved form of Haunter. Details about this Pokémon are unknown.

EP072-Alakazam-Ash's Pokédex- Alakazam, the Psi Pokémon. Alakazam uses Psychic attacks to overcome its opponents.

EP073-Marowak-Ash's Pokédex- Marowak, a Bone Keeper Pokémon. Despite its small size, its offensive and defensive strength is impressive.

EP073-Doduo-Ash's Pokédex- Doduo, a Twin Bird Pokémon. Once its heads begin to fight each other, Doduo becomes incapacitated.

Any in EP074?

EP075-Kingler-Ash's Pokédex- Kingler, the evolved form of Krabby. A Pincer Pokémon who's claws can pinch with the power of 10,000 horsepower.

EP075-Seadra-Ash's Pokédex- Seadra, a Dragon Pokémon. The evolved form of Horsea. Seadra has a violent temperament and the quills that cover its body can render its victim unconscious.

Any in EP076 to EP080?

EP081-Fearow-Ash's Pokédex- Fearow, the Beak Pokémon. The evolved form of Spearow. Its large powerful wings allow it to fly for an entire day, the crushing power of its beak is tremendous.

EP081-Pidgeot-Ash's Pokédex- Pidgeot, the Bird Pokémon. The evolved form of {{p|Pidgeotto}. it can fly and twice the speed of sound at and altitude of nearly one mile.

Original series (Orange)(EP082- EP116)

Episode Pokémon Source Entry
EP085 Seadra Ash's Pokédex Seadra, the Dragon Pokémon. It is known for its horrible disposition but posesses both strength and speed.

Any in EP082 to EP084?

EP085-Seadra-Ash's Pokédex- Seadra, the Dragon Pokémon. It is known for its horrible disposition but posesses both strength and speed.

EP086-Drowzee-Ash's Pokédex- Drowzee, the Hypnotic Pokémon. It is said to feed on the dreams of its opponents it is also known for its powerful Psychic attack.

EP087-Marill-Ash's Pokédex- Marill, the Water Mouse Pokémon. It's sensitive ears can detect distant sounds and the round rubbery tip on it's tail can expand and contract, assisting Marill in the water.

EP088-Rhyhorn-Ash's Pokédex Rhyhorn, the Spike Pokémon. Rhyhorn is known for its physical power and its considerable offensive and defensive battle skills.

Any in EP089 to EP094?

EP095-Gastly-Ash's Pokédex- Gastly, the Gas Pokémon. Some researchers believe this Pokémon is a Multidimensional being.

EP095-Haunter-Ash's Pokédex- Haunter, the Gas Pokémon. After evolving from Gastly this Haunter can learn the Dream Eater and Psychic attacks.

Any in EP096 to EP099?

EP100-Nidoran♀-Ash's Pokédex- Nidoran♀, its poison pin is quite powerful for its size but its horn is smaller thn a males.

EP100-Nidoran♂-Ash's Pokédex- Nidoran♂, its horn is larger than the females and its Horn Attack is quite powerful.

EP100-Nidorina-Ash's Pokédex- Nidorina, the Poison Pin Pokémon. The evolved form of the Female Nidoran., it emits Supersonic waves from its mouth to confuse its enemies.

EP100-Nidorino-Ash's Pokédex- Nidorino, the Poison Pin Pokémon. The evolved form of the Male Nidoran. Its highly developed horn is extremely powerful.

EP101-Magnemite-Ash's Pokédex- Magnemite, the Magnet Pokémon is able to float through the air and leave its Thunder Wave through its magnet shaped units located on its sides.

EP101-Jolteon-Ash's Pokédex- Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon. When angered or frightened the hairs on Jolteons body become like needles that are fired at its opponents, it absorbs charged atoms and can produce 10,000 volts of electricity.

Any in EP102 to EP104?

EP105-Poliwrath-Ash's Pokédex- Poliwrath, the Tadpole Pokémon. Poliwrath is an excellent swimmer and its powerful muscles make its attacks extremely effective.

EP105-Dragon Rage-Ash's Pokédex- Rage, one of Charizards most powerful attacks. Rage attack usually has a devistating effect on its opponents. (Note: It should say DRAGON Rage but this is a dub error)

Any in EP106?

EP107-Gloom-Ash's Pokédex- Gloom, the Weed Pokémon. Gloom gives off a very unpleasant smell while strong against Water Pokémon Gloom is weak against Fire and Flying types.

Any in EP108 to EP116?

Original series (Johto) (EP117- EP274)

Episode Pokémon Source Entry
EP118 Chikorita Ash's Pokédex Chikorita, the Leaf Pokémon. Chikorita releases a sweet relaxing fregrance from the leaf on its head.

Any in EP117?

EP118-Chikorita-Ash's Pokédex- Chikorita, the Leaf Pokémon. Chikorita releases a sweet relaxing fregrance from the leaf on its head.(DONE)

EP119-Heracross-Ash's Pokédex- Heracross, Aa Single Horn Pokémon. Though gentle and docile, Heracross posesses great strength and power, their favorite food is the fresh sap of leafy trees.(DONE)

EP120-Donphan-Ash's Pokédex- Donphan, the Armor Pokémon. With it's strong tusks and tough skin, Donphan is known for it's powerful tackle attack. The length of Donphan's tusks indicates it's level.(DONE)

EP121-Hoothoot-Ash's Pokédex- Hoothoot, the Owl Pokémon. Hoothoot stands on one leg but uses both it's powerful eyes to see clearly even through the darkest night.(DONE)

EP122-Bellossom-Ash's Pokédex- Bellossom, the Flower Pokémon. When these Pokémon move their delicate petals rub together, creating a pleasant sound. They are also known for their unique acrobatic dancing abilities.(DONE)

Any in EP123 to EP137?

EP138-Gligar-Ash's Pokédex- Gligar, the Fly Scorpio Pokémon. Gligar uses the cape-like wings on its back to fly from tree to tree quickly and quietly.(DONE)

Any in EP139?

EP140-Scizor-Ash's Pokédex- Scizor, the Scissor Pokémon. The evolved form of Scyther. It's incredible attack speed and it's large scissor-like claws make it a formidable opponent.

  • Note: Scizor's actual classification is the Pincer Pokémon, not the Scissor Pokémon as stated in the anime.

Any in EP141 to EP157?

EP158-Miltank-Ash's Pokédex- Miltank, the Milk Cow Pokémon. Miltank produces very nutricious milk, a perfect drink for reviving sick Pokémon, Miltank are very even tempered and prefer not to battle.

Any in EP159 to EP164?

EP165-Golbat-Ash's Pokédex- Golbat, the Bat Pokémon. The evolved form of Zubat. It has four sharp fangs and emits supersonic waves more powerful than Zubat's.

EP166-Hitmontop-Ash's Pokédex- Hitmontop, the Handstand Pokémon. Hitmontops' smooth graceful kicks are deceptively powerful, opponents may be surprised by their force so beware.

EP167-Aipom-Ash's Pokédex- Aipom, the Long Tail Pokémon. Aipom is able to climb and hang from branches using its powerful tail. Aipom live atop tall trees.(DONE)

Any in EP168 to EP169?

EP170-Shuckle-Ash's Pokédex- Shuckle, the Mold Pokémon. When Shuckle places organic materials in its husk-like shell, the items are transformed into a unique juice. Shuckle are naturally shy and are most often found hiding beneath rocks.

EP171-Umbreon-Ash's Pokédex- Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon. When an Eevee has had sufficient training and is exposed to moonlight it evolves into an Umbreon.

Any in EP172 to EP174?

EP175-Granbull-Ash's Pokédex- Granbull, the Fairy Pokémon. The evolved form of Snubbull. Granbull has extreme climbing power due to its heavily muscled jaw and its strong teeth have tusks.

Any in EP176 to EP177?

EP178-Skiploom-Ash's Pokédex- Skiploom, the evolved form of Hoppip. This happy-go-lucky grass-type has a flower on its head which opens and closes depending on the temperature.

Any in EP179?

EP180-Houndoom-Ash's Pokédex- Houndoom, the Dark Pokémon. The evolved form of Houndour. Houndooms' eerie howl is said to cause those who hear it to shudder in fear.

Any in EP181 to EP183?

EP184-Murkrow-Ash's Pokédex- Murkrow, the Darkness Pokémon. Murkrow confuse would-be attackers by luring them into dark mountain trails where they are sure to get lost.

EP185-Remoraid-Ash's Pokédex- Remoraid, the Jet Pokémon. Often found in large groups Remoraid can fire water and hit targets up to 100 meters away.

EP186-Teddiursa-Ash's Pokédex- Teddiursa, the Little Bear Pokémon. This cute, cuddly Pokémon is easily frightened and frequently licks its paws which are usually covered with sweet honey.

EP187-Sunkern-Ash's Pokédex- Sunkern, the Seed Pokémon. Sunkern drink the dew that collects beneath leaves. It is believed that it neither eats nor drinks anything else.

EP187-Sun Stone-Ash's Pokédex- The Sun Stone enables evolution in several Pokémon, changing Gloom into Vileplume and changing Sunkern into Sunflora. (note: it should be Bellossom for Gloom but this was an error in the dub)

Any in EP188?

EP189-Arcanine-Ash's Pokédex- Arcanine, a Legendary Pokémon. The evolved form of Growlithe, Arcanine is known for it's bravery and ferice loyality. Growlithe evolves into Arcanine from the use of a Fire Stone.

EP190-Dunsparce-Ash's Pokédex- Dunsparce, the Landsnake Pokémon. When discovered the Dunsparce uses it's tail to burrow into the earth and evade capture.

Any in EP191 to EP193?

EP194-Feraligatr-Ash's Pokédex- Feraligatr, the Big Jaw pokémon. The final evolution of Totodile. Once a Feraligatr has clamped it's powerful jaws around an opponent, it won't let go untill the opponent is defeated.

Any in EP195?

EP196-Crobat-Ash's Pokédex- Crobat, the evolved form of Golbat. With it's two additional wings, Crobat is able tofly much faster than Golbat.

EP197-Smeargle-Ash's Pokédex- Smeargle, the Painter Pokémon. Colored fluids ooze from their tails which they use to mark their territory and to express themselves.

Any in EP198 to EP209?

EP210-Corsola-Ash's Pokédex- Corsola, the Coral Pokémon. A combination of both Water and Rock types it sheds and regrows the horns on its head numerous times.

Any in EP211?

EP212-Chinchou-Ash's Pokédex- Chinchou, the Angler Pokémon, have the ability to conduct electrical currents from their two tentacles which flow positive from one end and negative to the other. Chinchou can also communicate underwater by flashing its tentacles.

EP212-Qwilfish-Ash's Pokédex- Qwilfish, the Balloon Pokémon. The quills covering the entire body have evolved from scales. A Qwilfish can cuase its body to swell in order to shoot its needles in all directions.

Any in EP213 to EP219?

EP220-Lanturn-Ash's Pokédex- Lanturn, the Light Pokémon. The light that emits from its tentacle-like limb shines bright enough to illuminate the bottom of a deep sea.

EP220-Pupitar-Ash's Pokédex- Pupitar, the Hard Shell Pokémon. Pupitar is encased in a nearly indestructable shell and has enough power to topple a mountain.

Any in EP221 to EP223?

EP224-Steelix-Ash's Pokédex- Steelix, the Iron Snake Pokémon. Steelix is the evolved form of Onix. It has been compressed underground making its body harder than diamonds.

Any in EP225?

EP226-Espeon-Ash's Pokédex- Espeon, the Sun Pokémon. Espeon are able to read air currents allowing it to predict the future as well as its opponents' next moves.

Any in EP227 to EP229?

EP230-Phanpy-Ash's Pokédex- Phanpy, the Long Nose Pokémon. Phanpy uses its powerful snout to express affection not realizing its strength can send you flying.

EP231-Delibird-Ash's Pokédex- Delibird, the Delivery Pokémon. Delibird’s most unique attack is giving presents; however, some of these presents have been known to explode. Sometimes, Delibird’s presents can actually restore energy to its opponents.

EP232-Ninetales-Ash's Pokédex- Ninetales, the Fox Pokémon. Ninetales is the evolved form of Vulpix, Each of its tails contain a different mystical power.

EP233-Tyrogue-Ash's Pokédex- Tyrogue, the Scuffle Pokémon. Tyrogue is the evolved form of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. It has a small but very energetic body.

EP234-Xatu-Ash's Pokédex- Xatu, the Mystic Pokémon. Xatu is said to be able to foretell the future with a high degree of accuracy, but it is unknown whether its prophecies are correct.

Any in EP235 to EP239?

EP240-Magcargo-Ash's Pokédex- Magcargo, the Lava Pokémon. Magcargo lives primarally in volcanic regions and occasionally emits lava from the rock that encircles its back.

Any in EP241?

EP242-Zapdos-Ash's Pokédex- Zapdos, the Electric Pokémon. Zapdos has both electric and flying elements and the flappage of its wings can create lightning.

EP243-Igglybuff-Ash's Pokédex- Igglybuff, the Balloon Pokémon. Igglybuff's resiliant body allows it to bounce endlessly once it's been put in motion.

EP244-Slowpoke-Ash's Pokédex- Slowpoke, the Dopey Pokémon. Slowpoke is always lost in thought though no one knows what it is pondering.

EP244-Slowbro-Ash's Pokédex- Slowbro, the Hermit Crab Pokémon. Slowbro are able to use powerful Psychic attacks but generally prefers to avoid conflict.

  • (Note: don't change "prefers." The anime said that even though it is incorrect grammar.)

Any in EP245?

EP246-Cleffa-Ash's Pokédex- Cleffa, the Star Shape Pokémon. Cleffa is the pre-evolved form of Clefairy. Their star shape has led some to believe that they reach the Earth riding on shooting stars. Strangely, many Cleffa are often found on nights of meteor showers.

EP247-Politoed-Ash's Pokédex- Politoed, the Frog Pokémon. Politoed likes to expand its throat and sing out, drawing in Poliwag and Poliwhirl from all around.

EP248-Venusaur-Ash's Pokédex- Venusaur, the Seed Pokémon. Venusaur uses its large petals to capture sunlight and transform it into energy.

EP248-Charizard-Ash's Pokédex- Charizard, the Flame Pokémon. Charizard's powerful flame can melt absolutely anything.

EP248-Blastoise-Ash's Pokédex- Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon. Blastoise uses the Hydropumps on its back to fire out extremely powerful blasts.

Any in EP249 and EP250?

EP251-Dratini-Ash's Pokédex- Dratini, the Dragon Pokémon. Dratini sheds its skin as it grows often doing so while hidden behind large powerful waterfalls.

EP251-Dragonair-Ash's Pokédex- Dragonair, the Dragon Pokémon. Dragonair has the ability to manipulate the elements as it wishes.

Any in EP252 to EP257?

EP258-Larvitar-Ash's Pokédex- Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokémon. Larvitar generally hatch deep beneath the earth and take a long time before coming to the surface.

EP259-Misdreavus-Ash's Pokédex- Misdreavus, the Screech Pokémon. Misdreavus are extremely Mischevous and like to cry out at night just to startle people.

EP259-Forretress-Ash's Pokédex- Foretress, the Bagworm Pokémon. Foretress is the evolved form of Pineco, its entire body is covered in a steel hard shell.

Any in EP260?

EP261-Elekid-Ash's Pokédex- Elekid, the Electric Pokémon. Elekid is the evolved form of Electabuzz, it generates electricity by spinning its arms. Note: It should say pre-evolved form but this is a dub error.

EP262-Magby-Ash's Pokédex- Magby, the Live Coal Pokémon. Magby is the Pre-evolved form of Magmar. Despite its small size it is a tough opponent and produces and extremely hot flame.

EP263-Unown-Ash's Pokédex- Unown, the Symbol Pokémon. Unown are said to have existed since ancient times there are many in form and shape but little is known about this mysterious Pokémon.

EP264-Tyranitar-Ash's Pokédex- Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon. Tyranitar has a heavily Armored body that can withstand powerful attacks and is able to crush a mountain with one hand.

EP265-Sneasel-Ash's Pokédex- Sneasel, the Sharp Claw Pokémon. Sneasel can retract or extend its claws instantly during attack.(DONE)

Any in EP266 to EP274?

Pokémon Chronicles series (Johto)

The Legend of Thunder!-Raikou-Jimmy's Pokédex- Raikou, The Thunder Pokémon. It's said to have descended to earth on a cloud of lightning

Advance Generation series (Hoenn) (AG001- AG132)

Episode Pokémon Source Entry
AG002 Azurill May's Pokédex Azurill, the Water Ball Pokémon. Azurill is able to throw it's tail like a lasso, using the momentum to move about.

AG002-Azurill-May's Pokédex- Azurill, the Water Ball Pokémon. Azurill is able to throw it's tail like a lasso, using the momentum to move about.(DONE)

  • Note: Azurill's actual classification is the Polka Dot Pokémon, not the Water Ball Pokémon as stated in the anime.

AG003-Vigoroth-Ash's Pokédex- Vigoroth, the Wild Monkey Pokémon. Vigoroth is only comfortable going beszerk. Will destroy anything in it's path by spinning both arms goes more beszerk when done.(DONE)

AG007-Treecko-Ash's Pokédex- Treecko, the Wood Gecko Pokémon. Treecko are able to climb smooth verticle walls and use their thick tail to attack opponents. Since Treecko build their nests in large trees it is said that these trees will live a very long life.(DONE)

AG007-Cacnea-Ash's Pokédex- Cacnea, the Cactus Pokémon. Cacnea lives primarally in dry desert areas and attacks by swinging its pin covered arms like hammers.(DONE)

AG008-Seviper-Ash's Pokédex- Seviper, the Fang Snake Pokémon. Seviper is known for it's angry disposition and immobilizing its opponents by wrapping its body around them.(DONE)

AG009-Shroomish-Ash's Pokédex- Shroomish, the Mushroom Pokémon. Shroomish is mild tempered and inhabits piles of rotting leaves inside of forests.(DONE)

AG010-Pelipper-Ash's Pokédex- Pelipper, the Water Bird Pokémon. Pelipper carry small items in their mouths over long distances and when tired, rest floating on water.(DONE)

AG020-Makuhita-Ash's Pokédex- Makuhita, the Guts Pokémon. Makuhita never gives up, always getting back on it's feet no matter how many times it's knocked over. Each time rising to it's feet builds up energy in it's body.(DONE)

AG020-Hariyama-May's Pokédex- Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokémon. Hariyama is the evolved form of Makuhita. When tensing it's body, it's muscles become hard as stone.(DONE)

AG026-Loudred-Ash's Pokédex- Loudred, the Big Voice Pokémon. Loudred has a voice powerful enough to blast a wooden house into splinters, its round ears act as speakers.(DONE)

AG026-Nuzleaf-Ash's Pokédex- Nuzleaf, the Wily Pokémon. Nuzleaf can be found living in thick woodlands, the soft melodies they play on their leaf pipes are said to comfort humans.(DONE)

AG027-Nincada-Ash's Pokédex- Nincada, the Trainee Pokémon. Nincada lives most of its life inside the earth and uses its sharp claws to tap into tree roots extracting nutrients and moisture.(DONE)

AG028-Seedot-May's Pokédex- Seedot, the Acorn Pokémon. Seedot resembles an acorn when hanging by its head from branches, it jumps down suddenly to the surprise of passersby.(DONE)

AG028-Beautifly-May's Pokédex- Beautifly, the Butterfly Pokémon. Beautifly is the evolved form of Silcoon. It loves sweet pollen and riding the spring breeze from flower to flower.

AG028-Dustox-Ash's Pokédex- Dustox, the Toxic Moth Pokémon. Dustox is the evolved form of Cascoon and is drawn toward bright light. When flapping its wings, it will scatter a poison dust.

AG029-Sableye-May's Pokédex- Sableye, the Shadow Pokémon. Sableye normally live within caves and eat rocks, they use their sharp claws to dig through the earth.

AG030-Meditite-May's Pokédex- Meditite, the Meditation Pokémon. Meditite meditates in order to build up its mental energy. It is said that it eats only one berry a day.

AG034-Wailord-Ash's Pokédex- Wailord, the Float Whale Pokémon. Wailord is the largest Pokémon yet discovered. When diving out of the water in pursuit of its prey it makes quite an impressive sight.

AG034-Combusken-Ash's Pokédex- Combusken, the Young Fowl Pokémon. Combusken is the evolved form of Torchic. It's quick and powerful legs are capable of dishing out ten kicks in one second.

AG036-Spheal-Ash's Pokédex- Spheal, the Clap Pokémon. Sppheal moves more quickly by rolling its body than by walking, they are sometimes known to cross oceans atop iceburgs.

AG037-Shiftry-Ash's Pokédex- Shiftry, the Wicked Pokémon. Shiftry is a mysterious creature that lives deep within the forest, they are said to live atop trees that are over 1,000 years old.

AG038-Plusle-May's Pokédex- Plusle, the Cheering Pokémon. Plusle always supports its teammates giving celeberatory sparks when a teammate does well.

AG038-Minun-Ash's Pokédex- Minun, the Cheering Pokémon. Minun cares more for its teammates than for itsself, sending off showers of sparks while cheering them on.

AG039-Whismur-Ash's Pokédex- Whismur, the Whisper Pokémon. Whismur can become so startled by the sound of its own crying it will continue to cry untill finally falling asleep from exaustion.

AG041-Grovyle-Ash's Pokédex- Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokémon Grovyle is the evolved form of Treecko and live deep within forests, known as tree climbers they jump easily from one tree to the next.

AG041-Slugma-May's Pokédex- Slugma, the Lava Pokémon. Slugma have intensely hot magma which circulates throughout their bodies carrying oxygen and nutrients to their organs.

AG042-Illumise-May's Pokédex- Illumise, the Firefly Pokémon. Illumise uses Sweet Scent to lure in Volbeat having them draw geometric patterns in the sky.

AG042-Volbeat-Ash's Pokédex- Volbeat, the Firefly Pokémon. Volbeat uses the designs on its tail for sketching and communicating with other Volbeat.

AG043-Bagon-Ash's Pokédex- Bagon the Rock Head Pokémon. Bagon bashes itsself against large rocks untill its head eventually grows as hard as steel.

AG044-Togepi-May's Pokédex- Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokémon. Togepi is said to exude a relaxing aura that grows stronger when treated nicely.

AG044-Shedinja-May's Pokédex- Shedinja, the Shed Pokémon. Shedinja posesses a hard, powerful body giving it strong defenses.

AG045-Togepi's Power- May's Pokédex- Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokémon. Togepi is filled with an energy that makes people happy. When treated well, Togepi shares this energy with others, but when it comes near a human with an impure heart this energy disappears, leaving Togepi exausted.

AG046-Camerupt-Ash's Pokédex- Camerupt, the Eruption Pokémon. Camerupt have volcanoes inside their bodies which can erupt and spew out lava from the humps on their back when angry.

AG047-Skitty-Ash's Pokédex- Skitty, the Kitten Pokémon. Skitty will get completely caught up in pursuing any moving object that catches its eye.

AG048-Zangoose-Ash's Pokédex- Zangoose, the Cat Ferret Pokémon. Zangoose usually walks on all fours but stands on its hind legs when angry, its very quick and can easily dodge most enemy attacks.

AG048-Marshtomp-May's Pokédex- Marshtomp, the Mudfish Pokémon. Is the evolved form of Mudkip. Its body is enclosed in a membrane allowing it to live on land, its lower body is well developed so it is capable of walking on two legs.

AG049-Surskit-May's Pokédex- Surskit, the Water Skater Pokémon. Surskit inhabits ponds, rivers, and similar wetlands, the move about as though skating the waters surface.

AG050-Medicham-May's Pokédex- Medicham, the Meditate Pokémon. Medicham is able to harness psychic powers through yoga, being at one with nature, it can make itsself vanish completely.

AG057-Spinda-Ash's Pokédex- Spinda the Spot Panda Pokémon. Spinda uses its seemingly clumsy movements to confuse its opponents, it is said that no two spinda have the same pattern of spots.

AG059-Ampharos-May's Pokédex- Ampharos, the Light Pokémon. Ampharos has the power to illuminate the tip of it's tail, this special ability is used to guide the lost to safety.

AG059-Manectric-Ash's Pokédex- Manectric, the Discharge Pokémon. Manectric has the ability to gather local electrical energy in its mane and then Discharge it, creating thunder clouds.

AG060-Delcatty-Ash's Pokédex- Delcatty, the Prim Pokémon. Delcatty lives its life at its own pace, happy most of the time and rarely confronting other Pokémon. Even when disturbed, Delcatty will move to another spot rather than fight.

AG061-Dusclops-Ash's Pokédex- Dusclops, the Beckoning Pokémon. Dusclops is said to be able to suck practically anything into its body, the black hole-like core of which is completely empty.

AG063-Solrock-Ash's Pokédex- Solrock, the Meteorite Pokémon. Solrock has the ability to read its opponents minds, it attacks by rotating quickly while giving off and intense heat.

AG063-Lombre-Ash's Pokédex- Lombre, the Jolly Pokémon. Lombre is the evolved form of Lotad. Primarially a noctournal creature, it is often mistaken for a human child.

AG064-Swablu-Ash's Pokédex- Swablu, the Cotton Bird Pokémon. Swablu loves cleanliness and is quick to wipe of any unclean surface with its cotton-like wings.

AG064-Altaria-Ash's Pokédex- Altaria, the Humming Pokémon. Altaria is the evolved form of Swablu. It uses its fluffy wings to catch updrafts and is known for its beautiful high-pitched song.

AG065-Gulpin-Ash's Pokédex- Gulpin, the Stomach Pokémon. Gulpin is able to swallow items of its own size whole as its stomach compresses most of its body, its unique stomach acid allows it to digest almost anything.

AG066-Exploud-May's Pokédex- Exploud, the Loud Noise Pokémon. Exploud is able to insight Earthquakes with its powerful voice, once it sucks in air through the holes all over its body a loud attack is sure to follow.

AG066-Grovyle-Ash's Pokédex- Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokémon. Grovyle is well known for its dexterity in the treetops as it is often seen jumping from branch to branch, even the fastest pokemon cannot catch Grovyle in wood areas.

AG067-Ludicolo-May's Pokédex- Ludicolo, the Carefree Pokémon. Ludicolo becomes extremely active whenever it heres a cheery rythym, this can also lead it to exerting extreme power in battle.

AG069-Slakoth-May's Pokédex- Slakoth, the Slacker Pokémon. Slakoth is generally found sleeping and very few ever witness it in motion.

AG069-Slaking-May's Pokédex- Slaking, the Lazy Pokémon. Slaking lives most of its life asleep eating only grasses that grow within its reach.

AG076-Baltoy-Ash's Pokédex- Baltoy, the Clay Doll Pokémon. Baltoy moves about while spinning like a top, it is said that Baltoy coexisted with humans in ancient times.

AG077-Lairon-Ash's Pokédex- Lairon, the Iron Armor Pokémon. Laron is the evolved form of Aron. By drinking nutrient rich spring water, it strengthens its steel body.

AG077-Flareon-May's Pokédex- Flareon, the Flame Pokémon. Flareon is the evolved form of Eevee. The air it inhales is ignited by a flame in its body and exhaled as fire.

AG077-Masquerain-May's Pokédex- Masquerain, the Eyeball Pokémon. Masquerain is the evolved form of Surskit. its feelers, which resemble eyeballs help to throw off opponents,, it is able to hover like a helicopter.

AG079-Spoink-Ash's Pokédex- Spoink, the Bounce Pokémon. Spoink bounces about on its tail, the pearl upon its head helps to magnify its psychic powers. If a spoink loses its pearl, it grows extremely tired.

AG079-Feebas-Magikarp Salesman's Laptop- This Fish Pokémon called a Feebas is often ignored due to the disshoreled appearance of its fins and body.

AG079-Milotic-Magikarp Salesman's Laptop- This Tender Pokémon called a Milotic is the evolved form of Feebas. it is said to be the most beautiful of all Pokémon and is quite skilled in battle.

AG080-Swellow-Ash's Pokédex- Swellow, the Swallow Pokémon. Swellow uses its impressive divebomber speed and its large talons to capture its prey.

AG081-Shuppet-James's Cards- Shuppet, the Puppet Pokémon. It supposedly grows by absorbing human anger and various other attitudes.

AG082-Breloom-May's Pokédex- Breloom, the Mushroom pokémon. Breloom is the evolved form of Shroomish. Its excellent footwork gets it within striking distance of its opponent and unleashes a barrage of punches.

AG082-Combusken-May's Pokédex- Combusken, the Young Fowl Pokémon. Combusken is the evolved form of Torchic. As a fighting Pokémon, it has the ability to breath raging fire from its beak and to unleash high-powered kicks.

AG083-Castform-Ash's Pokédex- Castform, the Weather Pokémon. Castform is able to transform its appearance depending on the weather, it uses the power of nature to transform in order to protect its small body.

AG084-Chimecho-Ash's Pokédex- Chimecho, the Windchime Pokémon. Chimecho has a voice that reverberates from deep within its body. When angry, the soundwaves can be powerful enough to blow opponents away.

AG085-Altaria-May's Pokédex- Altaria, the Humming Pokémon. Altaria glides up into the sky using its wings like sails to catch rising breezes.

AG086-Lombre-Pokémon Mystery Clubs Pokédex- Lombre, the Jolly Pokémon. Lombre is the evolved form of Lotad.

AG086-Lunatone-Ash's Pokédex- Lunatone, the Meteorite Pokémon. Lunatone is beleived by some people to have come from outer space, it moves around most actively during full moons and its powerful red eyes instill fear into anyone who beholds them.

AG087-Snorlax-Ash's Pokédex- Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon. Snorlax isn't satisfied untill it's eaten about 900 pounds of food each day, afterwhich it promptly goes to sleep.

AG089-Grumpig-Ash's Pokédex- Grumpig, the Manipulation Pokémon. Grumpig is the evolved form of Spoink. Using its dark pearl to magnify its psychic waves, it is able to manipulate its opponents easly.

AG095-Huntail-Ash's Pokédex- Huntail, the Deep Sea Pokémon. Huntail is the evolved form of Clamperl. It uses it's fish shaped tail to entice prey before snapping it up in it's large jaws.

AG095-Gorebyss-May's Pokédex- Gorebyss, the South Sea Pokémon. Gorebyss is the evolved form of Clamperl. A powerful swimmer and beautiful to watch.

AG103-Cacturne-May's Pokédex- Cacturne, the Scarecrow Pokémon. Cacturne is the evolved form of Cacnea and has traits of both Grass and Dark-types. It rarely moves during the day but is active once the temperature drops at night.

AG108-Snorunt-Ash's Pokédex- Snorunt, the Snowcap Pokémon. Snorunt primarially inhabits very snowy regions, it has long been said that any home visited by a Snorunt will be blessed with good fortune.

AG109-Ralts-May's Pokédex- Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon. Ralts is the pre-evolved form of Kirlia. It can use the horns on its head to read human emotions. ralts rarely shows itself to humans but may occasionally aproach when it senses positive or happy feelings.

AG109-Meowth-Ash's Pokédex- Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokémon. Meowth loves to roam at night to gather coins and other objects that sparkle, but it spend most of the daylight hours sleeping.

AG110-Sealeo-Ash's Pokédex- Sealeo, the Ball Roll Pokémon. Sealeo is the evolved form of Spheal. Upon seeing something new, it tends to roll it on its snout, testing its smell and texture.

AG110-Seaking-May's Pokédex- Seaking, the Goldfish Pokémon. Seaking is the evolved form of Goldeen. Its sharp, quil-like horn is capable of crushing even stone.

AG110-Luvdisc-May's Pokédex- Luvdisc, the Rendevouz Pokémon. Luvdisc group together during breeding season, covering the surface of the ocean in a brilliant pink.

AG112-Linoone-Ash's Pokédex- Linoone, the Rushing Pokémon. Linoone is the evolved form of Zigzagoon. It can run at speeds over 60 miles per hour but does not handle curves well.(DONE)

AG113-Wynaut-May's Pokédex- Wynaut, the Bright Pokémon. Wynaut are the Pre-evolved form of Wobbuffet. They travel in herds and at night, retire to caves where they sleep together in groups.(DONE)

AG114-Donphan-Ash's Pokédex- Donphan, the Armor Pokémon. Donphan is the evolved form of Phanpy. They attack by rolling their bodies into a circle and charging their enemies.(DONE)

AG115-Jynx-May's Pokédex- Jynx, the Humanshape Pokémon. Jynx is known for expressing its many and varied feelings by dancing around in graceful and rhythmical motions.(DONE)

AG132-Gengar-Ash's Pokédex- Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. Gengar is the final evolved form of Gastly. It can absorb any surrounding heat, leaving a sudden chill.(DONE)

Advanced Generation Series (Emerald)(AG133- AG192)

Episode Pokémon Source Entry
AG147 Mime Jr. Ash's Pokédex Mime Jr., the Mime Pokémon. It can quickly imitate anyone it sees, it can sense emotions as well and when it senses danger it will erect a barrier so it can escape.

Any in AG133 to AG146?

AG147-Mime Jr.-Ash's Pokédex- Mime Jr., the Mime Pokémon. It can quickly imitate anyone it sees, it can sense emotions as well and when it senses danger it will erect a barrier so it can escape.(DONE)

AG148-Marshtomp-May's Pokédex- Marshtomp, the Mud Pokémon. Marshtomp is the evolved form of Mudkip. It can move faster through mud than it can through water.(DONE)

Any in AG149 to AG151?

AG152-Crawdaunt-May's Pokédex- Crawdaunt, the Rogue Pokémon. Has a violent nature that compels it to challenge other living things. Other lifeforms refuse to live in ponds inhabited by this Pokémon making them desolate places.

AG152-Vaporeon-May's Pokédex- Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon. Vaporeon love fresh, clean water and can make their bodies melt away into water as well.

Any in AG153?

AG154-Elekid-May's Pokédex- Elekid, the Electric Pokémon. It spins it's arms to create a powerful electric charge.(DONE)

Any in AG155 to AG176?

AG177-Regirock-May's Pokédex- Regirock, the Rock Peak Pokémon. It can use rocks to repair its own body.(DONE)

Any in AG178 to AG182?

AG183-Chatot-May's Pokédex- Chatot, The Music Pokémon. It copies whatever sounds it hears and arranges them into It's own melody.(DONE)

AG184-Weavile-May's Pokédex- Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon. Weavile is the evolved form of Sneasel, it is said to be extremely intelligent and it's sharp eyes see everything.(DONE)

AG185-Registeel-May's Pokédex- Registeel, the Iron Pokémon. It's body is harder than any metal found upon this planet, it's body is also hollow and it's food source remains a mystery.(DONE)

Any in AG186 to AG188?

AG189-Ninjask-May's Pokédex- Ninjask, the Ninja Pokémon. Ninjask is said to be so fast it's able to evade any attack.(DONE)

AG189-Solrock-May's Pokédex- Solrock, the Meteorite Pokémon. Sunlight is the only source of Solrock's power. It can float silently through the air.(DONE)

AG189-Regice-May's Pokédex- Regice, the Iceberg Pokémon. Formed in the Ice Age, its body stays at a temperature of -328 degrees and cannot be melted, even by fire.(DONE)

AG190-Blaziken-Ash's Pokédex- Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon. When it meets a powerful enemy, fire burns around its arms and legs. Its powerful legs are strong enough to leap over buildings.(DONE)

Any in AG191 amd AG192?

Diamond & Pearl series (Sinnoh) (DP001- Present)

Episode Pokémon Source Entry
DP002 Buneary Dawn's Pokédex Buneary, the Rabbit Pokémon. By quickly extending its rolled-up ears, it can launch a powerful attack against its enemies.

Any in DP001?

DP002-Buneary-Dawn's Pokédex- Buneary, the Rabbit Pokémon. By quickly extending its rolled-up ears, it can launch a powerful attack against its enemies.(DONE)

DP002-Burmy-Dawn's Pokédex- Burmy, the Bag Worm Pokémon. To protect itself from the cold wind, Burmy uses leaves and branches to make a cloak around itself.(DONE)

DP002-Pikachu-Dawn's Pokédex- Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. It can generate electric attacks from the electric pouches located in both of its cheeks.(DONE)

DP002-Meowth-Dawn's Pokédex- Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokémon. It sleeps a lot during the day time and during the night-time it becomes active, moving around its territory.(DONE)

DP002-Starly-Ash's Pokédex- Starly, the Starling Pokémon. Starly normally travel in a flock, but when alone, it is hard to notice.(DONE)

DP003-Piplup-Ash's Pokédex- Piplup, the Penguin Pokémon. It's very proud, and its thick down protects it from the cold.(DONE)

DP003-Chimchar-Ash's Pokédex- Chimchar, the Monkey Pokémon. Chimchar easily climbs the sheerest of walls and lives on mountain tops. When it sleeps, its flames go out.(DONE)

  • Note: Chimchar's actual classification is the Chimp Pokémon, not the Monkey Pokémon as stated in the anime.

DP003-Elekid-Ash's Pokédex- Elekid, the Electric Pokémon. Elekid waves its arms to produce a strong electrical charge and gains strength when lightning is present.(DONE)

Any in DP004?

DP005-Turtwig-Ash's Pokédex- Turtwig, the Tiny Leaf Pokémon. Its shell is made of earth and when it absorbs water, it becomes harder.(DONE)

DP005-Linoone-Dawn's Pokédex- Linoone, the Rushing Pokémon. When it spots its prey, it runs after it in a straight line. Though able to run over sixty miles per hour, it is unable to turn.(DONE)

DP006-Stantler-Ash's Pokédex- Stantler, the Big Horn Pokémon. Its large curved horns subtly bend the air around them, which creates a mysterious warp in reality.(DONE)

DP007-Golduck-Ash's Pokédex- Golduck, the Duck Pokémon. It makes its home in lakes and is able to swim faster than a gold medalist.(DONE)

DP007-Ludicolo-Dawn's Pokédex- Ludicolo, the Carefree Pokémon. When Ludicolo listens to happy music, its power grows stronger, and it just has to dance.(DONE)

DP008-Croagunk-James' Cards- Croagunk, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon. Croagunk has poison in its cheeks and and can spray poison from its fingertips. It also makes noise by expanding its poison sacs.(DONE)

DP008-Croagunk-Ash's Pokédex- Croagunk, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon. It lives in swamps and forests where there is very little light. It prefers moist places.(DONE)

DP008-Scizor-Dawn's Pokédex- Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon. It intimidates its foes with its claws imprinted with eye-like patterns.(DONE)

DP008-Sandslash-Dawn's Pokédex- Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon. When it runs at full speed, it sends up a thick cloud of sand in order to hide itself.(DONE)

Any in DP009?

DP010-Shinx-Ash's Pokédex- Shinx, the Flash Pokémon. When it senses danger, the hairs on its body light up and it runs away, leaving its opponent dazed.(DONE)

DP011-Glameow-Ash's Pokédex- Glameow, the Catty Pokémon. When angry, it flashes its claws but it also can purr quite affectionately.(DONE)

DP011-Misdreavus-Dawn's Pokédex- Misdreavus, the Screech Pokémon. Misdreavus loves being mischievous by pulling people's hair and shocking them.(DONE)

Any in DP012 and DP013?

DP014-Nuzleaf-Dawn's Pokédex- Nuzleaf, the Wily Pokémon. Nuzleaf lives in dense, overgrown forests and occasionally comes out to frighten people.(DONE)

DP014-Sudowoodo-Dawn's Pokédex- Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon. Disguised as a tree, it's the evolved form of Bonsly.(DONE)

DP014-Shiftry-Dawn's Pokédex- Shiftry, the Wicked Pokémon. Its large hand can cause winds in excess of one-hundred feet per second and can blow anything away.(DONE)

DP015-Geodude-Dawn's Pokédex- Geodude, the Rock Pokémon. Geodude is often found on mountain roads with half of its body buried in the ground so it can observe mountain travelers.(DONE)

DP015-Azumarill-Dawn's Pokédex- Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon. Azumarill lives in rivers and lakes and while in water its body color and pattern confuses its enemies.(DONE)

DP015-Onix-Dawn's Pokédex- Onix, the Rock Snake Pokémon. It tunnels through the ground which shakes when it raises its thunderous roar. It can move the ground at fifty miles per hour.(DONE)

DP015-Cranidos-Ash's Pokédex- Cranidos, the Head Butt Pokémon. Cranidos lived in the deep woods about one-hundred million years ago and its cranium is as hard as steel.(DONE)

Any in DP016?

DP017-Aerodactyl-Dawn's Pokédex- Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokémon. An ancient flying-type, it is equipped with sharp saw-like teeth.(DONE)

DP017-Rampardos-Dawn's Pokédex- Rampardos, the Head Butt Pokémon and the evolved form of Cranidos. Its Headbutt attack is so powerful that it can pulverize even the sturdiest of objects with one hit.'(DONE)

Any in DP018 to DP022?

DP023-Bidoof-Ash's Pokédex- Bidoof, the Plump Mouse Pokémon. It gnaws on trees and rocks with its strong front teeth and lives in nests near the water.(DONE)

Any in DP024 to DP026?

DP027-Alakazam-Dawn's Pokédex- Alakazam, the Psi Pokémon and the evolved form of Kadabra. With the brain like a super computer, it possesses many different super-natural powers.(DONE)

DP028-Drifloon-Dawn's Pokédex- Drifloon, the Balloon Pokémon. Drifloon is filled with air and can either expand or shrink to express its feelings. It also likes damp weather.(DONE)

DP028-Suicune-Ash's Pokédex- Suicune, the Aurora Pokémon. It travels the world and and purifies water wherever it goes, sailing on the North Wind.(DONE)

DP029-Quilava-Ash's Pokédex- Quilava, the Volcano Pokémon and the evolved form of Cyndaquil. Its body is covered with fire-proof fur and can withstand any fire-type attack.(DONE)

DP029-Croconaw-Dawn's Pokédex- Croconaw, the Big Jaw Pokémon and the evolved form of Totodile. It opens its mouth wide and attacks and if it loses its teeth they regrow quickly.

DP030-Wormadam-Ash's Pokédex- Wormadam, the Bagworm Pokémon and the evolved form of a female Burmy. Its appearance changes depending on where it evolved.(DONE)

DP031-Gloom-Gardenia- Gloom, the Weed Pokémon. It gives off a powerful aroma that can cause those who smell it to faint from two miles away.(DONE)

DP031-Cherubi-Dawn's Pokédex- Cherubi, the Cherry Pokémon. All of the nutrients needed for evolution are contained in its small ball. Cherubi becomes redder as it is exposed to sunlight and is almost ready to evolve once the smaller ball buds.(DONE)

DP032-Combee-Dawn's Pokédex- Combee, the Tiny Bee Pokémon. When sleeping, Combee stack up on each other like a hive.(DONE)

DP032-Vespiquen-Dawn's Pokédex- Vespiquen, the Beehive Pokémon. Its body is a hive and it raises its offspring with the honey gathered by Combee.(DONE)

Any in DP033?

DP034-Buizel-Dawn's Pokédex- Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon. It stores air in the sacs on its neck and uses them as flotation devices, and swims by spinning its tail like a propeller.(DONE)

DP035-Bronzong-Ash's Pokédex- Bronzong, the Bronze Bell Pokémon. One slept for over 2,000 years, until it was accidentally awakened at a construction site.(DONE)

DP036-Stunky-Ash's Pokédex- Stunky, the Skunk Pokémon. It releases a powerful odor from its hindquarters that lasts 24 hours.(DONE)

Any in DP037?

DP038-Happiny-Ash's Pokédex- Happiny, the Playhouse Pokémon. It loves round white things. It carries a round stone in its pouch that looks like an egg and gives it to people that it likes.(DONE)

Any in DP039?

DP040-Garchomp-Ash's Pokédex- Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon. When it folds up its body and spreads its, wings it can fly like a jet plane at the speed of sound.(DONE)

DP040-Weavile-Dawn's Pokédex- Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon. It signals its companions by using its claws to leave mysterious markings on the surfaces of trees and ice.(DONE)

DP040-Murkrow-Dawn's Pokédex- Murkrow, the Darkness Pokémon. Many people believe that if you see a Murkrow at night it will bring bad luck.(DONE)

DP040-Torterra-Ash's Pokédex- Torterra, the Continent Pokémon. Torterra is the final evolved form of Turtwig. Sometimes small Pokémon will gather to make their nests on Torterra's back.(DONE)

DP041-Shellos-Dawn's Pokédex- Shellos, the Sea Slug Pokémon. Shellos' shape and color varies depending on where it lives, two different varieties have been confirmed in the Sinnoh Region.(DONE)

DP042-Electrike-Dawn's Pokédex- Electrike, the Lightning Pokémon. Using the electric charge stored in its fur, it can run faster than the eye can follow.(DONE)

DP043-Mismagius-Dawn's Pokédex- Mismagius, the Magical Pokémon. Mismagius chants incantations and while some cause misery some give happiness as well.(DONE)

Any in DP044 to DP046?

DP047-Abra-Dawn's Pokédex- Abra, the Psi Pokémon. When Abra senses an imminente attack, it escapes by teleporting.(DONE)

DP047-Sandshrew-Dawn's Pokédex- Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. Sandshrew hates moisture and lives in holes it digs in dry places. It protects itself by curling into a ball.(DONE)

Any in DP048?

DP049-Kricketune-Ash's Pokédex- Kricketune, the Cricket Pokémon, and the evolved form of Kricketot. It can phase its many emotions with the melody it composes.(DONE)

DP050-Slowking-Dawn's Pokédex- Slowking the Royal Pokémon. It has tremendous intelligence and intuition, no matter what the situation, it stays calm and collected.(DONE)

DP050-Wingull-Dawn's Pokédex- Wingull, the Seagull Pokémon. It uses its long wings to catch the ocean wind and glide across the sky and fold them when resting.(DONE)

DP051-Metagross-Dawn's Pokédex- Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokémon. With its four brains it has an intelligence rivaling a supercomputer.(DONE)

DP051-Zangoose-Dawn's Pokédex- Zangoose, the Cat Ferret Pokémon. Zangoose have battled against Seviper for many generations, and their sharp claws are there best weapons.(DONE)

DP052-Farfetch'd-Dawn's Pokédex- Farfetch'd, the Wild Duck Pokémon. Using the green onion that it holds like a sword, Farfetch'd can slice througha variety of objects.(DONE)

DP052-Heracross-Dawn's Pokédex- Heracross, the Single Horn Pokémon. using the sharp claws on its feet, it generates enough power to throw its opponent with amazing force.(DONE)

DP052-Electabuzz-Dawn's Pokédex- Electabuzz, the Electric Pokémon. An evolved form of Elekid. It appears near power generators, and because it eats electricity it can cause blackouts.(DONE)

Any in DP053 to DP055?

DP056-Spiritomb-Dawn's Pokédex- Spiritomb, the Forbidden Pokémon. As punishment for its misdeeds 500 years ago, Spiritomb was sealed in the fissure of an Odd Keystone.(DONE)

DP057-Bibarel-Ash's Pokédex- Bibarel, the Beaver Pokémon. It dams up rivers to make a nest and is well known as a hard worker.(DONE)

DP058-Probopass-Dawn's Pokédex- Probopass, the Compass Pokémon and the evolved form of Nosepass. Its body acts as a powerful magnet, it controls three smaller units called mini-noses.(DONE)

Any in DP059?

DP060-Ambipom-Ash's Pokédex- Ambipom, the Long Tail Pokémon. It uses its two tails to shell nuts, and then it links them together in a ring as a sign of friendship.(DONE)

Any in DP061?

DP062-Miltank-Ash's Pokédex- Miltank, the Milk Cow Pokémon. It is widely known that drinking Miltank Milk when you're young helps you grow up strong and healthy.(DONE)

DP063-Swinub-Dawn's Pokédex- Swinub, the Pig Pokémon. Swinub love mushrooms that grow under the dead grass searching for them by smell and often discovering hot springs in the process.(DONE)

DP064-Gligar-Dawns Pokédex- Gligar, the Flyscorpion Pokémon. It glides using the membrane attatched to its arms and legs and attacks the base of its prey with its claws.(DONE)

DP064-Gliscor-Ash's Pokédex- Gliscor, the Fangscorp Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gligar. It watches its prey as it hangs from trees with its tail and attacks from above when it sees the chance.(DONE)

DP065-Hippowdon-Dawn's Pokédex- Hippowdon, the Heavyweight Pokémon. It creates an enormous tornado of sand by blowing sand out of the holes in its body and its mouth is over 6 feet in diameter.(DONE)

DP066-Lucario-Ash's Pokédex- Lucario, the Aura Pokémon and the evolved form of Riolu. By sensing the aura of its opponents, Lucario can read their thoughts and movements.(DONE)

DP066-Swalot-Ash's Pokédex- Swalot, the Poison Bag Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gulpin. Swalot sprays a powerful poison onto its opponents from its pores.(DONE)

DP066-Staraptor-Ash's Pokédex- Staraptor, the Predator Pokémon and the evolved form of Staravia. Staraptors' ferocious nature means that it has no problem challenging much larger opponents.(DONE)

DP067-Meditite-Dawn's Pokédex- Meditite, the Meditate Pokémon. Meditite uses meditation to increases its power, never skipping a single day of yoga training.(DONE)

Any in DP068?

DP069-Toxicroak-Ash's Pokédex- Toxicroak, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon and the evolved form of Croagunk. The poison produced it its sacks is carried through tubes in its arms to its knuckle claws.(DONE)

DP069-Golbat-Dawn's Pokédex- Golbat, the Bat Pokémon and the evolved form of Zubat. Being Nocturnal, Golbat fly at night in search of prey.(DONE)

DP070-Chingling-Dawn's Pokédex- Chingling, the Bell Pokémon. It makes sounds by vibrating an orb in the back of its throat and it moves by hopping.(DONE)

DP071-Riolu-Ash's Pokédex- Riolu, the Emanation Pokémon. When sad or scared, Riolu's aura becomes stronger as a way of signaling its allies.(DONE)

Any in DP072 to DP074?

DP075-Milotic-Dawn's Pokédex- Milotic, the Tender Pokémon and the evolved form of Feebas. At the first sign of fighting, Milotic will come up from the bottom of its lake habitat to calm any angry feelings.(DONE)

DP076-Beautifly-Dawn's Pokédex- Beautifly, the Buterfly Pokémon, and the evolved form of Silcoon. When flowers are in bllom, Beautifly fly about gathering pollen.(DONE)

DP076-Glaceon-Dawn's Pokédex- Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokémon and the evolved form of Eevee. Glaceon can freeze the fur on its body, and make it stick out like sharp needles.(DONE)

DP076-Munchlax-Dawn's Pokédex- Munchlax, the Big Eater Pokémon. It gobbles up its own body weight in food each day and it swallows its food without almost any chewing.(DONE)

DP076-Snorlax-Dawn's Pokédex- Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon and the evolved form of Munchlax. It can eat 400 pounds of food before feeling full.(DONE)

DP076-Blaziken-Dawn's Pokédex- Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon and the evolved form of Combusken. Flames surround to come out of its wrists making its punches extemely damaging and dangerous.(DONE)

DP077-Wartortle-Dawn's Pokédex- Wartortle, the Turtle Pokémon and the evolved form of Squirtle. Its furry tail is very popular as a symbol of long life.(DONE)

DP077-Finneon-Ash's Pokédex- Finneon, the Wing Fish Pokémon. Because of its twin-tail fins that flutter like wings when swimming, Finneon has been called the Beautifly of the sea.(DONE)

Any in DP078 to DP079?

DP080-Yanmega-Dawn's Pokédex- Yanmega, the Ogre Darner Pokémon. When it flutters its wings it creates a shockwave that can cause internal damage to its opponents.(DONE)

Any in DP081 to DP082?

DP083-Floatzel-Ash's Pokédex- Floatzel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon and the evolved form of Buizel. Its sac developed as an aid for chasing aquatic prey, Floatzel can also carry people on its back.(DONE)

DP083-Quagsire-Dawn's Pokédex- Quagsire, the Water Fish Pokémon and the evolved form of Wooper. Known as quite dim-witted it doesn't care when it crashes its head against rocks or the bottoms of boats.(DONE)

DP084-Cleffa-Dawn's Pokédex- Cleffa, the Star Shape Pokémon. It has the civil light of a star in the night sky and some believe that Cleffa ride on shooting stars.(DONE)

Any in DP085 to DP086?

DP087-Psyduck-Dawn's Pokédex- Psyduck, the Duck Pokémon. When a Psyduck's headache gets severe, it starts to exhibit odd powers.(DONE)

DP087-Muk-Dawn's Pokédex- Muk, the Sludge Pokémon. A horribly toxic liquid seeps out of its body.(DONE)

DP088-Monferno-Ash's Pokédex- Monferno, the Playful Pokémon and the evolved form of Chimchar. Monferno launches aerial attacks off of ceilings and walls, and its fiery tail is used as one of its weapons.(DONE)

DP088-Grimer-Dawn's Pokédex- Grimer, the Sludge Pokémon. It was born when sludge in a dirty stream was exposed to X-Rays from the moon.(DONE)

DP089-Gorebyss-Conway (reciting the Pokédex entry)- Gorebyss, the South Sea Pokémon. Its long, beautiful pink body is more vivid in the springtime.(DONE)

DP089-Lumineon-Conway (reciting the Pokédex entry)- Lumineon, the Neon Pokémon. Lumineon lives in the ocean's depths. It lures Pokémon by flashing light in the patterns on its tail fins.(DONE)

DP090-Dusknoir-Dawn's Pokédex- Dusknoir, the Gripper Pokémon. It receives electrical waves from the spirit world with its antenna and is said to take people to the spirit world as well.(DONE)

DP091-No Pokédex Entries

DP092-No Pokédex Entries

DP093-Drifblim-Dawn's Pokédex- Drifblim, the Blimp Pokémon and the evolved form of Drifloon. Because it travels on wind currents, Drifblim's movements are unusual and unpredictable.(DONE)

Any in DP094?

DP095-Cherrim-Ash's Pokédex- Cherrim, the Blossom Pokémon. Cherrim stays quiet until its flowers bloom when it becomes quite excitable.(DONE)

DP096-No Pokédex Entries

DP097-Gastrodon-Dawn's Pokédex- Gastrodon, the Sea Slug Pokémon and the evolved form of Shellos. Gastrodon inhabits the shallow tidal pools of the ocean, and its sturdy shell serves to protect its body.(DONE)

DP098-Lickilicky-Dawn's Pokédex- Lickilicky, the Licking Pokémon. Lickilicky can wrap its enormous tounge around anything. Getting too close to this Pokémon will result in a saliva shower.(DONE)

DP099-No Pokédex Entries

DP100-Honchkrow-Ash's Pokédex- Honchkrow, the Big Boss Pokémon and the evolved form of Murkrow. Honchkrow recruits many Murkrow to travel with it, and it spends most of its time at home cleaning its feathers.(DONE)

DP100-Grotle-Ash's Pokédex- Grotle, the Grove Pokémon and the evolved form of Turtwig. Grotle lives near water in forests, and leaves the forest during the day to allow light to shine on the tree on its shell.(DONE)

DP101-No Pokédex Entries

DP102-Gengar-Dawn's Pokédex- Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. Gengar hides in the shadows. If a Gengar is nearby it is said to feel ten degrees colder than normal.(DONE)

DP103-No Pokédex Entries

DP104-Cresselia-Dawn's Pokédex- Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon. Shining particles are released from Cresselia's wings like a veil, and it is said to represent the crescent moon.(DONE)

DP104-Piloswine-Dawn's Pokédex- Piloswine, the Swine Pokémon and the evolved form of Swinub. Piloswine's entire body is covered with fur which makes it hard to see, so it uses its nose to sense its environment instead.(DONE)

DP104-Darkrai-Dawn's Pokédex- Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokémon. Legend has it that on a moonless night, Darkrai will lure people to sleep and unleash nightmares upon them.(DONE)

DP105-Rotom-Ash's Pokédex- Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. Rotom plays practical jokes which it carries out by inverting its plasma body in electronic devices.(DONE)

DP106-Mamoswine-Dawn's Pokédex- Mamoswine, the Twin Tusk Pokémon and the evolved form of Piloswine. Distinguished by its large tusks, its weight is more than five times that of Piloswine and is less commonly found since the end of the Ice Age.(DONE)

DP107-Rampardos-Dawn's Pokédex- Rampardos, the Head Butt Pokémon and the evolved form of Cranidos. Like a spear, its headbutt can pierce even the strongest of defences.(DONE)

DP107-Bastiodon-Dawn's Pokédex- Bastiodon, the Shield Pokémon and the evolved form of Shieldon. Its massively powerful shield-like face can deflect even the strongest of attacks.(DONE)

DP108-No Pokédex Entries

DP109-Wailord-Dawn's Pokédex- Wailord, the Float Whale Pokémon. Wailord can dive nearly ten-thousand feet on one breath.(DONE)

DP109-Luxio-Ash's Pokédex- Luxio, the Spark Pokémon. By touching friends with its front paws, Luxio is able to communicate through the sparks it emits.(DONE)

DP109-Wailmer-Ash's Pokédex- Wailmer, the Ball Whale Pokémon. It spouts water out of its nose and becomes lethargic when its body becomes dry.(DONE)

DP109-Swampert-Ash's Pokédex- Swampert, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Swampert is a powerful Pokémon that can track even a large ship as well as inflict critical damage to its enemies with one blow.(DONE)

DP113-Phione-Dawn's Pokédex- Phione, the Sea Drifter Pokémon. Phione lives in warm oceans. It inflates the flotation sac on its head, allowing it to float on the waves and look for food.(DONE)

DP114-Gabite-Ash's Pokédex- Gabite, the Cave Pokémon. Gabite goes wild for precious jewels, first digging them up and then stashing them in its nest.(DONE)

DP115-Chatot-Dawn's Pokédex- Chatot, the Music Note Pokémon. It hears words and then mimics them.(DONE)

DP116-Froslass-Dawn's Pokédex- Froslass, the Snow Land Pokémon and an evolved form of Snorunt. It freezes it opponents to temperatures nearly minus sixty degrees.(DONE)

DP116-Snorunt-Dawn's Pokédex- Snorunt, the Snow Hat Pokémon. Snorunt is said to bring great wealth to any home that it lives in.(DONE)

DP116-Glalie-Dawn's Pokédex- Glalie, the Face Pokémon and an evolved form of Snorunt. Glalie protects itself by creating ice armor from airbourne moisture.(DONE)

DP117-No Pokédex Entries

DP118-Staraptor-Ash's Pokédex- Staraptor, the Predator Pokémon. Staraptor has an aggressive temperament and will bravely attack enemies that are far bigger than itself.(DONE)

DP119-Aggron-Dawn's Pokédex- Aggron, the Iron Armor Pokémon. Aggron's steel horns can destroy the firmest of Bedrock and it digs tunnels as it looks for iron to eat.(DONE)

DP120-No Pokédex Entries (Has not aired)

DP121-Snover-Ash's Pokédex- Snover, the Frost Tree Pokémon. Snover live mainly on snowy mountains with little human contact, but are known to approach people out of curiosity.(DONE)

DP122-No Pokédex Entries

DP123-No Pokédex Entries

DP124-No Pokédex Entries

DP125-Cherubi-Ash's Pokédex- Cherubi, the Cherry Pokémon. Cherubi's attached small ball holds the nutrients needed for its evolution.(DONE)

DP126-Abomasnow-Dawn's Pokédex- Abomasnow, the Frost Tree Pokémon and the evolved form of Snover. Abomasnow appear when snow flowers bloom and return to places unknown when the petals fall.(DONE)

DP126-Skuntank-Ash's Pokédex- Skuntank, the Skunk Pokémon and the evolved form of Stunky. It sprays a horrible smelling liquid from the tip of its tail.(DONE)

DP127-Medicham-Dawn's Pokédex- Medicham, the Meditate Pokémon. Through a combination of food deprivation and meditation, Medicham gains the ability to see its opponents aura.(DONE)

DP128-Regirock-Dawn's Pokédex- Regirock, the Rock Peak Pokémon. Regirock's body is made of rock and if something chips off in battle it attaches rocks to repair itself.(DONE)

DP128-Hariyama-Dawn's Pokédex- Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokémon. Hariyama can send a truck flying with its powerful Arm Thrusts.(DONE)

DP128-Registeel-Dawn's Pokédex- Registeel, the Iron Pokémon. Because Registeel's body has been tempered by underground pressure for thousands of years its body cannot be scratched.(DONE)

DP128-Nidoking-Dawn's Pokédex- Nidoking, the Drill Pokémon. Once swing of its mighty tail can snap a telephone pole as if it were nothing but a matchstick.(DONE)

DP128-Lairon-Dawn's Pokédex- Lairon, the Iron Armor Pokémon. It digs up iron ore for food, and smashes its steely body up against others it battles over territory.(DONE)

DP129-Regigigas-Dawn's Pokédex- Regigigas, the Colossal Pokémon. According to legend, Regigigas has towed continents using ropes.(DONE)

DP129-Ampharos-Ash's Pokédex- Ampharos, the Light Pokémon. The tip of its tail shines so brightly that in days gone by people used it to send signals to each other with the light.(DONE)

DP132-Magmortar-Dawn's Pokédex- Magmortar, the Blast Pokémon and the evolved form of Magmar. It launches fireballs that can reach temperatures of over three-thousand six-hundred degrees from the ends of its arms and lives in volcanic craters.(DONE)

DP132-Monferno-Dawn's Pokédex- Monferno, the Playful Pokémon and the evolved form of Chimchar. It controls its flaming tail to keep its opponent at an ideal distance when battling.(DONE)

DP133-No Pokédex Entries

DP134-Tangrowth-Dawn's Pokédex- Tangrowth, the Vine Pokémon. Tangrowth captures its prey by extending its arms which are made of vines.(DONE)

DP136-Shellos-Dawn's Pokédex- Shellos, the Sea Slug Pokémon. A mysterious purple fluid oozes out of its soft body when Shellos is strongly squeezed. Two kinds of Shellos, pink and blue, have been confirmed.(DONE)

DP137-Marill-Dawn's Pokédex- Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokémon. The tip of its tail floats in water so it can swim in any current no matter how rough.(DONE)

DP137-Elekid-Ash's Pokédex- Elekid, the Electric Pokémon. Elekid's weak spot is between its horns but the electric current that runs there can shock the unwary.(DONE)

DP137-Lum Berry-James' Cards- The Lum Berry. A berry that can heal any status condition.

DP139-Politoed-Ash's Pokédex- Politoed, the Frog Pokémon. It gathers groups of others as their leader. Its cries make Poliwag obey.

DP139-Quagsire-Ash's Pokédex- Quagsire, the Water Fish Pokémon. Quagsire has an easygoing nature and it doesn't care if it bumps its head on boats and boulders while swimming.

DP139-Lombre-Ash's Pokédex- Lombre, the Jolly Pokémon. Lombre is a playful trickster. If it spots an angler it will tug on the fishing line to interfere.

DP139-Ludicolo-Ash's Pokédex- Ludicolo, the Carefree Pokémon. If Ludicolo hears festive music all its muscles fill with energy. It can't help breaking into a dance.

DP140-Xatu-Dawn's Pokédex- Xatu, the Mystic Pokémon. This unusual Pokémon can see the past and the future as well. It watches the sun's movement all day long.(DONE)

DP140-Natu-Dawn's Pokédex- Natu, the Little Bird Pokémon. Natu evolves into Xatu and skilfully picks food from cactus plants, avoiding bugs and spines. It appears to skip about to move.(DONE)

DP141-Rhyperior-Ash's Pokédex- Rhyperior, the Drill Pokémon and the evolved form of Rhydon. Rhyperior can concentrate strength in its body and expand, causing the stones in its hand to launch.(DONE)

DP142-Togepi-Dawn's Pokédex- Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokémon. Happiness is stored in Togepi's shell, and it shares its happiness with kind-hearted people.(DONE)

DP143-Marill-Dawn's Pokédex- Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokémon. It's floating tail allows it to remain steady against the strongest of water currents.(DONE)

DP143-Piplup-Lyra's Pokédex- Piplup, the Penguin Pokémon. Although not the most sure-footed, it is proud nonetheless, getting right back up after a fall with head held high.(DONE)

DP143-Totodile-Dawn's Pokédex- Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokémon. Totodile has a habit of using its highly developed jaws to chomp on anything in sight, so trainers beware!(DONE)

DP143-Carnivine-Khoury's Pokédex- Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokémon. Carnivine latches onto tress in marshes and lures its prey with its sweet-smelling saliva.(DONE)

DP145-Gible-Khoury's Pokédex- Gible, the Land Shark Pokémon. Gible once lived in the tropics, and to avoid cold it lives in caves warmed by geothermal heat.(DONE)

DP147-Croconaw-Lyra's Pokédex- Croconaw, the Big Jaw Pokémon and the evolved form of Totodile. Once it bites down on something, it won't let go until it loses its fangs. But new fangs grow back quickly.(DONE)

DP153-Growlithe-Dawn's Pokédex- Growlithe, the Puppy Pokémon. Growlithe are very loyal and won't move unless their trainer commands it.