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EP106 : The Pokémon Water War
Original series
EP108 : Pokémon Double Trouble
Pokémon Food Fight!
Burn! Kabigon!!
First broadcast
Japan August 5, 1999
United States August 19, 2000
English themes
Opening Pokémon World
Japanese themes
Opening ライバル!
Ending ラプラスにのって
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
Additional credits

Pokémon Food Fight! (Japanese: もえよ!カビゴン!! Burn! Kabigon!!) is the 107th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on August 5, 1999 and in the United States on August 19, 2000.

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When a defective Pokéball prevents Ash from recalling his Snorlax, he and his young friends must somehow heft this Pokémon's slumbering mass over a mountain pass to the nearest Pokémon Center.


A week has passed since the events of the previous episode, and Ash and his friends have been unable to get off the island due to the fierce current. Food is getting scarce for our heroes, but Tracey at least concedes that their Pokémon will at least be well-fed, as much of the local plantlife is considered safe for Pokémon consumption. However, when they try to dig up some edible flowers, they come across a Trainer named Gulzar on Butwal Island, who is none too pleased, as the flowers were part of a headband on his head. A series of faux pas made by Ash and Tracey lead Gulzar into challenging Ash to a match.

Gulzar begins by sending out a Gloom. Knowing that Gloom is weak to Fire and Flying attacks, Ash intends to send out Charizard, but Squirtle is sent out instead. Sticking with Squirtle, Ash decides to use Water Gun, but it only manages to refresh Gloom. Returning Squirtle, Ash tries once again to send out Charizard, but Snorlax is sent out instead. Furthermore, Ash drops Snorlax's Poké Ball onto a rock, damaging it. When Snorlax comes out, though, it is asleep, and Ash's efforts into waking it up is of no effect. Gulzar, desperate to get the battle started, tries to have Gloom attack Snorlax, only for Snorlax to wake up, crush Gloom and attempt to eat the flowers of Gulzar's head. Ash, trying to send out Charizard again, tries to return Snorlax, but as Snorlax's Poké Ball is damaged, it cannot return. Gulzar, fearful for his life, runs off and taunts Ash and company, by saying that the nearest Pokémon Center, where they can have the Poké Ball repaired, is over a mountain.

After trying to tow Snorlax on rollers, Tracey hatches a plan to lure Snorlax into following them using an apple. Unfortunately for him, Snorlax manages to eat the apple before they can go anywhere. However, it does give the inspiration for Misty for another plan - by disguising Ash as an apple, Snorlax will be able to chase Ash as long as Ash can keep ahead of Snorlax. Though Ash objects to the idea (though he did originally volunteer as it is his own Snorlax), he does manage to lure Snorlax all the way uphill.

The downhill portion is considerably easier, as they had spotted a river nearby. However, when they set off downstream on the river, they quickly encounter rapids, leading to a large waterfall which they all fall over. Though they survive, they are lead to believe that they are drowning. Just then, Gulzar shows up again, and points out that they are in shallow water, where they can easily stand up. However, when they make the last leg to the Pokémon Center, they find a large crowd there, angry due to the fact that their food shipment (which, as they are lacking an airport and due to the stormy sea weather) is being delayed. Nurse Joy manages to calm the crowd, telling them that the delayed shipment will arrive by airdrop. As the airdrop arrives, however, it is plucked from the air by Team Rocket.

Team Rocket quickly ransoms the food shipment for Pikachu, and Ash steadily refuses to hand over. Though the crowd gets angry, Ash is adamant, and surprisingly Gulzar jumps to Ash's defense. Seeing that Ash will not simply give Pikachu, Team Rocket propositions Ash put up Pikachu against Meowth, who has been put in a super armor. Ash reluctantly accepts, but quickly gets into trouble as a Thunderbolt is easily absorbed by Meowth's armor. Furthermore, Meowth's armor has a mechanized "Fury Swipes" attack that easily crushes rocks, and Ash claims that his original terms were unfair. Taking this as a concession of defeat, Team Rocket demands Pikachu, but before anything can be done, Snorlax reappears, having woken up during the ordeal. Meowth turns his attention towards Snorlax, who is able to evade the mechanical Fury Swipes. In the process, one of Meowth's mechanic claws get stuck within a rock and was detached, leading Meowth to use a mechanical Skull Bash (consisting of ejecting the suit's headpiece), which does not even faze Snorlax by a bit. A final desperation move, a mechanical Body Slam that sees Meowth ejected from his suit into Snorlax is also met with failure, and Snorlax is able to bounce Meowth off back into Team Rocket. Snorlax finally sends Team Rocket flying with a Hyper Beam, and gorges on the food shipment itself.

Later, after Snorlax's Poké Ball has been repaired, the stormy waters calm down, allowing Ash and company to leave the island for their next adventure.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.


Pokémon debuts


Dare da?



Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Marowak (US and international); Gloom (Japan)


  • This episode aired before its predecessor, The Pokémon Water War, in the U.S.
  • This episode marks the first instance where a Poké Ball is broken; in the episode Just Waiting on a Friend, Brock said that the Pokémon is freed if this were to happen. However, in that case, the Poké Ball in question took considerably more damage than Snorlax's.
  • This is the first time Ash took the wrong Poké Ball off his belt by mistake, he tried to send out Charizard, but wound up sending out Squirtle, then Snorlax.
  • When this episode first aired in the U.S., the dubbed version of Meowth's Party played. However, in repeats, it was replaced with Pikachu's Jukebox.
  • After Ash is attacked by Snorlax, he says, "I'm an apple for a day and I need a doctor right away..." a reference to the quote, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."


  • After calling back Squirtle, Ash incorrectly refers to Gulzar as "her".
  • When Snorlax began chasing the disguised Ash, its feet were dark blue instead of the normal cream.
  • In the previous episode, Ash states that they would head to next city on the island where there is a seaport. In this episode, when Gulzar explains why its hard to get supplies to the island, he states there is no airport or seaport.
  • In the raft scene Snorlax is considerably smaller than usual.

Dub edits

  • Pikachu's Jukebox: Double Trouble
  • In the English dub after Snorlax was sent out by accident and the Poké Ball was broken, Tracey told Ash "I guess you'll just have to battle with Snorlax." Misty then added, "That is if you can ever get him to wake up." Snorlax's gender wasn't stated in the original version.

In other languages

EP106 : The Pokémon Water War
Original series
EP108 : Pokémon Double Trouble
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