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Hello! You have reached the userpage of FolksCallMeHilbert. I simply edit and tweak pages that require assistance, for the viewing pleasure of the visitors. No schedule, no big editing plans, just me endlessly surfing random pages on this wiki to find somewhere that I can be of help.

My Pokémon History in a Nutshell

My experience with the franchise kickstarted during the Generation V era, which remains as my favorite generation to this day. From there I started playing other games from Generations IV and up, taking a one-year hiatus in 2014 before returning to the franchise with a greater passion than before. I stick mainly to the core series games, having little experience with the side games, the anime, the TCG, etc. While I do not have as much free time as I used to, I enjoy the thrill of shiny hunting and partake in it when I can. Not much of a competitive battler, but I sometimes go on Pokémon Showdown with my friends to have fun, silly battles.

Game History

Pokémon Platinum

Save File #1:

Deleted - I disliked the pace and style of the region, ditching my adventure by the second Gym.

Save File #2:

It took 4 years to change my opinion of Sinnoh and I am glad I did.

Pokémon SoulSilver

Save File #1:

Deleted - Even commanding an over-leveled team was no match for Lance's Dragonites.

Save File #2:

Deleted - Picked Chikorita and had a jolly old time with the first two Gyms.

Save File #3:

Got good and finally conquered Johto.

Pokémon Black

Save File #1:

Deleted - Beat the game, wanted to restart.

Save File #2:

Had a nostalgia overload with this one.

Pokémon Black 2

Save File #1:

My favorite Pokémon game.

Pokémon X

Save File #1:

I had no idea what was going on in this region.

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Save File #1:

The first Pokémon game I played after my hiatus. I also cried a bit at the ending.

Pokémon Moon

Save File #1:

I also cried at the ending.

Pokémon Ultra Moon

Save File #1:

Felt more polished than Moon; glad I took my time with this one.