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Hey! FolksCallMeHilbert, so you can, too. Long-time user of Bulbapedia and a semi-frequent editor. My main projects are usually contained within the core series Pokémon games.

I am also a member of the Bulbapedia Discord server, so if I need to be contacted beyond talk pages, I can be reached out to there. My display name is also FolksCallMeHilbert.


Project History


  • Ongoing
    • Update core series character quote pages
      • Add quotes for newer characters
      • Insert bullet point headers to indicate dialogue prompts
      • Minimize repetition of identical dialogue between games (specifically between DPPt and BDSP, SM and USUM)
    • Masters EX content
      • Update side game sections for Pokémon species to display new sync pair additions
    • The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero content coverage
    • Update item/held item distribution sections on their respective pages
  • On the back burner
    • Clean up the Jubilife Village page
      • Possibly split content into a new Floaro Main Street page, similar to how Lumiose City has pages for each of its avenues
    • Flesh out location pages
      • Incorporate wisp locations on respective pages
    • Create an event template specifically for item distributions


  • Focused on item page content
    • Added event distribution sections (as standalone item distributions and as held items)
    • Added item/TM/TR locations across 800+ pages from Sword and Shield to The Indigo Disk
    • Added descriptions and prices for items in Scarlet and Violet



  • existed


  • Added descriptions and prices for items in Sword and Shield


  • existed


  • Birth (of userpage)