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Hello! FolksCallMeHilbert, so you can, too I suppose. It's a silly Internet name I gave myself when I was in high school which I unfortunately cannot part from. However, Generation V was based back then and still is now, so it looks like there's still something from that old name I can hold dear.

Anyways, if time permits, I provide what I can for this website. No long term plans, just anything I can think of as I play Pokémon games.

Pokémon Team History

Pokémon Platinum

Save File #1:

DELETED - My initial thoughts on Sinnoh were negative. I had problems with the pacing of the game, and none of the characters I encountered stood out.

Save File #2:

Four years later I gave the game another shot and I never looked back. I enjoyed exploring the diverse environments of the region.

Pokémon SoulSilver

Save File #1:

DELETED - I had zero grasp of building a balanced team and felt Lance's wrath. Cue rage quit.

Save File #2:

DELETED - Picked Chikorita had zero grasp of building a synergistic team around it. You know how this ends.

Save File #3:

Finally got a grip.

Pokémon Black

Save File #1:

DELETED - One of the hardest decisions of my life was choosing to delete my original save so I could do another playthrough.

Save File #2:

In the end, I do not regret my decision. Feeling the same joy I had playing this game for the first time all those years back was all worth it. I also made a much better team this time around.

Pokémon Black 2

Save File #1:

Hands down my favorite Pokémon game of all time. A more polished Gen V experience than the first games.

Pokémon X

Save File #1:

I lowkey miss the Gen VI hype. Had a lot of fun with this region.

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Save File #1:

My first time playing a Hoenn game. It made me feel a weird sense of nostalgia for a a set of games which I never grew up with. Fantastic remakes.

Pokémon Moon

Save File #1:

This game was a magical experience. Although it has its flaws, this game breathed new life into my love for Pokémon. One of my personal favorite storylines, too.

Pokémon Ultra Moon

Save File #1:

I was not a fan of how they changed the story in this one. I still enjoyed the overall feel of the region as well as the additional content they had dispersed throughout. Kind of wish the Alola games were just one game, though.

Pokémon Sword

Save File #1:

Some of the best quality of life changes in this game made for a very streamlined experience. Max Raids and Dynamax Adventures took up about 2/3 of my playtime.

Pokémon Shining Pearl

Save File #1:

An overall solid experience.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Save File #1