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These are Sordward's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Slumbering Weald
"Well, well, well... I thought I heard someone making some noise over this way!"
"Well, well, well... You wouldn't be the Professor Sonia who wrote the book "Galar: A History"?"
"Why yes, of course! Read it from cover to cover!"
"That awful book was filled with lies... So we gave it one star!"
"I am Sordward!"
"We are the new kings of Galar! We're descendants of the first kings!"
"Well, well, well! Could these things here be the fabled sword and shield?"
"Oh, do shut up! We only happened to pick up some things that were dropped on the ground!"
"Oh goodness. Such a plebeian, and yet so pushy. If it's really so important to you, perhaps we should settle this with a battle?"
  • In Pokémon Sword
  • Before battle
"I, the magnificent Sordward, am your opponent!"
  • In battle
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Hmph! That's enough faffing about. I suppose it's time to get serious."
Upon being defeated: "Oh... How can this be? Pokémon..."
  • After being defeated
"Tch! To somehow have defeated the adorable Pokémon I go strolling with... You're certainly strong..."
"However, it appears that my younger brother was victorious."
"Oho! Now that I look closely, I believe it is! What a rude child, snatching up our chance at glory like that."
"What a garish brute! Destroying the mural our family has held in such high esteem for so long?!"
"That's right!"
"And with that, farewell!"
  • In Pokémon Shield, after Shielbert is defeated
"Wahahahah! Something on your mind, boy? You weren't concentrating at all during our battle!"
"Younger Brother! Isn't that the one who stopped Eternatus?"
"According to our sources... I believe he/she was also present during the destruction of the magnificent mural our ancestor so artfully created many years ago."
"Let us withdraw for now... Next time we shall bring Pokémon that will utterly defeat you!"
"And with that, farewell!"
Turffield Stadium
"Well, well, well! Looks like that Dynamax nonsense has calmed down."
"Well, I never. It's not like it's something that belongs to you, either."
"The normal rules simply just don't apply to us!"
"Who is this ruffian to question us? You're just someone with strange taste in hairstyles!"
"But it seems our experiment was a success, Younger Brother."
"Yes, yes! At last we shall reveal the true nature of Zacian and Zamazenta!"
"If you want to stop us, do your best to chase after our splendid-looking bottoms!"
"And with that, farewell!"
Route 2
"We know all the Wishing Stars that Chairman Rose had gathered are here. We celebrities have an enhanced level on insight into such things!"
"Goodness. Whatever should we do, Younger Brother?"
"Well, well, well! I certainly thought the Champion would come, but I didn't think a loser would follow."
"W— W-w-w... W-w-w..WEIRDOS?"
"Indeed! To address royals such as ourselves in such a manner cannot—will not—be forgiven!"
  • In battle
Upon being defeated: "Surely this must be some kind of mistake... Wouldn't you say, Younger Brother?"
  • After being defeated
"The exquisite Pokémon we trained actually lost?!"
"Well done. Your infiltration mission was a resounding success, it seems."
"Fwaheeheehoho! Why, this moment is so sweet, I don't think I'll need any sugar in my tea later!"
"And with that, farewell!"
Energy PlantSw
"Well, well, well?"
"It seems that you have broken the lock and rescued the stadiums from their perils. As expected of the Champion."
"You, followers—give them your praise."
"All the lies and fake stories you all believe... We did it in order to expose the true nature of Zacian and Zamazenta!"
"Pah! What a fool!"
"We have always been revered as the resplendent descendants of the real hero... It's all because you ruffians had to go and save Galar from Eternatus, and that woman went and wrote a whole book about it all!"
"You said that the real heroes were Pokémon! You just carelessly changed history!"
"What does that mean we are? You dare say that our esteemed ancestors were liars?"
"That's right! Compare the way things were to the way they are now."
"It's obvious that the old history was better! It was right! To suddenly start creating heroes left and right... It's complete rubbish!"
"Well then! If we are at an impasse, perhaps we should test which truth is the most truthy. If things are really as you say, then even if we bombard them with Galar particles, they should remain calm and stalwart!"
"Hm! It seems you are indeed capable of understanding something!"
"My adorable younger brother is wrapping up the preparations above."
"Oho! So you want to take the lift up? Then you'll have to defeat us!"
  • Before battle
"This time I shall show you the opulent Pokémon I have raised explicitly for this battle!"
  • In battle
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "I understand you want to get it over with and lose, but why don't we enjoy this a little longer!"
Upon being defeated: "Oho... My noble Pokémon..."
  • After being defeated
"And so I am defeated."
"Ah, well, it appears that my younger brother was given enough time."
Tower summit
  • In Pokémon Sword
  • Before the player defeats Zamazenta
"Ah! Younger Brother!"
  • After the player defeats Zamazenta
"P-please! Don't hurt my younger brother!"
  • If talked to again
"My younger brother is unharmed. For that, you have my gratitude..."
  • In Pokémon Shield
"Fwahaheho! I did it! I did it, Younger Brother! Looks like it came, following after the Rusted Sword! I've bombarded it with Galar particles!"
"Yes! Expose your true barbaric, brutish nature... and reveal to us exactly who the false kings are!"
"D-don't attack me! Go into town, and sow as much destruction as you can!"
  • After the player defeats Zacian
  • If talked to again
"S-such a fearsome creature... And we thought we could control it as we pleased? Truly, we have been foolish fools!"
  • After the player catches Zamazenta
"... ... ..."
"What a sublime battle."
"We were so preoccupied with fussing over who the new king was... How terribly uncouth-like."
"Hey, you. Spiky head."
"My younger brother and I will atone for our crimes. Please escort us to the appropriate place."
Wyndon Stadium (Galarian Star Tournament)
  • In the lobby after the player wins the tournament 15 times
"Well, well, well!"
"If it isn't Master <player>! It seems your talents have only grown greater since we last met!"
"It is I, Sordward!"
"A dandy duo of celebrities, former royalty, and—as it so happens—the sponsors of the Galarian Star Tournament!"
"The truth is, we have both been assisting in getting this tournament off the ground for quite some time now."
"And naturally, we've been participating in the tournament too, of course."
"However, its getting to the point where I would like to at least have some victories to speak of!"
"So, seeing as that is the situation... you and I together are sure to be able to reach new heights of glory, Master <player>!"
"Hmm...hmm... I see, dear Brother."
"Well, then! Apologies for rudely interrupting from such an elevated position!"
"We look forward to a favorable decision regarding our proposal!"
Partnered with Sordward
  • If talked to in the locker room
  • Before the first round
"Well, well, well, well, WELL! Young Master <player>! What an honor to have been chosen by you. I am gratitude personified, as you can surely see! Anyone fool enough to take on a pair of celebrities such as ourselves shall soon be tasting our dust as we outstrip them!"
  • Before the second round
"How very like you, your glorious Champion-ness! No matter where you go, there are none who can stand up to your majesty! I wonder whether my earnest but incomparable team has been any help to you at all."
  • Before the final round
"Only one step remains for us to take before victory lies within our hands! When you consider yourself ready, let us bring this tournament to a glorious finale!"
  • On the field
  • Before the first round, randomly selected
"<player>, my liege! I swear on my honor—I will not fail you!"
"Let us show these plebeians our noble skills!"
  • Before the second round, randomly selected
"If it truly comes to it, you may use my splendid hair as a sword!"
"This next opponent will not cause us any trouble, I'm sure. We might even have time for tea!"
  • Before the final round
"If we win this, it will be undeniable that we are the best team out there!"
  • Upon winning the tournament
  • First time
"Quite what I've come to expect of you, my liege: seizing victory even while carrying my weight! Loath as I am to enjoy this thrill without my dear younger brother...I am delighted from my toes to the tip of my hair!"
  • Subsequent victories
"Well, well, well... I'm afraid it can no longer slip my notice! The way that you continue to choose me as your partner in victory... You've come to most ardently admire me, haven't you, young Master <player>?"
Facing against Sordward
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon
With Marnie: "Would you like a cheer from my noble self, miss Dark-type Trainer with your boldly cut hair?"
With Shielbert: "Let us put up a fight worthy of showing to Mr./Ms. <player>!"
Field conversations (with or against the player)
"Ugh, such tacky makeup and outrageous clothing. I see victory in fashion is already mine."
  • Against Piers
"Well, well, well! If it isn't my spiky-haired friend! A fine stepping-stone on my path to glory!"
  • Against Shielbert
"Well, well, well! If it isn't my dearest brother! What a happy coincidence to meet you here!"