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The Kofu Lounge located in Cascarrafa

The Kofu Lounge (Japanese: ハイダイ倶楽部 Haidai Club) is a restaurant located in Cascarrafa in the Paldea region.

In the games

Dishes purchased at the Kofu Lounge can be consumed to gain different types of Meal Powers.


The Kofu Lounge only has a single location in Cascarrafa:

Location Detail
Cascarrafa Second level, eastern side of town


Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Dandan Noodles PokémonDollar.png3,600 Dandan Noodles SV.png Item Drop Power: Fire (2)
Humungo Power: Grass (1)
Egg Power (1)
The spicy flavoring is irresistible. This dish not only has a bite, but plenty of umami as well.
Tofu Pudding PokémonDollar.png3,000 Tofu Pudding SV.png Exp. Point Power: Poison (2)
Encounter Power: Psychic (1)
Raid Power: Ice (1)
This dish is good freshly made and piping hot, but it's also delicious served cold and drenched in syrup.
Hot and Sour Soup PokémonDollar.png3,200 Hot and Sour Soup SV.png Egg Power (2)
Item Drop Power: Fairy (1)
Humungo Power: Fighting (1)
This soup's thickness keeps it warm longer. The sourness of the seasonings is delicious.
Oolong Tea PokémonDollar.png2,800 Oolong Tea SV.png Teensy Power: Dragon (2)
Catching Power: Ghost (1)
Item Drop Power: Ice (1)
With its refreshing bitterness and full-bodied aroma, this tea goes very well with oily dishes.
House Special Hot Pot PokémonDollar.png3,800 House Special Hot Pot SV.png Humungo Power: Rock (2)
Exp. Point Power: Psychic (1)
Catching Power: Steel (1)
This soup has an exceedingly rich flavor. It is said that the ingredients are a house secret.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 海岱俱樂部 Hóidoih Kēuilohkbouh
Mandarin 海岱俱樂部 / 海岱俱乐部 Hǎidài Jùlèbù
France Flag.png French Chez Kombu
Germany Flag.png German Kombus Edelkombüse
Italy Flag.png Italian Alga Blu
South Korea Flag.png Korean 곤포각 Konpogak
Spain Flag.png Spanish El Palacio de Fuco

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