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Every Wich Way (Japanese: まいど・さんど Sandwich Each Time) is a chain of sandwich restaurants located across the Paldea region.

In the games

Sandwiches purchased at Every Wich Way can be consumed to gain different types of Meal Powers. An NPC inside by the counter will give the player new sandwich recipes if shown certain Herba Mystica.


Every Wich Way has branches in the following locations:

Branch Detail
Alfornada Central area of town, northern row of buildings
Artazon Southeastern row of buildings
Cascarrafa Top level, southeastern edge of the city
Cortondo Near the Cortondo (West) Pokémon Center
Levincia Southern half, southeastern corner
Northern half, near the Levincia (North) Pokémon Center
Medali Across from the Treasure Eatery
Mesagoza Northwest of the Mesagoza main entrance
Northwest corner of the city
On top of a hill in the northeastern corner of the city
Northeast of the Mesagoza main entrance, outer strip of buildings
Northeast of the Mesagoza main entrance, in a secluded plaza
Montenevera Central plaza, southeast of the Pokémon Center
Porto Marinada Inside the Porto Marinada Market
Zapapico Near the Zapapico (East) Pokémon Center


All Every Wich Way establishments serve the same dishes regardless of branch.

Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Zesty Sandwich PokémonDollar.png1,750 Sandwich Zesty Sandwich.png Humungo Power: Psychic (1)
Exp. Point Power: Fighting (1)
Encounter Power: Water (1)
The spicy sauce serves as a nice contrast to the sweetness of the vegetables in this sandwich.
Jam Sandwich PokémonDollar.png850 Sandwich Jam Sandwich.png Catching Power: Fighting (1)
Item Drop Power: Psychic (1)
Egg Power (1)
A sandwich made with only jam and slices of strawberry. The simplicity of this dish is what makes it so appealing.
Tropical Sandwich PokémonDollar.png1,450 Sandwich Tropical Sandwich.png Egg Power (1)
Encounter Power: Fighting (1)
Catching Power: Dragon (1)
The balance of acidity and umami is key. A touch of extra marmalade is the trick to making it special.
Marmalade Sandwich PokémonDollar.png950 Sandwich Marmalade Sandwich.png Item Drop Power: Fighting (1)
Catching Power: Rock (1)
Egg Power (1)
A simple, economical, and tasty sandwich. Toasting it for extra flavor is also good.
Avocado Sandwich PokémonDollar.png1,200 Sandwich Avocado Sandwich.png Exp. Point Power: Dragon (1)
Encounter Power: Electric (1)
Catching Power: Dark (1)
The flavor of this sandwich changes depending on the ripeness of the avocado. One never tires of eating this.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 夾飽堡 Gaapbáaubóu
Mandarin 夾飽堡 / 夹饱堡 Jiábǎobǎo / Jiābǎobǎo
France Flag.png French Club Sandwich
Germany Flag.png German Butter&Brot
Italy Flag.png Italian Pinco Panino
South Korea Flag.png Korean 매일 de 샌드 Mae-il de Sand
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pantástico

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