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Gorman (Japanese: アベル Abel) is a character of the day who appeared in Mad About Blue!. He is a Pokémon fanatic obsessed with blue-colored Pokémon from Kalos.

Gorman first appeared when Goh sent out his newly caught Shiny Voltorb. Because of its blue color, Gorman grabbed hold of it, only for Voltorb to use Self-Destruct. After introducing himself to Ash, Goh, and Chloe, he took them to an art gallery which showed pictures of many blue-colored Pokémon. Whilst there, Gorman encountered Bluto, who shared his fascination, which started a rivalry between them. Gorman took them to a café with a theme of blue-colored food, which led to another encountered with Bluto. A third encounter with Bluto occurred when Gorman took the group to the site where a commercial for a blue-colored candy had been filmed. When both fanatics received a notification of a plushie giveaway to celebrate the candy's anniversary, they rushed to the local Poké Mart, but ended up tearing the last available plushie in half while arguing over it.

To settle their differences, Gorman and Bluto blindfolded themselves and sent out two of their Pokémon to see if they could identify each other's Pokémon. Team Rocket interrupted this by capturing Pikachu, Grookey, and Eevee, but Gorman saved them by having his Dewott break the net with its Scalchop. When Team Rocket requested the Rocket Prize Master, Gorman and Bluto ended up scaring Pelipper away. Gorman received another notification on his phone and ran away with Bluto.


Gorman's Dewott
Dewott is Gorman's first known Pokémon. It was used to free Pikachu, Grookey, and Eevee from the net Team Rocket used to capture them.

None of Dewott's moves are known.

Debut Mad About Blue!
Gorman's Phanpy
Phanpy is Gorman's second known Pokémon. Phanpy was sent out alongside Nidorina in his competition with Bluto to see if they could identify the other's Pokémon. It is housed in a Dive Ball.

None of Phanpy's moves are known.

Debut Mad About Blue!
Gorman's Nidorina
Nidorina is Gorman's third known Pokémon. Nidorina was sent out alongside Phanpy in his competition with Bluto to see if they could identify the other's Pokémon. She is housed in a Dive Ball.

None of Nidorina's moves are known.

Debut Mad About Blue!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 古島清孝 Kiyotaka Furushima
Arabic حسان حمدان Hassan Hamdan
Italian Massimo Di Benedetto
Polish Jan Piotrowski
Spanish Latin America Arturo Cataño
Spain Roberto Rodríguez


Language Name Origin
Japanese アベル Abel Similar to bleu (French for blue)
English, Brazilian Portuguese,
Latin American Spanish
Gorman From gorm (Irish for blue)
French Fableu From bleu (French for blue)
German Goro Similar to his English name
Italian Dasio
Castilian Spanish Azulín From azul (Spanish for blue)

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